Ok, so I think I know where I want to get my ace!pride ring from.

My issue is I still don’t know what I want to get engraved on it.

I have 30 characters to work with (including spaces) if I just get the inside done, or I have up to 60 if I get both the inside and the outside done.

Current options:

1) Inside of ring: Forge on! <3


2) Outside of ring: the one who gripped you tight

Inside of ring: and raised you from Perdition

(I kind of want a quintessentially Cas quote, but I can’t come up with any good ones in 30 characters or less T^T)

ETA: lol, or 

3) inside of ring: hey, assbutt!


Just to make a point, 

i’d like to point out

that literally all of Heaven ships Destiel

(metatron said humanity bUT WE KNEW WHAT HE FUCKING MEANT)

naomi ships it but in a really messed up way 


 …cas, you can use less breath if you JUST SAY “I LOVE YOU”

Done!!  Of course, it’s raining here today, so no nice, sunny photos, but hopefully soon!

My husband did not care for the purple wings, but I like them. (he didn’t hate the wings, just questioned the use of purple.)  Personally, I don’t think the angels have black wings, I think WE see black because they are the shadows of the wings.  JMHO

The window is around 3'x2’