Nightshade: *Glares* “Do you not have anything better to do than stalking me?”

Gaster: *Chuckles* “❄☟☜☼☜ ✋💧 ☠⚐❄☟✋☠☝ 🕈☼⚐☠☝ 🕈✋❄☟ 🕈✌❄👍☟✋☠☝ ✡⚐🕆☼ ❄☜💧❄ 💧🕆👌☺☜👍❄📬” (There is nothing wrong with watching your test subject.

Nightshade: *Eyes narrow* “I am NOT your test subject!”

Gaster: *Frowns* “🕈✋❄☟⚐🕆❄ 💣☜ ✡⚐🕆 🕈⚐🕆☹👎 👌☜ 🕈☜✌😐 ✌☠👎 👎☜☞☜☠💧☜☹☜💧💧✏ ✡⚐🕆 🕈⚐🕆☹👎 ☠⚐❄ ☟✌✞☜ ☹✌💧❄☜👎 ✌ 👎✌✡ ⚐🕆❄💧✋👎☜✏” (Without me you would be WEAK and DEFENSELESS! You would not have lasted a day outside!)

Nightshade: *Clenches fists* “You ruined my life! What were you trying to accomplish with those experiments?! Make the perfect weapon?!”

Gaster: *Silence…then chuckles*

Nightshade: “Papyrus was always the favorite…you never gave a DAMN about me! Keeping me locked up in your lab!” *Hisses*

Gaster: *Frowns again* “✡⚐🕆 🕈☜☼☜ 👎✋💧⚐👌☜👎✋☜☠❄📬 ✋ ☟✌👎 ❄⚐ 👎✋💧👍✋🏱☹✋☠☜ ✡⚐🕆📬  👌🕆❄ ☜✞☜☠ ❄☟✌❄ 👎✋👎 ☠⚐❄ 🕈⚐☼😐📬 ” (You were disobedient. I had to discipline you. But even that did not work.)

Nightshade: *Throws a punch at him*

Gaster: *Grabs his hand and grips it tightly*

Nightshade: *Forced onto one knee*

Gaster: “✡⚐🕆 👍✌☠☠⚐❄ 👌☜✌❄ 💣☜📬 ✋ 💣✌👎☜ ✡⚐🕆 🕈☟✌❄ ✡⚐🕆 ✌☼☜📬 ☜☠👎☹☜💧💧 ☜✠🏱☜☼✋💣☜☠❄💧 ❄⚐ 💣✌😐☜ ❄☟☜ 🏱☜☼☞☜👍❄ 👍☼☜✌❄✋⚐☠📬 ✌ 🏱☜☼☞☜👍❄ 🕈☜✌🏱⚐☠📬” (You cannot beat me. I MADE you what you are. Endless experiments to make the perfect creation. A perfect weapon.)

Nightshade: *Grips wrist from the pain* “T..Treating me like a lab rat…keeping me in a cage…”

Gaster: *Shakes head* “☺🕆💧❄ ✌💧 ✋ 🏱☼☜👎✋👍❄☜👎📬📬📬✡⚐🕆🕯☼☜ 💧❄✋☹☹ 🕈☜✌😐📬📬📬✋ ✌💣 💧🕆☼🏱☼✋💧☜👎 ✡⚐🕆 🕈☜☼☜ ☠⚐❄ 👍⚐☠💧🕆💣☜👎 👌✡ ✋❄📬 ✡⚐🕆 🕆☠☞⚐☼❄🕆☠✌❄☜☹✡ 👎✋👎 ☠⚐❄ ☼☜✌👍☟ 💣✡ ☜✠🏱☜👍❄✌❄✋⚐☠💧📬📬📬💧🕆👍☟ ✌ 💧☟✌💣☜📬 💧🕆👍☟ 🏱⚐🕈☜☼ 🕈✌💧❄☜👎 ⚐☠ ✡⚐🕆📬📬📬🏱✌🏱✡☼🕆💧 💧☟⚐🕆☹👎 ☟✌✞☜ 👌☜☜☠ ❄☟☜ 👌☜❄❄☜☼ 👍☟⚐✋👍☜📬” (Just as I predicted…you’re still weak…I am surprised you were not consumed by it. You unfortunately did not reach my expectations…such a shame. Such power wasted on you…Papyrus should have been the better choice.)


Gaster: *Glares and uses a bone attack on Nightshade*

Nightshade: “AARGH!” *HP drops halfway*

Gaster: *Grips his skull tightly, staring cold* “✡⚐🕆 ☠☜✞☜☼ 👎✋👎 🕈☟✌❄ ✋ ✌💧😐☜👎 🕆☠☹☜💧💧 ✋ ☞⚐☼👍☜👎 ✡⚐🕆 ❄⚐ 👎⚐ 💧⚐✏ 👍✌☹☹✋☠☝ ✡⚐🕆 💣✡ 💧⚐☠ ✋💧 ❄☟☜ 🕈⚐☼💧❄ 🏱⚐💧💧✋👌☹☜ ❄☟✋☠☝ ✋ 👍✌☠ ✋💣✌☝✋☠☜📬📬📬✡⚐🕆 👎⚐ ☠⚐❄ 👎☜💧☜☼✞☜ ❄⚐ 👌☜ 👍✌☹☹☜👎 💧🕆👍☟ ✌ ❄✋❄☹☜📬 ✌☠👎 ☠☜✞☜☼ 🕈✋☹☹ 👌☜📬📬📬💧✌☠💧📬” (You never did what I asked unless I FORCED you to do so! Calling you my son is the WORST possible thing I can imagine…you do not deserve to be called such a title. And never will be…Sans.)

Nightshade: “Don’t…ever…SAY THAT NAME AGAIN!”

*A small fight breaks out between the two, Nightshade losing HP rather quickly. Gaster, who’s had enough, uses a blue bone attack on Nightshade who cannot move now.*

Gaster: “☜☠⚐🕆☝☟✏” (ENOUGH!) *Summons a blaster*

Nightshade: *HP: 25*

Gaster: “✡⚐🕆 ☟✌✞☜ ☞✌✋☹☜👎 💣☜📬📬📬✌☠👎 ☞✌✋☹☜👎 ☜✠🏱☜☼✋💣☜☠❄💧 💣🕆💧❄ 👌☜ ❄☜☼💣✋☠✌❄☜👎✏” (You have failed me…and failed experiments must be TERMINATED!)

MCU ANTI-FREEZE: Why Bucky didn’t shoot the camera before killing the Starks

(the Anti-Freeze section is where I take points from canon that make no sense, are inconsistent with the rest of the narration, are literally plot holes, case of fridge logic-or horror and try desperately to make sense of them using every scrap I can from the source material. Basically it’s me frantically patching canon up trying to hide the ugly parts and finding more or less-it’s less- plausible explanations for them. Or you can say it’s me closing my eyes and singing loudly over logic in order to deny all idea of mistake in my canon and being blindly faithful to the writers for having probably -never- thought of that)

The Winter Soldier is a master assassin so good at his job that most people didn’t even believe in his existence. He is a legend, a ghost of the intelligence community and not a whisper of his existence leaves others indifferent.

This is especially difficult to believe as he spends most of his introductory movie shooting up people in broad daylight in the middle of crowded boulevards of big metropoles. But since this is linked to Hydra’s out of the shadows scheme we can handwave it away by saying he was simply following the out of shadows directive as the fist of HYDRA.

Now the issue comes with his second apparition where he executes Howard and Maria Stark in plain view of a security camera, which he is obviously aware of as he breaks it the moment he is done with the deed. This makes the whole master assassin who’s so good most people don’t even know he exist schtick difficult to swallow. This looks amateurish at best and seems like a contrived plot point to create the Siberia situation.

But what if this was actually a case of fridge brilliance from the writers?

From what we know of the Winter Soldier from Captain America 2, he needs to be kept in ice in between mission as he can’t be out too long without having some “malfunctions”. Also he has some recollections of his life before being a weapon and all points to the fact his reaction toward recognizing Steve is not the first time he had some sort of revelation. That’s why they need to wipe him often to erase his memories.

In Civil War we sees that under the Soviet control while he is controlled by triggers which we don’t know if they were used (though I’d argue not) in the Winter Soldier ; the chair zapping his brain and the sleeping in ice in between assignments was still in use as in shown in the opening sequence. Which means that he still can’t be trusted on his own for too long and needs his memory wiped often in order to make the triggers more efficient.

During the Berlin incident, it is shown that the triggers only allow for simple directives and the state they induce is broken after a while on its own or between bouts of consciousness. This all seem to be an effect of the super soldier serum that heals his brain and thus weaken the mind control while making him stronger.

According to Black Widow, the Winter Soldier has not been very active despite his reputation as he is credited with something like 25 kills over 50 years, which means at best 1 kill every two years. Of course some of his assassination were hidden (the Starks for example) but it seems that Bucky was used only for high target assassinations. Also the fact that his activity is only of half a century as of 2014 when Cap 2 takes place shows that Bucky took time to be molded as the perfect weapon, Hydra had him for almost 20 years before sending him out. All of this shows that he is a valuable almost irreplaceable asset and that his handlers take great care of not breaking the hold they have over him, which they know is fragile in the best of case.

That’s why the Starks were such high targets, and that’s why they wanted nobody to look closer into the accident for nobody should discover the big discovery behind their murder. Indeed, Howard Stark with his bastard super serum offered Hydra the possibility to have 5 more super soldiers without all the hassle Bucky presented.

So Bucky was sent and he executed the mission, taking the serum and leaving no witness alive. Except for the camera.

BUT there is something else we need to take into consideration, Cap 2 heavily implies that Howard had suspicions about SHIELD and the US government being infiltrated by some force and that’s probably why nobody knew of the package he had with him since he wouldn’t want to advertise this when he didn’t know who to trust. So his murder was also necessary as a way to cut off this line of inquiry. Just taking the serum and leaving them alive would have been too big of a risk.

And this is where the camera comes in. The video is found by Zemo in a Hydra base after he spent the better part of a year to try and find this solid evidence. So I think part of Bucky’s instructions was to disable the camera after the kill and then bringing back the serum.

Why? Because Howard was not any target, it was one Bucky knew personally. Moreover the need to make it look like an accident required a face to face approach for the assassin. And since they knew the Winter Soldier program was glitchy they didn’t know how he would react with having to kill someone he knew. So this was a test for Bucky, the camera was there to monitor him and be sure he didn’t break his conditioning at any moment. Since if he did he could have lied during his report.

They needed the footage to be sure the Starks were dead for one, and to observe Bucky’s behavior during the hit to see if he hesitated or remembered. I think during this mission, a lot of HYDRA operatives were around in case things went south and they had to finish the job themselves and get back the stray Asset. And though some might argue that he recognized Howard as he allegedly momentarily stilled his hand before finishing him (I’m still not sure of that after having seen the footage hundred of times) he still completed the mission without any issue.

And I think this mission was the reason why they sent him after Steve during Cap 2. Because they already had tested him against people he knew succesfully and thus were confident he would see things through and kill Captain America even if he used to be his best friend.

…So Convinced? Is this theory acceptable?  
Let me know what you think! 

I just realized, that with Tarry standing next to them, Vox Machina looks… shabby. Or maybe not shabby, but travel-stained and care-worn, with eyes like someone dragged through all the levels of Hell several times, someone who dusted themselves off and kept going. Their clothes are torn and expertly mended by the twins, but the marks are still there. Their hands are calloused with the scars of carrying their weapons all the time. 

Vax’s hands don’t open properly all the way, since he’s so used to clutching daggers hard enough to turn his knuckles white; he automatically ducks his head and looks up through fringe, one hand hovering near a dagger if not constantly reflexively spinning it. There’s blood stains on his armor that have soaked through, and a large spot on his left shoulder, the pinions pinned down with blood.  

Vex’s wrists and elbows have permanent dents from the bracers; worn knees from when she’s kneeled on sharp rocks, and lava crust, and broken bones. Her gloves are muddy maroon now, dirt and blood flecks caked into the stitching. 

Percy’s jacket has hole after hole after hole in it, slashes that have been mended, and entire section replaced in a wool that doesn’t match exactly. His cravat has food marks on it that he hasn’t had a chance to wash, one corner stained with soot. There is a furrow between his brows from constantly squinting, either into the distance or very close up. 

Half of Keyleth’s body still bears the tell-tale shiny marks of a burn, she automatically stands with a lean on her staff, eyes watchful as a tiger’s. The edges of her clothing are stained with dust of several continents, leaves from 2 planes cover her shoulders. 

Grog has a massive scar that is impossible to miss, especially since he gives it a place of pride. His knuckles under the Gauntlets are weathered and enlarged, like someone who’s been beating his fists against trees for decades,the skull on his shoulder is cracked and held together with a glue that Percy whipped up in an emergency. 

Their weapons are perfect, sparkling in the sunlight. It’s only if you don’t look closely that you don’t notice the wear on pommels and grips, the signs of campaign hard-fought.

Next to them, Tarry is pristine. He armor glows, surface unmarked, if only by comparison. 

It’s hard to look at Vox Machina, and not acknowledge that they have seen worlds that you never will.


We stitch these wounds… forever

Before getting into Stage Two... (Info with badly draw pictures(?))

Before we start selecting the appearance of the new ship children, I’d like to talk a little about their personalities and powers, so you can chose the appearance that goes with their personality!

For the ErrorNight child I didn’t have to think much. He is a skeleton with two extra arms made of the same goopy thing that Nightmare has and his legs are separated from the rest of his body.

For his powers… anyone here is a Naruto fan? Well, if you are, you should know who Shikamaru is. His shadow jutsu is the perfect weapon for a child of Error and Nightmare. Also, does somebody know about Fairy Tail? If you do, well, do you know Rogue? His shadow powers are also perfect for him!

So, basically, this child will have the power of using the shadows to control somebody, to attack and also to move through tem. He will also be able to control sleepwalkers and, obviously will have regular bone attacks.

His personality will be a little twisted, since, on his main story, he was made to help Error and Nightmare with their evil plans. Mostly to act like an innocent kid so the Star Sanses would trust him and fall into their trap. He doesn’t know that he’s doing a bad thing and only wants to make his parents proud. He will be 16-18 (like Blueprint).

Now, the RottenBerry child will have some of Death’s powers. He has the ability to see an aura around the people. This aura is always white, but can change to gray and then black and this represent their lives. Black means the person is going to die in that instant.

Something like this!

He can make weapons like knifes and swords but he usually has a spear made of bones and with this; he can take the soul of an already dead being. He can kill people by touching them, but if he concentrates enough magic, the person will fall asleep or get sick.

Why a spear? because I like them(?)

His personality is energetic like Blueberry, since he’s going to have like 12-14 and he’s a normal skeleton with star-shaped pinpricks/pinprick. The only part of his outfit that he likes to show is his cloak. Some people think that he’s not using anything under it(?)

I haven’t made his story yet. I had the basic story for all the fan children of the ships I did, except this. I only had cute Headcanons of him spending time with Blueprint o////v////o) andwithanotherreaperchildthatiloveandyouprobablyknowwhotheyare

And yes, Printy is older than Him. The will be like this: Rottenberry child < ErrorNight child/Blueprint

I already have some interesting stories for the three of them xD

Now, some progress with the children.

Some sketches for the RottenBerry child outfit 

Gotta love cloaks, mweh. 

I made the ErrorNight child too but I didn’t like his clothes ono) so I just have his basic appearance.

A Fey Prompt List

Have a Fey Prompt List, as requested by more of you than I can list. 

1) “Our nations are at war,” the unseelie murmured, nipping the human’s ear. They were a moonlight of a creature, dark hair and pale eyes. 
“And you,” said the seelie as they kissed the human’s neck. “Make a perfect peace treaty. Don’t you want peace?” Golden as summer, dark skinned and as radiant as the spring.
“Or perhaps a perfect weapon?” The unseelie turned the human’s head, to steal a kiss from their mouth this time. “In peace, that is often the same thing.””

2) I thought I could save myself - isn’t that what happened in a fairytale?
Not in the old ones, you promised with a winter’s smile.

3) The child reached up curiously to touch ethereal wings, awed like a moth drawn to flame, delighted by the colours and the magic flickering offered in the Fey Queen’s hand. The fey loved children, for all children are a little fey. The same amorality, the same delights and games and unintentional cruelties. The child laughed, and clambered a little closer to get a better look. 

Her parents watched in horror. 

4) “What is…this?” his boyfriend looked at the ice rink with a mixture of awe and horror. “We don’t have this.” In the world his fairy came from, everything was sunshine and blossom and bloom. A summer paradise. 
He grinned and held out a hand. “You’re going to love it.”

5) I’m nobody’s pet,” the human bit out. 
The fey was silent for a moment, watching as the human panted for breath, cheeks flushed with rage. “Did you not agree willingly to come with us?”
“Well - yes - but-”
“-But what? You were not taken, you were not imprisoned. You gifted yourself to our kind and to suggest otherwise is astonishingly rude and disgustingly human. You would call us cruel simply because our ways are different to your own.”

6)  Away with the fairies, the grown ups said among themselves. 
Grown ups should know better than to tease the fair folk with such challenges.

7) “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” The fey ducked their head, to try and meet their lover’s eyes. “I forget myself. We are - humans are - your hearts are different than ours.” Softer, eyes closed, with fluttering kisses. “I would never intentionally hurt you. My memory of pain is so fleeting, my sorrows like footsteps in sand. I am the prince of summer. I can only love you like summer does. I’m sorry.”

The Weapon

Part 1:

Lance watched numbly as Shiro dragged Keith away.
All he could hear was a loud ringing, but he could tell Keith was screaming his name.
As he closed his eyes for what he assumed would be the last time Lance was happy.
Keith was going to live, and if that meant he had to die then he would pay that price willingly.
Just as he slipping into the painless void of unconscious, Lance saw the blurred outline of a figure moving towards him.
“Did it work Haggar?”
Lance could hear voices but they sounded far away and muffled like he was under water.
“It appears so my Prince. The genetic modification has been a success.”
As Lance became more aware he realised he was tied down to a table with tubes down his throat.
His eyes snapped open and he began to struggle silent screams of panic muffled by the tubes.
“Ah so you awake.” Haggar’s face came into view, a disturbing smile on her face.
Lance couldn’t speak and he was sure his attempt of glaring was pathetic at best.
Another face appeared, Lance assumed was the Prince she had been talking to.
“I’m glad to see that the modifications did not kill you my pet.”
Lance couldn’t understand what was going on.
Where was he?
Where was his team?
What modifications were they talking about?
As though she read his mind Haggar pressed a button on a console and a long mirror was was lowered to allow Lance to see exactly what they had done to him.
His skin was a mess of what appeared to dark blue and grey scales covering his bare chest, arms and legs.
The scales came high up his neck over the sides of his face.
His eyes looked too large and were a solid black with no visible iris or pupil.
Haggar removed the tubes leaving a painful ache in his throat.
He opened his mouth and gasped at the sight of needle sharp fangs filling his mouth.
“Human evolution is interesting, there were so many routes we could of taken, but considering you are the guardian of water, this seemed appropriate.” Haggar smirked.
“You will be the perfect weapon for the Galra empire.” The prince smiled
“I…I won’t w..ork…. for you.” Lance gasped, his voice horse from lack of use. He couldn’t help but wonder just how long he had been here.
The Prince and Haggar shared a look.
“Oh you will, they always do.”
Haggar’s voice was the last thing Lance heard before the shocks started and agony engulfed his entire body.
As the pain continued Lance found it harder and harder to keep his thoughts together.
It got to the point where Lance found it hard to even think.
“My name is Lance McClain
My name is L-Lance Mc…McClain”
My name is… erm my name is Lance
My name is…
What’s my name?“
“You are a weapon of Galra.”