Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Leo is the asshole that would totally take advantage of new campers’ naivety by setting himself on fire and screaming his head off and the new campers are like ???? Somebody help him?? And Piper of course is used to this and just sprays him with the hose before smacking him on the back of the head and dragging him away and the campers are just??? So confused????

124. During the quest to take the parthenos back to camp, they stopped shortly in London. There they were attacked by monsters not hidden by the mist, but before they could react, a knife sailed forward and stabbed one through the throat. The person who threw it was a 15yr male who went by the name Ashoka and, when asked if he was a demigod, he smirked and invited them to his house. Before they left, he kissed Nico on the cheek, saying death was his power. Reyna swore to not talk about it when Nico began dating Will.

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Kairos | Chapter Five

This chapter got stupidly long, so enjoy!

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Given the way his day has been going, he’s come to the conclusion that it’s “National Yell at Percy Day.” And if it’s not, it might as well be! Today has just been constant yelling. First with Percy screaming at the goddamn duck alarm—he’s going to kill the Stolls later, mark his words. He’s going to kill them and dump their bodies upstate. Grover will totally help him do it—followed by Grover screaming because Percy fucking bitch-slapped him with his fucking phone. Then, his coach was yelling because “blah, blah, blah, you’re supposed to be team captain, Jackson. Blah, blah, blah responsibility.” After that it was the pretty girl down by the river—but that was less yelling at him and more you-could-have-killed-me-asshole berating. And, of course, Chiron wasn’t really happy with him being almost fifteen minutes late to work, but he didn’t actually yell.

(Percy would have preferred him yelling over the disappointed sigh and light reprimand.)

And then—then he finally checked his phone. He’s settled in the shop. It was quiet. All was well. And then he noticed a voicemail from Juniper. And against his better judgment he listened to it.

He did not know that Juniper could scream that loudly or that she could use the word “fuck” six times in one sentence. He was also highly impressed with—and also very, very disturbed by—the amount of ways she could castrate him. Juniper is fucking scary as shit and he is never going to piss her off again.

Why are all the women in his life so damn terrifying? Like, his mom is all sweet, but she also may or may not be responsible for the disappearance of his former step-father—Percy’s afraid to ask what really happened seven years ago and she sure as hell isn’t telling him anything. Thalia is a black belt and he’s seen her flip a man over her head. Katie and Juniper are those super innocent looking people that could totally kill you. That girl by the river looked like she could snap his arm in half if she wanted, and that’s only a handful of the women in his life.

Anyway, the women in his life are all terrifying as fuck and everyone’s been yelling at him today even though he’s done absolutely nothing wrong. Nope, not a thing. He’s just Percy being Percy and everyone is pissed.

Like, the difficult customer he’s been dealing with for ten minutes now. Ten. Freaking. Minutes. If it wasn’t cold as fuck outside the ice cream would have melted by now. That’s kind of what Percy would like to do. Just melt into a giant blue puddle on the floor that someone else would have to clean up. Well, Travis would have to clean it up, considering he’s the only other person here at the moment. It’s only fair, considering it’s partly Travis’s fault he’s having a shitty day.

Percy wakes up to a motherfucking satanic goose and Travis gets to clean up a Percy sized puddle on the floor. Sounds fair.

Unfortunately, he can’t just melt into a puddle. Therefore, he does need to deal with this insufferable customer that can’t make up their damn mind and won’t listen to a word he says. What the fuck, is he talking to himself here? Are his lips flapping with no sound coming out? Do he accidentally press his own mute button? Hah! See, that’s funny because he doesn’t have a mute button!

Sometimes his friend’s wish he did, though.

Percy holds back a sigh as the younger boy—yeah don’t try to hide it kid, Percy knows he’s cutting class—shakes his head for the fiftieth time and purses his lips. If Percy smiles any longer, his face is going to be stuck in his customer service smile for the rest of his life.

“I’m sorry, dude,” the kid says. “I’m allergic to blueberries.” He shrugs half-heartedly, making a face at the cone of blue ice cream. The kid squints, looking at him like Percy’s asked him to eat a large, smelly boot instead of freaking vanilla ass ice cream—you know, what the kid fucking ordered.

Don’t call me dude, you’re like twelve, is what he wants to say. Actually there are a lot of things he wants to say, but none of them are appropriate for him to say to minors. Or customers. Or anyone really. His mom would wash his mouth with soap if she knew what he really wanted to say.

Instead, he says, “This isn’t blueberry.” He gives the kid a tense smile, repeating himself for the tenth damn time since he got the kid’s order. “It’s vanilla.” He’s only mostly lying. It’s not exactly vanilla, but it’s certainly not fucking blueberry. Who the hell would make blueberry ice cream?

Not for the first time, Percy curses Ben and Jerry.

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Will: Quit being hunched over all the time! You’ll get scoliosis!

Nico: wh- that’s not even how scoliosis works!

Will: Oh??? How would YOU know??? Are YOU a doctor???

things that could have been done with leo and frank’s relationship:

  1. understanding each other’s pain because they both lost their mothers whom they loved very much 
  2. leo immediately looking out for frank after finding out frank’s one weakness is fire
  3. leo being scared because he’s worried he’ll cause frank’s death the same way he caused his mother’s and as a result, always trying to gain frank’s trust 
  4. frank making sure leo doesn’t feel left out and always having his back bc he knows what it’s like to be the insignificant one and feel like you’ll never do anything great 
  5. fucking genuine friendship instead of a contrived love triangle no one wanted 

reasons why Percy makes a good Zero:

1. loyal friend
2. can’t read/spell very well at all
3. just wants to find his mom
4. will fight people for u
5. doesn’t actually talk that often
6. prone to shoveling people upside the head when they disrespect him