Happy Post-Valentines Day!
  • Will *barges in Hades cabin*:Ohh Niccoo...
  • Nico:Will, what're you doing here? You weren't supposed to be back till summer.
  • Will:What? Can't I see my favorite son of Hades on day to day bases?
  • Nico:Well, considering the fact I'm the only son of Hades...
  • Will:All the more to come by, right? Specially on a day like this...
  • Will *Pulls out a tiny box with heart designs from his pocket*:For you, O' great shadow of dork-ness
  • Nico *takes box, rolling eyes*:Gee, thanks sun-burn...*notices the heart designs over the box, arching an eyebrow* Uh, you do know that Valentines Day was yesterday, right?
  • Will:I know.
  • Nico:Soooo why didn't you come then? *blushes* Not that it matters...
  • Will:Reasons. Now open it!
  • Nico *blinks and does so, pulls out a package of band-aides with skulls on them and smirks*:Nice. Just what I needed. Thanks, Will
  • Will *shrugs*:Ah, it was nothing, read the back though!
  • Nico *turns to back*:'Happy post-Valentines Day'....wait, so you planned not coming here on Valentines Day in the first place? *Will nods* Why?
  • Will:Well...After you told me what happen to you with Cupid...and Valentines is, like, dedicated to him, you know? I just thought, 'hey, why give that guy the last laugh?'...So, that's why I came to give you your present the day after....*blushes* Stupid, isn't it?
  • Nico *tears form as he jumps up and bear-hugged the startle blonde, whispering* it's perfect. Like us.
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That friend that doesn't get a single fandom reference:
  • Me:it's bigger on the inside.
  • Friend:what is?
  • Me:I'm a phangirl okay? Okay.
  • Friend:did you-
  • Me:I siriusly did.
  • Friend:but-
  • Me:it's the dam fandoms again.
  • Friend:*slams fist on table*
  • Friend:I LOVE THAT PART!
  • Me:love is weakness.
  • Friend:wat?
  • Me:you will go to the paper towns and never come back.
  • Friend:I'm don-
  • Me:Josh Dunn?
  • Friend:wait who?
  • Me:don't speak out loud, it lowers the IQ of the entire street.
  • Friend:I don't under-
  • Me:yer a muggle
  • Friend:I hate Harry Potter..
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • *2 days later*
  • Police:so she just "accidentally" got strangled by a boa constructor cuz the glass "accidentally" disappeared?
  • Me:sounds legit.

When you’re just too into the Godswap AU… you just had to draw them. Here’s the finished lineart for the Son of Hades Percy and Son of Poseidon Nico. 

Percy Jackson sketch and lineart by me ( @treycain03 )

Nico di Angelo sketch by @geexao 

Nico di Angelo lineart by me.

I’m guessing for some reason this will be our Valentine’s special? haha I dunno.