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percy/sally reunion headcannons?

HELL YEAH *quietly sobs*

  • so like at first it was really awkward and silent and they kind of just stood looking at each other for a minute or so until paul kind of gave sally a little push which sent her sprinting at percy
  • and they hugged for what seemed like an eternity
  • (not that anyone was complaining)
  • and then sally started to cry
  • “no letter, no message! you were gone for months!”
  • “You left me and annabeth all alone!”
  • ^^ and that was when percy started to cry too
  • and he kept saying sorry but he kind of knew that “sorry” didn’t really cut it so he kind just kept hugging her
  • and then paul came over and joined them in their mini group hug
  • and before long sally ushered annabeth to join them so they were all standing in the middle of the jackson’s kitchen hugging and crying and just cherishing each other’s company because who knows if they’ll be able to do this tomorrow
  • and once everyone sort of relaxes and the initial shock sort of passes sally wants to know everything about their journey
  • so percy tells her
  • (he conveniently leaves out the ‘i almost died three million times’ parts)
  • and when he gets to the story about tartarus he just kind of falls silent and only continues when he feels annabeth gently place a hand on his shoulder 
  • and then they all cry some more
  • by then sally’s hand enough of all the crying so she’s like ‘you know what we need? cookies”
  • so then percy and annabeth and paul help her make some cookies just like percy and sally did many years ago 
  • percy made sure to include blue food coloring
  • and when they were all sitting at the dining room table eating blue cookies and drinking milk sally finally noticed the tattoo on percy’s arm
  • and thats when all hell broke lose 
reading the lightning thief
  • 8 year old me:oh my gods i cant wait till im 12 im gonna be as brave as percy and be as smart as annabeth i cant wait imma look for undercover satyrs at school and be claimed and make friends and then go on awesome quests and become l e g e n d a r y
  • present me:what the fuck what happened im older than them now wtf what am i even doing

“Percy pulled his body out of the water, blinking up at the dead, foggy expanse that was all he could now make of the world. The water always healed him. His cuts and bruises had smoothed over, his bones no longer ached. It was for that very reason he knew that the gorgon’s blood had done its job, and he would never see again.”


Anon’s request for blind!Percy :)

tbh it really annoys me when i see those “percy thinks he’s everyone’s type” posts because percy jackson’s not that kind of guy?

this is a dude who’s had body image issues in the sea of monsters, who was pretty much oblivious to rachel’s crush on him, was bullied for the most of his life, and who isn’t a cocky asshole (he has his faults but being arrogant or prideful isn’t one of them). i doubt that percy ever thought about his attractiveness to other people. 

every time i see nico fics where percy says shit like “what do you mean i’m not your type, i’m everyone’s type” i die a little inside due to the extreme percy jackson character assassination. 

fanon percy is a stereotypical reckless jock who has too high an opinion of himself “i’m so awesome, i’m the best hero there ever was, everyone wants me!” . canon percy is a skater boy who’s a yankee fan whose opinion of himself is probably something like “i did okay since i didn’t get killed today.” 

people often forget that percy’s started out as an underdog, and even though he’s now a hero he’s never stopped rooting for the other underdogs and he’s never thought that he was better than them (his interactions with frank and hazel in the son of neptune is basically the best example of this)  


Nico had just reached the ladder when a sharp pain shot up Annabeth’s bad leg. She gasped and stumbled.

“What is it?” Percy asked.

She tried to stagger toward the ladder. Why was she moving backward instead? Her legs swept out from under her and she fell on her face.

“Her ankle!” Hazel shouted from the ladder. “Cut it! Cut it!”

Annabeth’s mind was woolly from the pain. Cut her ankle?

Apparently Percy didn’t realize what Hazel meant either. Then something yanked Annabeth backward and dragged her toward the pit. Percy lunged. He grabbed her arm, but the momentum carried him along as well.

“Help them!” Hazel yelled.

Annabeth glimpsed Nico hobbling in their direction, Hazel trying to disentangle her cavalry sword from the rope ladder. Their other friends were still focused on the statue, and Hazel’s cry was lost in the general shouting and the rumbling of the cavern.

Annabeth sobbed as she hit the edge of the pit. Her legs went over the side. Too late, she realized what was happening: she was tangled in the spider silk. She should have cut it away immediately. She had thought it was just loose line, but with the entire floor covered in cobwebs, she hadn’t noticed that one of the strands was wrapped around her foot—and the other end went straight into the pit. It was attached to something heavy down in the darkness, something that was pulling her in.

“No,” Percy muttered, light dawning in his eyes. “My sword…”

But he couldn’t reach Riptide without letting go of Annabeth’s arm, and Annabeth’s strength was gone. She slipped over the edge. Percy fell with her.

Her body slammed into something. She must have blacked out briefly from the pain. When she could see again, she realized that she’d fallen partway into the pit and was dangling over the void. Percy had managed to grab a ledge about fifteen feet below the top of the chasm. He was holding on with one hand, gripping Annabeth’s wrist with the other, but the pull on her leg was much too strong.

No escape, said a voice in the darkness below. I go to Tartarus, and you will come too.

Annabeth wasn’t sure if she actually heard Arachne’s voice or if it was just in her mind.

The pit shook. Percy was the only thing keeping her from falling. He was barely holding on to a ledge the size of a bookshelf.

Nico leaned over the edge of the chasm, thrusting out his hand, but he was much too far away to help. Hazel was yelling for the others, but even if they heard her over all the chaos, they’d never make it in time.

Annabeth’s leg felt like it was pulling free of her body. Pain washed everything in red. The force of the Underworld tugged at her like dark gravity. She didn’t have the strength to fight. She knew she was too far down to be saved.

“Percy, let me go,” she croaked. “You can’t pull me up.”

His face was white with effort. She could see in his eyes that he knew it was hopeless.

“Never,” he said. He looked up at Nico, fifteen feet above. “The other side, Nico! We’ll see you there. Understand?”

Nico’s eyes widened. “But—”

“Lead them there!” Percy shouted. “Promise me!”

“I—I will.”

Below them, the voice laughed in the darkness. Sacrifices. Beautiful sacrifices to wake the goddess.

Percy tightened his grip on Annabeth’s wrist. His face was gaunt, scraped and bloody, his hair dusted with cobwebs, but when he locked eyes with her, she thought he had never looked more handsome.

“We’re staying together,” he promised. “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.”

Only then did she understand what would happen. A one-way trip. A very hard fall.

“As long as we’re together,” she said.

She heard Nico and Hazel still screaming for help. She saw the sunlight far, far above—maybe the last sunlight she would ever see.

Then Percy let go of his tiny ledge, and together, holding hands, he and Annabeth fell into the endless darkness.

Art: viria

Excerpt from, “The Mark of Athena”


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