I think someone should take me on a date to see the longest ride, then we can park the truck out in the middle of no where and dance to Brantley Gilbert and George Strait songs with the light of the camp fire reflecting off our skin, then we can cuddle up and fall asleep in each other's arms in the back of the truck, and then wake up entangled in the blankets of the truck and watch the sunrise...

Now if only I can find someone to do that with..


Kim: It’s a beautiful night, though.

Dell:  I never know what that means.  People saying ‘it’s a beautiful night.’  What does that mean?

Kim:  Well, to me, it means it's comfortable, familiar…It’s beautiful when the weather’s not hot or cold. Kind of like you don’t notice it, kind of like it’s perfect 'cause everything's so balanced. You don’t even feel it. And while you’re feeling that non-feeling, you look up in the sky and you almost think,“That’s why," because how everything is right now, all the stars and planets and us and the ground and the cells and molecules…Right now is exactly the reason. Right now is comfortable.