Roblidon Fic Masterpost!!!

Since I’ve been out of the fic writing game for a bit, I’ve decided to make a masterpost of all my fics, for those that haven’t seen my stuff, or for those who would like to revisit some of my past works :) Enjoy! Also, please feel free to message me with any questions, comments, etc :)

(This is in order of popularity on my AO3)

Keepsakes - Egobang. Sexual tension, lingerie, non-canon mention of @keenveins Porn!Dan AU. (semi-smut) 2/2 Chapters

You Never Noticed - Egobang. Pet names, very short. My very first fic :’) (fluff) 1/1 Chapters

Sleepover - Egobang/Rubberdoop. Havin’ a nice lil sleepover, with cuddles and Lord of the Rings. (fluff) 1/1 Chapters

Ever So Gently - Rubberdoop. After secretly dating for awhile, Ross decides he wants to take things all the way. (semi-smut) 1/1 Chapters

Empty - Egobang. Arin hasn’t been feeling himself lately. Actually, he hasn’t been feeling much of anything. (ANGST, blood mention, drug mention, depression/dissociation mention. WORK IN PROGRESS) 3/? Chapters

Rainy Days, Warm Hearts - Egobang. Dan’s having a tough time, and Arin comes to the rescue. (Angst, depression, happy ending) 1/1 Chapters

What Were You Expecting - Rubberdoop. During a long car ride, Barry learns something interesting about Ross. (semi-smut, Big Dick!Ross) 1/1 Chapters

Just Peachy - Egobang. Arin and Dan go shopping for a new NSP video, and Arin’s outfit catches Dan’s attention. (fluff, lingerie, cross dressing)                 1/1 Chapters

Just What I Needed - Egobang. After Dan gets back from Austin, he gets terribly sick. Arin to the rescue! (fluff, Sick!Dan) 1/1 Chapters

Lilac Petals - Rubberdoop.  While trying to help him fix a problem in the kitchen, Barry finds out a surprising fact about Ross. (crossdressing!Ross, lingerie)   1/1 Chapters

Dirty Screen - Rubberbang (solo Ross).  The new Game Grumps Instagram video stirs up some old feelings in Ross. Old habits die hard. (masturbation, Fanboy!Ross) 1/1 Chapters

AYFSMN - Egobang. Arin is trying to play Dark Souls, but Dan would rather play a different kind of game. (teasing, grinding, Dan initiating)  1/1 Chapters

Come At Me Scrublord, I’m Sick - Rubberdoop.  Ross gets sick and Barry tries his best to help him feel better. (Sick!Ross)  1/1 Chapters

Bets - Rubberdoop.  Ross loves to make bets with Barry, and will try to win those bets at all costs. (first kiss)  1/1 Chapters

Little Red Dot - Rubberdoop.  Barry and Ross are setting up to record some episodes for Steam Train and Ross gets impatient.  1/1 Chapters

Something Crazy - Pepperjack (JACK READ THIS ON INSTAGRAM AND I DIED).  Jack gets drunk and decides the best thing to do is to call Vernon. (alcohol mention) Chapters 2/2

Dick Move, Bro - Egobang.  Arin decides to switch around Dan’s contacts in his phone. Dan doesn’t realize, and texts ‘Brian’ some information that he wouldn’t want Arin to know. (appxly 3 seconds of angst) Chapters 1/1

Late Morning - Razzashaw. A short exchange the morning after. Chapters 1/1

Thick Thighs - Ninjaraptor/Egobrian? (I actually don’t remember the ship name but it’s Arin/Brian). As the temperature starts to rise, so do Arin’s shorts. Brian takes notice. Chapters 1/1

Sweet Tooth - Rubberbrian.  Brian and Ross are in Florida on a business trip, and decide to make a quick trip to a candy shop that Dan told them about. (takes place in my dream candy shop. A sort of sequel to a ficlet @keenveins wrote for me during SIS) Chapters 1/1

Simple Gifts - Egoflapbang.  Dan has a few hours to himself, and decides to go buy a few little gifts. (lingerie, cross dressing) Chapters 1/1

Lost and Found - Rubberdoop.  Barry always comes into the office early. So when Ross gets there and can’t seem to find him, he knows that something must be up.

Warm and Fuzzy - Razzaraptor.  Some good ol’ fashioned cuddling.

Oh, and as an added ‘bonus’…



*the “don’t drink alcohol kiddos” announcement *Barry gets gayer after alcohol
*Ross gets gayer after alcohol
*everyone gets gayer after alcohol
*they pretended to have a JO circle and JO
*Ross pretending to jack off Barry
*Barry gets a boner
*Ryan and Barry pretend to compare boners
*Arin and Suzy in the doorframe yelling at them
*festive Ninja Brian
*Ross finally gets rhythm
*Ross’s hips
*jack clean shaven in the beginning
*how they broke a bunch of bottles trying to get a take right

So I’ve been looking for a gif with that scene for a while now and it was nowhere to be found so here it is, taste your own Creeplayerz.

also please appreciate Eli’s face when Steve throws the paper back. just look at Eli he’s so precious here