Pepper made a thing

It's Tony

It’s been two hours since the surgery had started and Rhodes couldn’t help worrying about his best friend, the last time Tone was in a surgery was in Afghanistan and he knew how that affected Tony, by his side there was Pepper and that made things better. “He’s is gonna me simply because he’s too stubborn.” He told Pepper. @ariannawilson6812

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Pepper is adorable and I made a small fan thing for you. I'm not sure how to share it though, am I just failing to find an submission box or is there none?


I just opened my submission box!

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M!A Zaveid now wears Inui's glasses and acts like him for a day! Have fun!

(✣)- “ Dezel you have been slacking a lot. Your aiming is 3 cm to the left instead of the center and your speed is slow compared to mine. We are going to start trianing”

(✤) - “ I don’t need training”

(✣)- “ If you don’t train , I’m going to give you this” Places red juice on the table “ I call this , Efreet punch”


(✣)- “  If you don’t train , Im going to pour it in your mouth when you don’t notice”

Second thing I made was Lemon and Pepper Chicken! 😋 I’ll be pairing this with spinach salad, asparagus, or green beans during the week. Recipe-
•Boneless, skinless chicken breast (I made four)
•Lemon and Pepper seasoning
•Lemon slices
•Coconut oil

•Thaw chicken breast in fridge one day before use
•Heat pan to medium
•Melt a little coconut oil on the pan
•Sprinkle both sides of the chicken breasts with the seasoning
•Put the chicken on the pan and put lemon slices on top
•Cover the pan, flip chicken halfway through •Cook until there isn’t any pink in the center!

The last thing I made today was roasted sweet potatoes. The recipe is here ->

I wasn’t able to make everything I wanted to today because I got hit with intense pain. So tomorrow I’ll be finishing up my meal prep for the week! 🍴


@NightValeRadio wishes + the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Hawkeye + @NightValeRadio’s “Bird Facts”

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@NightValeRadio + Guardians of the Galaxy

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