Roblidon Fic Masterpost!!!

Since I’ve been out of the fic writing game for a bit, I’ve decided to make a masterpost of all my fics, for those that haven’t seen my stuff, or for those who would like to revisit some of my past works :) Enjoy! Also, please feel free to message me with any questions, comments, etc :)

(This is in order of popularity on my AO3)

Keepsakes - Egobang. Sexual tension, lingerie, non-canon mention of @keenveins Porn!Dan AU. (semi-smut) 2/2 Chapters

You Never Noticed - Egobang. Pet names, very short. My very first fic :’) (fluff) 1/1 Chapters

Sleepover - Egobang/Rubberdoop. Havin’ a nice lil sleepover, with cuddles and Lord of the Rings. (fluff) 1/1 Chapters

Ever So Gently - Rubberdoop. After secretly dating for awhile, Ross decides he wants to take things all the way. (semi-smut) 1/1 Chapters

Empty - Egobang. Arin hasn’t been feeling himself lately. Actually, he hasn’t been feeling much of anything. (ANGST, blood mention, drug mention, depression/dissociation mention. WORK IN PROGRESS) 3/? Chapters

Rainy Days, Warm Hearts - Egobang. Dan’s having a tough time, and Arin comes to the rescue. (Angst, depression, happy ending) 1/1 Chapters

What Were You Expecting - Rubberdoop. During a long car ride, Barry learns something interesting about Ross. (semi-smut, Big Dick!Ross) 1/1 Chapters

Just Peachy - Egobang. Arin and Dan go shopping for a new NSP video, and Arin’s outfit catches Dan’s attention. (fluff, lingerie, cross dressing)                 1/1 Chapters

Just What I Needed - Egobang. After Dan gets back from Austin, he gets terribly sick. Arin to the rescue! (fluff, Sick!Dan) 1/1 Chapters

Lilac Petals - Rubberdoop.  While trying to help him fix a problem in the kitchen, Barry finds out a surprising fact about Ross. (crossdressing!Ross, lingerie)   1/1 Chapters

Dirty Screen - Rubberbang (solo Ross).  The new Game Grumps Instagram video stirs up some old feelings in Ross. Old habits die hard. (masturbation, Fanboy!Ross) 1/1 Chapters

AYFSMN - Egobang. Arin is trying to play Dark Souls, but Dan would rather play a different kind of game. (teasing, grinding, Dan initiating)  1/1 Chapters

Come At Me Scrublord, I’m Sick - Rubberdoop.  Ross gets sick and Barry tries his best to help him feel better. (Sick!Ross)  1/1 Chapters

Bets - Rubberdoop.  Ross loves to make bets with Barry, and will try to win those bets at all costs. (first kiss)  1/1 Chapters

Little Red Dot - Rubberdoop.  Barry and Ross are setting up to record some episodes for Steam Train and Ross gets impatient.  1/1 Chapters

Something Crazy - Pepperjack (JACK READ THIS ON INSTAGRAM AND I DIED).  Jack gets drunk and decides the best thing to do is to call Vernon. (alcohol mention) Chapters 2/2

Dick Move, Bro - Egobang.  Arin decides to switch around Dan’s contacts in his phone. Dan doesn’t realize, and texts ‘Brian’ some information that he wouldn’t want Arin to know. (appxly 3 seconds of angst) Chapters 1/1

Late Morning - Razzashaw. A short exchange the morning after. Chapters 1/1

Thick Thighs - Ninjaraptor/Egobrian? (I actually don’t remember the ship name but it’s Arin/Brian). As the temperature starts to rise, so do Arin’s shorts. Brian takes notice. Chapters 1/1

Sweet Tooth - Rubberbrian.  Brian and Ross are in Florida on a business trip, and decide to make a quick trip to a candy shop that Dan told them about. (takes place in my dream candy shop. A sort of sequel to a ficlet @keenveins wrote for me during SIS) Chapters 1/1

Simple Gifts - Egoflapbang.  Dan has a few hours to himself, and decides to go buy a few little gifts. (lingerie, cross dressing) Chapters 1/1

Lost and Found - Rubberdoop.  Barry always comes into the office early. So when Ross gets there and can’t seem to find him, he knows that something must be up.

Warm and Fuzzy - Razzaraptor.  Some good ol’ fashioned cuddling.

Oh, and as an added ‘bonus’…



*the “don’t drink alcohol kiddos” announcement *Barry gets gayer after alcohol
*Ross gets gayer after alcohol
*everyone gets gayer after alcohol
*they pretended to have a JO circle and JO
*Ross pretending to jack off Barry
*Barry gets a boner
*Ryan and Barry pretend to compare boners
*Arin and Suzy in the doorframe yelling at them
*festive Ninja Brian
*Ross finally gets rhythm
*Ross’s hips
*jack clean shaven in the beginning
*how they broke a bunch of bottles trying to get a take right


Hey thanks to everyone for submitting!! (maybe ill do a stream sometime w just requests like these ohoho)

@axellenobody requested Dan and Barry in Kigurumis of their respective ghoul grumps species uwu

@tullulah-star requested Dan in the outfit w the Rush shirt! (w actual pictures of the outfit)

@supermachorainbows requested Dan in the absolutely ridiculous(adorable) 80s outfit lmao (with actual pics of the outfit)

@keenveins requested Pepperjack with Vernon in a requested outfit and Jack “in some plaid shirt, jeans and flip flops”

@drunksciencebros requested Ross in his fancy schmancy outfit (w actual pics of the outfit) AND FASHION IS WEIRD?? (I left out the bra thingy bc i had nO idea where to put it lmao sorry friend)

And an anon requested Arin in Helenas white swimsuit outfit in Dead or Alive 3 and??? I really hope this is it tbh; i searched on the wiki and nothing popped up. But on youtube, this is the outfit that popped up :0

Honestly? The 80′s Dan and Vernon in the Pepperjack pic were my favorite ones to do aaaaaa