Joy by Jean Patou. 1930 ♀.

The weather was beautifully warm today, so I wanted to wear one of my most floral. I’m also getting over a cold and my olfactory receptors are on the fritz, so I needed pure liquefied flowery glamour. Joy was the obvious choice. Its indolic jasmine and nose-in-the-rose pungency, softened slightly by the sandalwood base, is a combination that saturates the clouds of heaven, I imagine. “10,000 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses are required to create 30ml of the parfum.” Joy was created after the market crash in 1929, as an advertently opulent perfume, hailed as “the costliest fragrance in the world,” which Jean Patou gifted to his friends and loyal customers. It was named Joy in contrast to the depressing headlines and bankrolls of the day, with the intention to chase away the blues. In 2000 it was voted the best fragrance of the century.

Top notes: Tuberose, ylang ylang, Bulgarian rose
Heart notes: Jasmine, May rose
Base notes: Sandalwood, musk