Maybe he needs some gift ideas for Valentine’s. #justsayin

#Dior’s skin-conditioning Miss Dior Silky Body Mist (SG$75) puts a luxe spin on the typical cheap n cheerful body sprays. This smells as pretty and lady-like as the Blooming Bouquet perfume but can be sprayed more liberally throughout the day for a scent (and mood) perk.

This can also be layered with the fragrance for greater lasting power.

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Valentine’s Day is coming soon, I mean who cares but it’s a fun time to love yourself, or your lovely people.

Speaking of hearts and hearts, we got these perfume oils from Lake and Skye that are all handmade, natural and super simple chic. We really were swooning over the scents, which doesn’t happen that often around here with unsolicited samples … They’re just very earthy but not dirty, very refined and finished for oils of this type from a small brand.

With that bastard chunky monkey Cupid in mind, here are some favorites for love day giftingEpic Love … with aromatherapy oils, it helps create feelings of confidence, love, flexibility (?!) and joy.  Illumination is perfect pretty little pick-me-up pre-date or post-dinner. Last but not least is the source of your life, case your forget, so consider loving her a little … Mother essential oil is warm and wonderful (whether for her or you).

Lake & Skye is based in NYC and upstate NY so shoutout to our homegirl Courtney Somer, the founder and a city/country girl like me : )

Does This: Balances, uplifts, centers & calms mind, body & spirit
Is This: Lake & Skye Epic Love  Illumination  & Mother Essential Oils
Get This:
Price: $48-Epic Love   $48- Illumination   $48-Mother

Image Source: Vogue Ukraine


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