Hey thanks to everyone for submitting!! (maybe ill do a stream sometime w just requests like these ohoho)

@axellenobody requested Dan and Barry in Kigurumis of their respective ghoul grumps species uwu

@tullulah-star requested Dan in the outfit w the Rush shirt! (w actual pictures of the outfit)

@supermachorainbows requested Dan in the absolutely ridiculous(adorable) 80s outfit lmao (with actual pics of the outfit)

@keenveins requested Pepperjack with Vernon in a requested outfit and Jack “in some plaid shirt, jeans and flip flops”

@drunksciencebros requested Ross in his fancy schmancy outfit (w actual pics of the outfit) AND FASHION IS WEIRD?? (I left out the bra thingy bc i had nO idea where to put it lmao sorry friend)

And an anon requested Arin in Helenas white swimsuit outfit in Dead or Alive 3 and??? I really hope this is it tbh; i searched on the wiki and nothing popped up. But on youtube, this is the outfit that popped up :0

Honestly? The 80′s Dan and Vernon in the Pepperjack pic were my favorite ones to do aaaaaa

9 Vegan DIYs You'll Want to Try This Year

1. Coconut Whipped Cream

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2. Vegan Pepperjack Cheese

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3. Almond Milk

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4. Vegan Nacho Cheese Slices


5. Simple Cultured Cashew Cream Cheese

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6. Vegan Parmesan Cheese

This recipe is super easy!

7. Vegan Green Chili Queso

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8. The Best Damn Vegan Sour Cream

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9. Green Goddess Gouda

Grilled cheese, here we come! Recipe.

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Jack the intern reading @roblidon‘s Pepperjack fic