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Take a nap, if you’re tired, you probably need it

Take care of yourself, your body needs that

I know in the books it’s already like, a Thing that Percy’s relationship with his godly family seems to be abnormally good- like, Poseidon’s not dad of the year but he’s also made it clear he deeply cares about Percy and has tried to warn/protect him in the past, there’s been brief references here and there that after tlo Percy started spending time in the underwater palace occasionally, he calls Amphitrite his step-mom and says she bakes him cookies and doesn’t mind that he’s messy when he stays over, he brought back that pendant Annabeth wears, little stuff like that- but tbh I wish it would be expanded on more because apart from the fact it’s sweet, it’s also like, kinda funny? when you think about how all the other gods are just. messes. about family. like let me just SEE him interact with his family more, it has such potential. He casually mentions he’s meeting his sister Kym at starbucks later and Jason’s like ‘she sold you out to a giant that wanted to murder you’ and Percy’s just like ‘yeah but that was months ago and dad made her apologize we’re cool now’. Annabeth still hasn’t forgiven her mom for the whole Mark-of-Athena-Suicide-Quest thing and they had a huge fight on Olympus the other day, the first time they had seen each other since the war ended, and Annabeth’s complaining about this to Percy, who’s Iris Messaging her from the bottom of the ocean because it’s Poseidon’s custody weekend. There’s a mandatory parent bake sale at school to raise money for a field trip but Sally’s on a book tour and Paul was prepared to just quit after he set the kitchen on fire, only for Amphitrite to stroll into the school the next day and ruin every PTA Mom’s life. Percy telling his friends to stay out of the water for a few days because he called Triton a bitch in the family group chat and he just wanted them to be careful. Percy trying to figure out if a bunch of Greek gods are expecting Christmas presents or not and wtf to get them if they are. Triton wanting to get Percy back for the bitch comment but knowing their dad won’t let him drown someone so he instead shows up at Percy’s mortal high school and does The Most to embarrass him. Tyson begging Percy to let him help babysit Estelle. Poseidon showing up at Career Day with absolutely no warning and trying not to laugh at Percy’s reaction. Percy getting his dad a fathers day card like he wanted to do in SoM!! Like it’s a dynamic I don’t want pushed to the side as much as it is!!! There’s so much to work with there!!! I want more! 

Top 10 reasons why netflix should make an original series based on “Percy Jackson”

  1. the 2 movies “based” on the books that were preciously released did NO justice to the books at all. couldve been 10X better !!!!!!
  2. we’ve all seen how well the musical is going and thats basically just people who’ve read the books. IMAGINE how well a netflix original would do !!!!
  3. we’d get to see percabeth’s relationship really unfold ON SCREEN with actors that COMPTELY RESEMBLE THEM & are THEIR AGE. and obviously its PERCABETH. “seaweed brain”, “wise girl”
  4. 5 books, 5 seasons. do you see how PERFECT that would be????? 10 episodes a season, each 45 minutes long (relatively).
  5. if netflix got the rights to the books they would probably get the rights to ALL THE BOOKS. THATS MEANS: HOA (5 MORE seasons OF PERCY, ANNABETH, & GROVER. PLUS JACON, PIPER, HAZEL, FRANK, NICO & LEO), Trials of Apollo, Magnus Chase, AND The Kane Chronicles as well (a possiblity)
  6. the AESTHETIC of this tv series would be PERFECT. Netflix does an excellent job at taking the story and cinematically making it look pleasing and beautiful to the ones who’ve read the books. (Examples: “To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before”, “A Series Of Unfortunite Events”) there are so many amazing options on how to make this series beautiful, THE MONSTERS for instance can you I M A G I N E.
  7. the HUMOR. everyone who’s read the pjo novels knows that theres SO MANY funny moments, rick is just a genius when it comes to that. i just know that if this were to happen, the humor would be amazing.
  8. THE FIGHT SCENES. the movies in no way made the fight scenes as amazing as they could’ve been. I NEED THIS.
  9. the Grover, Percy & Annabeth friendship. everyone knows we NEED that. please @netflix make it HAPPEN.
  10. i feel like this series is just something everyone needs right now. it has an amazing mixture of love, friendship & family. i think it would be a very beautiful adaption. i really really want this to happen. PLEASE NETFLIX. plus, uncle rick deserves it.