this is a post about nursey’s giant awkward crush on ransom
  • ransom asking nursey to pass over his phone so he can hook up some real music after Holster played Don’t Stop Believing twice in a row and having nursey throw it at his face in a panic
  • becoming so hyper-aware of his movements around ransom that he develops the grace of a ballerina and immediately falling on his ass when he’s gone
  •  jumping off the roof into a snowpile to offer ransom his seat in the reading room
  • promptly catching a wicked cold from laying in the snow and slapping ransom’s hand away from his face when ransom tries to check his temperature
  • deleting his save data and restarting pokemon moon when ransom casually mentions popplio is his fave starter
  • assuring ransom he can handle the peppersoup ransom brought back from toronto and dying on the floor
  • what
  • a
  • mess