My Week.

This is after I found out I don’t have one lecture on this week and I dropped two 3 hour meetings/social engagements to help out my best friend who needs help getting to uni because of an operation.

I’m slightly worried about falling back into my old habits of overloading myself -I’ve always done it. To overcome my inadequacies and to feel like I am doing something with my life. But I look at this timetable and all I can think is, where are my friends? Where is my boyfriend time? Where is my me time?

Is this what the rest of my semester is going to look like - albeit getting somehow even more busy as time goes past?

Why must I be such an insufferable overachiever? 

anonymous asked:

*reaper crying while painstakingly sewing every single feather onto his plague doctor coat* this is going to look so fucking cool, they'll beg me to come back

okay but imagine gabriel painstakingly redoing his seams because they aren’t up to par or he used the wrong setting on his sewing machine. imagine gabriel reyes with a pin cushion painstakingly making sure everything is just right as he’s pinning everything to a dress form. imagine him making his own patterns on a dress form and drafting them with cheap fabric to make sure it’s gonna fit him right. imagine him comparing fabrics because he doesn’t know if he should consider fabric A’s weight over fabric B’s flexibility. imagine gabriel reyes pressing his seams and having extra shit like pinking shears lying around because he is not going to have unfinished sloppy seams. imagine perfectonist costume designer gabriel reyes.