Percy Jackson and the Olympians

(another) Jercy One-Shot

Description : Florist & Tattoo Artist AU
Pairing : Percy Jackson x Jason Grace (Jercy)
Word count : 2116
Rating : No restrictions (fluff)

CREDIT TO @dailyau AND @http-helianthus for coming up with this awesome prompt !!

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Spring had arrived early that year, and as soon as you stepped inside Persephone’s Garden, it showed. It was barely mid-March, but the shop was bursting with flowers and plants of all sorts. It was great for the sales, of course, but Jason kept wishing for some peace and quiet for once. The shop wasn’t big, far from it, but a metallic staircase in the shape of a spiral was partially hidden behind the counter. It led to a bedroom on the floor above the shop, where Jason spent most of his time.

It’s a warm morning when Jason sees him for the first time.

He had just finished arranging the bouquets that were to be delivered that day when the doorbell twinkled, and someone walked inside the shop. The boy seemed to be in his twenties, about Jason’s age. Dark curls fell on the side of his forehead, and he reached up with one hand to pull his hair back. His eyes met Jason’s, and he smiled.
Jason’s heart skipped a beat. His eyes were way too intense for someone as young as him. They were a peculiar shade, somewhere between sea-green and blue. His grin seemed almost too wide for his face.

Oh, and he was completely covered in tattoos. His neck, his arms, his hands, every inch of skin Jason could see.

“Hi,” he said, turning to close the door behind him. The back of his shirt read ‘Lucky Mermaid Tattoo’ in bold red letters over a black background. Of course, Jason thought.

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klytamnestra  asked:

can you do head canons for how pipabeth got together?

Hello yes absolutely:

- Annabeth comes up from Tartarus and as much as she loved Percy she could barely stand to look at him bc her mind associated him with that awful place

- Piper and Hazel talked a lot while Annabeth was gone right? Gender sexuality and all that good stuff definitely came up

- Piper realizes she Might Not Be Straight™ and knows she can’t stop thinking about Annabeth but waits until she’s back from Tartarus to think about that possibility

-Annabeth comes back and the first thing through Piper’s mind is ‘shit’

- So Piper discusses this with Jason, he understands and they have a mutual breakup resulting in good friends

- Annabeth comes to Piper a few days later and brings up the fact that she can’t look at Percy and asks for help

- Piper tells her that Percy just went through all the same stuff she did and he will probably understand

- Percy does understand and says he feels the same way but didn’t want to hurt Annabeth

- They split up and though they know they won’t be friends immediately, they remember being twelve and hope they can be friends again eventually

- Annabeth and Piper spend a lot of time together since Annabeth doesn’t have Percy to lean on

- Annabeth starts to realize that Piper may be standing in for Percy in more ways than she thought

- Piper makes the first move but only after she notices a different sir of softness in Annabeths eyes when they’re together

- The first time they kiss is in an empty stall in the Pegasus stables (uninhabited and clean ofc)

This is a little angstier than I was hoping but, oh well! Hope you like em

Persephone: Roses are red, violets are blue…sunflowers are yellow…tulips come in all kinds of colors…daffodils are also yellow.
Apollo: Was that supposed to be a poem?
Persephone: No, I just like flowers.

Pet peeve: when people forget? That annabeth is dyslexic just like percy is?? She literally always has been. In the lightning thief grover literally has to tell her and percy both what the sign on medusa’s shop says because neither one of them can decipher the cursive letters. Come on guys just because she’s the child of athena doesn’t mean she’ll correct every spelling error percy has- most likely shes too busy figuring out the word herself, not proofreading him.

  • Critical Parent: i don't want my child reading rick riordan's books anymore because there's a gay couple in it and children shouldn't be exposed to that so early
  • Rick:
  • Rick: lmao anyways check out these lesbians who also happen to be raising a child

Percy ‘this shit wasn’t in the contract’ Jackson

Annabeth 'deadass fight me’ Chase

Grover 'my enCHILADAS’ Underwood

Jason 'fuck u and ur asshole ways’ Grace

Piper 'what do you mean I can’t do that’ McLean

Leo 'this is a bad time, I'ma make puns’ Valdez

Hazel 'didn’t come back to life for this’ Levesque

Frank 'lmao wait what’ Zhang

Reyna 'I could fukin kill you’ Ramirez-Arellano

Nico 'I have a doctors note’ Di Angelo

Will 'doctors orders’ Solace

Thalia 'what do you mean punk is dead’ Grace

Clarisse 'kys before I kill you’ La Rue

Travis 'u put the bombs on the wrong hill?’ Stoll

Connor 'don’t be an idiot’ Stoll

Meg 'it’s raining trash, hallelujah’ McCaffery

Apollo 'i cant believe zeus would ever’


  • Will: I like your pants
  • Nico: thanks they were 50% off
  • Will: i'd like them 100% off
  • Nico: the store can't just sell free stuff
  • Will: no that's not what I-
  • Nico: that's a terrible way to run a business, Will