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A Guide to Force Powers

There is a long comprehensive list of force powers known to be used, mostly aggregated and slightly edited, as taken from[1]

Broadly speaking, Jedi powers encompassed Control, Sense and Alteration.


Alchaka was an extremely personal Force technique, used during meditation by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. It was a rigorous exercise, that was very hard to perfect. Alchaka meditation involved the repetition of certain positions and the movements required between them, often to the point of exhaustion, in order to help clear the mind and attune the body to the strength of the Force.

Art of Movement
Art of Movement was a technique taught at the Jedi Temple during the Old Republic, it could be done with the Force to improve its performance.

Breath Control
Using the breath control, a Jedi could literally numb the body’s instinct to shut itself down after long periods without oxygen, allowing the user to be able to go without breathing for longer periods than he or she ordinarily could by using the Force to reserve the amounts of air in the lungs.

Detoxify Poison
Detoxify Poison allowed a Force-user to detoxify poisons or eject them from their body in a much shorter amount of time than would normally be possible. It could also be used to cleanse their body of alcohol.

Flashburn was a term used by the Jedi Order to describe the reaction in which certain Jedi or Force-sensitives shutdown areas of their minds in reaction to emotional trauma. With sections of their memory seemingly ceasing to exist, those who used the technique were unable to remember details about the event at the center of the trauma.

Force Body
Force Body was a type of Force technique which allowed any Force-sensitiveto push their body’s endurance past a safe limit, ignoring and possibly sacrificing their health and well-being, in order to sustain their connection to the Force.

Force Comprehension
Force Comprehension was the ability to absorb and interpret great quantities of information rapidly by speeding up the user’s neural processes.
Force Comprehension required that the user possess at least a basic knowledge of the topic he was comprehending. Without this knowledge the user would simply speed up his neural processes and exhaust himself. Many Force users were wary of this ability, since on occasion knowledge learned at such a fast pace elicited strong emotions in the user. Therefore, the technique was not commonly used by the Jedi. Force comprehension found little favor with the Sith as well, simply because they don’t have to worry for the strong emotions. For these reasons, Force comprehension was considered to be a universal power.

Force Concealment (Also known as Force Stealth)
Force stealth also referred to as Force Concealment or Buried Presence was a power that was used by highly skilled Force-sensitives to mask their Force alignment (Light or Dark), their ability to use the Force, or even their entire presence from other Force sensitives.

Force Enlightenment
Force Enlightenment was a light side Force power. The most well-known Jedi who used this power frequently was the Jedi Exile, who learned it after a significant conversation with Jedi Masters Vrook Lamar, Kavar, and Zez-Kai Ell.

Force Ghost
The Force ghost was the soul and essence of a deceased Force-sensitive who denied the will of the Force upon death, yet was able to interact with the living, albeit not physically. Some Sith Lords learned similar techniques, which in some cases allowed them to physically interact with their environment.

Force Healing
Force healing, Force heal, or Cure was a power that used the Force to accelerate the natural healing process rapidly.

Force Speed
Force speed, also known as burst of speed or Force sprint, was a core Force power that allowed the user to maintain sprinting speeds for a brief time.

Hibernation Trance
Hibernation trance, healing trance, Jedi hibernation, Force trance, or recovery trance was a control-based ability that allowed Force-user to go into a very deep hibernation state. This slowed the user’s metabolism and breathing to a standstill, causing the individual to only use one tenth of the air of a normal individual. A fully trained Force-user could stay in this state for up to one week in a dry climate or one month in a wet climate before dying from lack of water.

Similar to a Force trance, morichro suspended biological functions, including breathing and heart rate. A trained morichro user could turn the technique upon himself, surviving without food, water, or even air for periods of over a year at a time, though it would not protect against vacuum. But unlike a Force trance, it could also be turned on others, making it an effective way of subduing enemies.

Tapas was a Force technique that allowed its user to draw on the power of the Force to remain warm in a cold environment.


Force Listening
Theran Force-listening was a Force technique used by the Theran Listeners to hear through the Force. With it, Force-sensitives could understand words in another language or listen to beings talking from a distance.

Force Meld
Force Meld, otherwise known as Jedi meld or Battle meld, was a technique where a number of Force users joined their minds together through the Force, drawing strength from each other. A refinement of battle meditation, it was known to the ancient Jedi, though dangerous.

Force Seeing
Force sight, or Force seeing, was a basic Force ability, perhaps related to Force sense. It enhanced the bearer’s visual and spatial perception even in the dark or behind walls.

Force Sense
Force sense was one of the most basic Force abilities for a Jedi. It could be used to feel another being’s feelings, the future, ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic events, impending danger and the presence of the dark side.

Force Vision
Generally, when peering deep into the Force, a Force user had the potential to see events that could happen in the future. Force Visions were extremely rare, and uncontrollable. Often, one would meditate to gain a vision, but only a few would actually succeed.

Telepathy was the very basic ability to mentally communicate over small or vast distances with other individuals.


Alter Damage
With this power, Jedi were able to reduce the damage inflicted by their lightsaber so that it did not deal lethal damage.

Alter Image
Alter Image was a Force power which allowed the user to alter his or her own personal features, such as the height, weight, skin color, facial features, sex, voice, and body shape.

Alter Environment
Alter Environment was a Force power that involved various techniques that allowed the user to manipulate nature, enabling the creation of phenomena such as Force whirlwinds or fog that could be used to attack or to shield the user from opponents.

Animal Friendship
Animal Friendship, also referred to as Beast Control or Beast Trick, was the Force ability to control an animal.

Battle Meditation
Battle meditation was a Force ability which considerably boosted the morale, stamina, and overall battle prowess of an individual’s allies while simultaneously reducing the opposition’s combat-effectiveness by eroding their will to fight. With the Force, one could coordinate entire fleets of ships, allowing them to perform at maximum efficiency, acting as a single entity with the ability to counter every enemy move quickly and effectively. Though ideal for meditating large-scale conflicts, battle meditation was equally effective when employed for the benefit of one’s comrades in small skirmishes, attacks, and duels.

Combustion was the Force ability that allowed users to cause an object explode by sheer force of will.

Crucitorn was a Jedi technique for transcending physical pain beyond normal thresholds.

Dark Transfer
Crucitorn was a Jedi technique for transcending physical pain beyond normal thresholds.

Deadly Sight
Deadly Sight was a power of the dark side, focusing the user’s hatred into deadly energy.

Dopplegänger was a Force power that allowed a user to create a perfect illusion of his or herself through the Force.

Drain Knowledge
Drain Knowledge was a dark side ability used to extract knowledge out of a sentient without his or her consent.

Droid Disable
Ionize was a Force power developed during the Old Sith Wars that allowed a Jedi to overload and damage electronic systems, such as droids.

Electric Judgment
This was a power similar to Force lightning that showed up as yellow or green energy instead of blue or white, but otherwise it was very similar in both appearance and usage.This power was uncommon and controversial among the Jedi because of its intrinsic association with anger and aggression.

Force Bellow
Force bellow was a power in which the user would amplify their voice using the Force.

Force Blinding
Force blinding was a telekinetic light side Force power. Upon use of this technique, a blinding flash of energy emanated from a user’s hand, manifesting as a flash of light that overloaded a target’s vision, causing temporary blindness.

Force Cloak
Some Force users with this rare ability could use the Force to photo-kinetically bend light and sound waves around themselves, rendering them invisible to others, both visually and through Force.

Force Confusion
Among the more advanced mind trick techniques was Force confusion, which could be used in combat to temporarily manipulate enemies to fight as an ally. It was especially useful when outnumbered, and was quicker to employ than affect mind in the heat of battle.

Force Deflection
Force Deflection was a Force power used by Jedi and Sith who were without a lightsaber, or chose not to carry one. It is unknown exactly if the Jedi and Sith merely created a wall using the Force to deflect blaster bolts, and Energy, or if they actually deflected them back with their hand. It took much skill in the Force to use this, however, and most Jedi used their lightsabers instead to deflect incoming attacks

Force Destruction
Force Destruction was a dark side Force power used by certain gifted Sith and Dark Jedi, allowing them to create a massive energy field and throw it in any direction.

Force drain
Force drain referred to a spectrum of offensive and defensive Force powers, tied to the same concept, which used the dark side of the Force to tap into the strengths of an organic target.

Force Flash
The Force-flash was a Force power employed when the person using it did not want to be seen.

Force Jump
Force Jump, also known as Force Leap, used the Force to augment the user’s natural leaping ability. Force-users adept in this technique could perform awe-inspiring vertical/horizontal leaps with impunity.

Force Light
Force light was an immense light-side Force power used by Jedi. When used against a darksider, Force light would weaken the darksider’s connection to the Force.

Force Lightning
Force lightning (also known as Sith Lightning) was a well known Force ability, most often used by practitioners of the dark side of the Force, especially the Sith.

Force Orb
Force Orb was a Force power which served as an attack. Under normal circumstances, it only worked underwater. It could also sometimes be used on land by gathering moisture in the area.

Force Scream
Force scream was a Force power used by Dark Jedi or Sith. It was a scream, of strong frustration, rage, or grief, emitted through the Force.
Best identified with the terrible plastic “Nooooo !”  uttered by Vader at the end of Episode III.

Force Stun
Force Stun was a Force power that could temporarily deaden the senses and perceptions of a targeted enemy.

Force Slow
Force Slow clouded the target’s mind, causing them to slow down both mentally and physically.

Force Storm (wormhole)
Force storm was a volatile dark side Force power capable of creating hyperspace wormholes that were able to displace objects across vast distances and tear apart the surfaces of entire planets.

Force Subjugate
Force Subjugate was a Force power that enabled the user to inflict damage upon the mind of an opponent. The infliction was able to act as a distraction, or to rid the opponent of concentration for a short period of time. Some used this power to calm, or even enrage creatures with a low amount of will power.

Force Suppression
Force suppression was a Force technique used to attack the will of the target, canceling all first and second tier Force powers. This would individually affect each active Force power. This technique took a great deal of focus to accomplish.

Force Travel
Force travel was a Force power which allowed a being to travel great distances instantly by creating a momentary rift in space. This power caused the user to be corrupted by the dark side, as it broke the normal rules of the galaxy by ripping the Force asunder. The technique became more corrupting to use depending both on how far away the target was, as well as how familiar the Force-user was with the location.

Force Weapon
Force Weapon was a Force ability that allowed the user to imbue an unpowered weapon with the Force for a period of time. By channeling energy into the weapon, it allowed the wielder to strike and do more damage than the weapon’s simple appearance would suggest. As a useful side effect, a Force-imbued weapon could be used to block lightsabers without damaging the weapon.

Pyrokinesis was a Force power that allowed a Force-user to manipulate and create fire.

Kinetite was a sphere of restrained kinetic energy which could be thrown at an enemy.

Malacia was a Force technique that was used to induce a powerful dizziness and nausea in enemies by turning their equilibrium against them.

Mechu-deru was a Force based skill of the mechanized area, providing an intricate reprogramming of droids.

Midichlorian Manipulation
Midi-chlorian manipulation was a form of Sith alchemy requiring immense knowledge of the dark side of the Force which allowed its user to create, maintain, or save life through the influencing of midi-chlorians to a certain degree.

Mind Trick
Mind tricks refer to a spectrum of Force powers which influenced the thoughts of sentient creatures, most commonly used to coerce into agreement by suggestion through voice manipulation, or to cause one to reveal information.

Protection Bubble
Protection Bubble was a Force power, probably related to Force Protection. With this ability, the user could create a defensive sphere around their body.

Plant Surge
Plant Surge, also known as Consitor Sato,[4] was a light side Force power that was based around the channeling of life energy into plants, allowing the user to improve the plant’s rate of growth and even affect the manner in which it grows.

Ray was a Force technique used by Jedi skilled in energy manipulation. Employing this power, a Jedi could convert small amounts of nearby matter into controllable focused energy. With this energy, a Jedi could block attacks from blaster bolts.

Revitalize was a light side Force technique that revitalized an exhausted, wounded or, unconscious user, or whoever the user directed it at.

Sever Force
Sever Force was a non-lethal Force power by which a being’s connection to the Force was interrupted, or blocked from them with a wall of light-side energy.

Sith Alchemy
Sith alchemy was primarily used to enhance the strength of weapons and armor (such as the famous Sith swords), or to genetically engineer and enhance alien species, making them more dangerous and easier to control by the Sith Lords. More sinisterly, Sith alchemy was capable of waking the dead in servitude to the Sith.

Spear of Midnight Black
The spear of midnight black was a dark side Force power. It enabled the Force-user to summon the Force and forge with it an invisible spear from dark side energies which could be hurled at opponents, killing or injuring them as if it were a real, physical spear.

Spirit Transference
Transfer essence, also known as essence transfer or transfer life, was a radical dark side Force power used to transfer a person’s consciousness into another body, or in some cases an inanimate object.

Telekinesis, was a neutral ability that most Force-sensitives had. With it, they could lift objects according to their concentration and move them, hovering the items in any direction. This ability was the base for Force Pull, Force Throw and Force Push, as well as telekinetic lightsaber combat techniques such as Saber Throw.

Tutaminis was an umbrella title used by the Jedi Order to classify Force abilities related to energy absorption. Designated as one in a family of Control abilities, tutaminis techniques were taught to Jedi Initiates within the Jedi academy throughout the history of the Order. While taught to all Jedi during the days of the Galactic Republic, it was a rare feat to be capable of dissipating concentrated energy such as what makes up a blasterbolt or lightsaber blade.

Torture by Chagrin
Torture by Chagrin, also known as memory walk, consisted of mentally reaching into the victim’s mind, forcing them to relive all the worst memories of their life, both painful ones and ones that were merely embarrassing, over and over and over again to the point where it almost seemed to cause physical pain.

Thought Bomb
The thought bomb was one of the most powerful and destructive applications of the dark side of the Force which targeted all Force-sensitive individuals and vaporized clothing, flesh, bone, and even stone within the radius of the weapon’s blast. The thought bomb sucked the souls of its victims into a sphere of dark side energy where they were trapped in an orb of dark torment until the end of time. Unfortunately for the user(s) the thought bomb was a suicide weapon.

This answer does not cover what are the known occurrences of which Jedi used which power at which time, what powers were typically or exclusively used by the dark side or the light side, nor does it cover sub powers of each type as that would extend the scope of the question greatly.

Also given that Star Wars lore tends to grow with time, feel free to suggest edits if you see something new over time.


5 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory:

Walk around:

Studies have shown that exercise can boost memory and brain power. Dr Hillman found evidence that walking around for 20 minutes before an exam can improve performance.

Read Out Loud:

It can be surprisingly efficient; with some claims that it increase chances of recollection by 50%

Teach the Material:

This is one of the best ways to test if you understand something; if you can’t teach it, you don’t know it. Don’t worry you don’t have to teach it to real people, you can pretend (e.g. teddies) or just imagine and talk aloud to yourself.

Watch a documentary / video:

They make the topic interesting while also reinforcing key details.

Use your senses:

Chew a strange flavour of gum, or spray a perfume while you’re studying and use it again during the exam; it will make things previously associated with that sense easier to remember.

Stop thinking about losing body fat.
Focus on your performance instead.

It sounds counterintuitive, but this is important.

When you’re in the gym your main concern should not be burning fat and calories. Your sole focus should be improving your performance. Getting stronger. Doing just a little better than last time. Not only is this more positive (focusing on getting stronger instead of thinking “I need to look better”) and enjoyable, but it’ll also allow you to reap the physique changes you desire along the way. Focus on goals like deadlifting one and a half times, or double, your bodyweight, performing several chin-ups, pressing and pulling progressively heavier dumbbells, running more hill sprints, etc. Put the focus on what your body can do, and strive to get stronger, gradually. Do this and fat loss becomes a side effect.
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Studying Circadian Rhythms and Sleep in Space

Do you remember the last time you stayed awake all night? Maybe you had a major exam, or flew across the ocean. How did you feel the following day? The time at which you would normally feel sleepy was probably different from usual. Your eyes “told” you that it was day, time for work or school. Your brain or muscles disagreed. They “told” you that it was middle of the night, and that you should sleep.

Changing when you sleep, or being in areas where daytime and nighttime are “off-schedule”, affects your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm exists in humans as a roughly 24-hour clock that prompts us to sleep or wake.

The European Space Agency’s experiment, Circadian Rhythms, investigates the role of this “biological clock” and its changes during spaceflight. Researchers hypothesize that a non-24-hour cycle of light and dark affects crew members’ circadian rhythms. Understanding the effects of life in space on astronauts’ circadian rhythms may help improve performance and health for future crew members.

Researchers collect data on astronaut’s circadian rhythms by using a “double-sensor,” which measures the temperature at the core of the body. The crew attaches one sensor to their head, and the other to their chest.

Based on results from this research, future crew members could more accurately adjust their sleep, work and physical activity scheduled to accommodate natural circadian cycles, which could improve productivity and health.

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Top: Long wave UV illumination. Bottom: Ambient illumination.
Solutions are in order of increasing particle size (longer growth time).

Bottom: Samsung flexible screen mobile phone flexibility test - GIF video source

Quantum dots - now in your phone

2013 was a big year for quantum dots with the first consumer products released using them in screens including some models of Sony Bravia TVs, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7. Mobile phones including the iPhone 6 are expected to include them in 2014. This is partly because of their improved energy efficiency, but also because they have the ability to be used in flexible and/or curved screens:

Curved (concave) screens are a major and very important new display technology innovation because they substantially improve display performance by significantly reducing and sometimes eliminating reflections from ambient light sources that washout the on-screen images. That also allows the displays to run at lower brightness, which increases the power efficiency and battery running time for mobile devices.


But what are quantum dots?

Simplifying things greatly, quantum dots are incredibly small particles. They range between 2 to 10 nanometers in diameter, which is equivalent to 50 atoms. The colour light that a quantum dot emits is directly related to its size; smaller dots appear blue, larger ones more red. In LCD screens they’re applied as a way of eliminating the need for White LED backlights and colour filters. As Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, President of DisplayMate explains; “Instead of using existing White LEDs (which have yellow phosphors) that produce a broad light spectrum that makes it hard to efficiently produce saturated colors, Quantum Dots directly convert the light from Blue LEDs into highly saturated narrow band primary colors for LCDs.” Source

Not only do they have great energy efficiency as colour screens, but they also have applications in solar cells capturing photons and releasing current.


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Experts Slam Sports Policies That Ban Women With High Testosterone
There’s no good reason to exclude female athletes based on their hormone levels, researchers argue in a controversial new paper.
By Azeen Ghorayshi

This debate in athletics of trying to define exactly which biological characteristics constitute “fair competition” reach at a core question - the very meaning of what male and female is. 

Beyond whether testosterone can be used as a marker to decide who is “male” and “female,” researchers don’t fully understand the link between testosterone and athletic performance. The IOC study found, for example, that 16.5% of elite male athletes have testosterone below the typical male range.

“Testosterone is certainly important for muscle growth,” Jakob Vingren, associate professor of exercise physiology at the University of North Texas, told BuzzFeed News. But the link to performance is more tenuous. “If we give you more, your performance will improve. If we take it away, there will be a negative effect. But if we take you and 10 other people and line you up and measure your natural testosterone levels and compare it to your performance? There’s a very weak correlation there.”

I think it’s clear that where we draw the line is an arbitrary human artifact.