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I love how our media reacts to Pepper and Tony’s engagement, like they’re actual real life celebrity couple, 

imagine actually living in the mcu lmao it’s gonna be like the royal wedding, the engagement of the century and it’s probably gonna be all you’ll hear about for the next few weeks 

gotham spoilers s4e1: ivy and oswald

alright i’m making this post bc it seems like not a lot of people have addressed this

i do not think ivy meant to do long-term harm to oswald or ruin his reputation.

a lot of people forget that despite looking like a full grown woman, she’s still like 14 years old mentally. teenagers can be very irrational, they hold grudges and do stupid shit (literally look at any high school drama to prove my point).

she was annoyed at how oswald treated her earlier in the episode, and it was probably built up with recent events, with oswald being super busy and frustrated. he just wanted some alone time to sort his thoughts and get his feelings out by ‘talking’ with frozen ed, and when she interrupted him of course he’s gonna say some shit bc he’s oswald and also has a very short temper. it’s obvious that ivy sees him in a ‘big brother’ kind of light, and we saw that even when they first met she absolutely hated when oswald got snippy with her and just wanted him to like her.

and also, what ivy did wasn’t inherently super bad. she turned the power off, big whup. i don’t think she fully realized the gravity of the situation and couldn’t predict the fuckin shootout that it caused, nor oswald getting sprayed with the fear toxin. she probably just figured it would leave everybody confused, ruin the party, maybe cause a scuffle.

but all in all, i really don’t think ivy’s turning on oswald. she’s a very emotion driven person and a teenager that will hold grudges and do petty shit to get back at people, especially someone like a sibling.

i’m not saying what she did was okay, for her or the writers, but i don’t think it will completely ruin the dynamic her and oswald have built.

the freak family’s still okay.

“Now and then we really turn each other on with a bit of song” John remarks “The way we wrote a lot of the time, you’d write the good bit, the part that was easy, like ‘I read the news today’ or whatever it was, then when you got stuck or whenever it got hard, instead of carrying on, you just drop it; then we would meet each other, and I would sing half, and he would be inspired to write the next bit and vice versa.” A day in the life showed how they could enter the same room, but from different doors. The fragment John led on looked with amazement and abstraction on the events of everyday life; Paul’s looked directly at everyday life until amazement and abstraction struck like a blow.
—  Powers of Two - Joshua Wolf Shenk
Pepper Potts

So another mod on @bitterfriends made a post about Pepper and Tony’s relationships, but I also have feelings so I thought I’d make my own. 

The biggest thing for me is you can not have a healthy balanced relationship when one person is seen as having to ‘put up’ with the other character. Pepper ‘puts up’ with Tony, that’s how he describes their relationship, and that’s not healthy someone you love shouldn’t be tolerating your personality because they ‘love’ you. If they’re forced to tolerate your personality they don’t really love you.

The other problem I have is how Pepper reacts to Tony trying to do the right thing. She and Rhodey (although that’s another post entirely) both are disapproving and dismissive of his reaction to Afghanistan. She didn’t support him wanting to shut down weapons production, instead agreeing with Obidiah about the affect on the stocks. 

She can’t live with his trauma, which is fine. Some people can’t deal with dating a person who’s going through something like PTSD. If she couldn’t handle it than that’s okay, but she can not ask Tony to just stop being traumatized. She can’t ask him to abandon his coping method, building suits. She can’t ask him to stop doing something that makes him feel good about himself, being Ironman.

Basically, I can accept that she can’t handle his trauma, I can’t accept that she basically demands he stops being traumatized. Someone else’s trauma should not be canon fodder in your arguments against them. 

I love Pepper as a character but her relationship with Tony is unhealthy. 

for @queenyavengers

istealurfrenchfries  asked:

So, I know you've been super supportive of people making fanart, but what about writing? Would you be interested in one-shot-ish stuff about the comics submitted, or would you rather us not? Just curious. I love what you guys are doing!

We love that you are inspired by our blog!! We would love you forever if you made fanart and fics based on it :,,)
- Mod Pepper

TOM MILSOM / hexachordal sexual abuse/manipulation

Here’s the post Olga made about Tom Milsom. And another. Third.
Hank and John Green talking about Tom.
Melissa Anelli’s post about Tom.
TomSka talking about this whole situation. 
Tom writing on twitter.
Alan about Tom and donating to RAINN.
In this video, from a year ago, at the 35 minute mark, a guy called Joe who made videos in 2008/9 talks about Tom Milsom acting inappropriately when Joe was 14/15 and Tom was 20.

Here is a post about how both Alex Day and Tom Milsom were friends with Jonathan King. King has committed sexual offenses against minors. 


MIKE LOMBARDO / MikeLombardoMusic sexual abuse/arrested and convicted of child pornography

Hayley G. Hovers post about Mike Lombardo.
Morgan’s post about Mike.
Hank and John Green posting about Mike.
Meg’s post about Mike.
Savannah’s post about Mike.

Savannah shared her experience with Mike in a video.
Morgan made a video showing a “real view of how triggering all of this can be”.


ALEX DAY / nerimon sexual manipulation/coercion. Emotional manipulation.

First Anonymous person talking about Alex.
Second Anonymous person reblogging the first person.
Third Anonymous person talking about Alex.
Damien coming forward about Alex.
Tikken talking about her former relationship with Alex. And here.
Lex talking about Alex. and another post.
Lindsey talking about Alex. Also here and here.
Louise talking about Alex.
Kerri's post about Alex and unnamed Canadian YouTuber. 
Tove’s post about Alex and unnamed British YouTuber.
Anonymous underage person talking about Alex.
Hanna talking about Alex.
Bree Essrig talking about meeting Alex Day and Sam Pepper.
Beckii’s answered an ask, talking about Alex.

Alex Day defending himself.
“I don’t know about anyone else but when I read Alex’s post it seemed (as Marina would say) hella manipulative. From what I’ve gathered he knows what to say and when to say it which is how all of this started.” (x)

First Anonymous person responding to Alex’s defense-post. 
Second Anonymous person responding to Alex’s post: [ONE] - [TWO] 
Hank Green talking about Alex Day.

Alex Day realizing he was wrong. Then read this! And this!!

Lindsey responding to Alex’s second post realizing he was wrong. 
Carrie writes on twitter. Responds to a post. Tumblr post.
Charlie McDonnell about Alex Day.

The Wiki-page about Alex is not updated. Continuing the discussion. 
The Wikipedia page is now updated. 

Carrie has been seen hanging out with Alex. Her response.
Alex has been ‘reaching out’ to (teenage, female) friends.
His book deal might be cancelled. 

Alex defending himself on facebook.
Alex writing on reddit. A photo of him in Camden. x.
Alex commenting on Ed’s video defending Ed.
Sarah, Kristina and Whitney about Alex Day, Alex Carpenter and Luke Conard.

Alex is active in a Doctor Who forum.
Alex is active on BitTorrent selling his music.

YouTube: Alex uploaded an unlisted video in May. Read what it’s about here.

YouTube: Alex Day uploaded a new video “The Past”. Here is a transcript of the video. Here is a reupload of that video to another site.
Here is a video Neafcy made in response to Alex’s.
A tumblr post MarinaShutUp wrote about the video.
Another comment on the video.

Here is a post about how both Alex Day and Tom Milsom were friends with Jonathan King. King has committed sexual offenses against minors. 

YouTube: Alex Day is still active on YouTube, however we are not going to add any more links to transcripts/reuploads/posts about this here. Instead look through the tag “Alex Day video” or this post.

(A blog that has reblogged most posts about Alex Day)


ED BLANN / eddplant sexual abuse

A post about Ed.  
Eddplant’s post about “the past 24 hours…”. 

YouTube: Ed uploaded a new video on the 6th of June 2014, singing a song called “Inhuman Nature”. I am not going to link the video since I DO NOT encourage you to watch it. Don’t show your support for him in anyway.

Video: Morgan’s video about Ed returning. (It also has the lyrics in the description if you’re curious of what he’s singing about).
Liam’s thoughts on Ed’s video.
Lex’s thoughts on Ed returning to YouTube.

Ed has returned to twitter.

YouTube: Ed uploaded a second video. (transcript of it)
Alex Day commenting on Ed’s second video.

Ed made a statement on his website saying that the police are no longer investigating things and that he’s innocent. He is intending to continue sharing his music online. 


TOM McLEAN / frezned sexual manipulation

Frezned (Tom McLean) being accused. 

He hasn’t acknowledged the accusations against him.


JOSH MACEDO / confusedtree sexual coercion 

One article about Josh Macedo.
And another masterpost about him.



One post about Kelly Montoya.


DANNY HOOPER / danmann44 sexual coercion 

Danny Hooper being accused by Laura. Laura reblogging her post.
Another post about Danny by goshpenny.
UPDATED: An anonymous ask about Danny.
A video of Danny inventing a new sopio card.

Danny is now back on twitter after a 3 month silence. 


ALEX CARPENTER / AlexanderCarpenter sexual manipulation/abuse

Rosi talking about Alex Carpenter. 
Sarah Snitch talking about Alex Carpenter. 
Scrabblized’s post about Alex Carpenter.
Llouteasdale's post about Alex.
Halliedarling’s post about Alex.
Sunny Williams’ post about Alex. 
Jenn Hammond’s post about Alex and the Wizard Rock Community.
Emma’s post about Alex.
Kellelucas’s post about Alex.

Sarah, Kristina and Whitney about Alex Day, Alex Carpenter and Luke Conard.
Whitney Lynn’s post which mentions Alex Carpenter, Luke Conard and Corey Vidal. 

Sarah has been receiving anonymous messages from Alex, but he accidentally sent this one off-anon. 


ADAM ROACH / TheGearsKeepTurning cheated in relationships/manipulative behaviour

A post about TheGearsKeepTurning by Elizabeth. This post reblogged. Elizabeth’s friend confirming her post.
A post about Adam (thegearskeepturning) by Alice.
Beccy’s post about Adam.
Maria’s post about Adam.
Rumlittleskallywag’s post about Adam.
Cass’ post about Adam.
Another (short but still important) post about Adam by hodor-kingofwesteros.

And here is a masterpost about The GearsKeepTurning with all the links above and some more comments.


LUKE CONARD / lukeconard abuse/manipulation 

Kristina Horner writing about Luke Conard and Alex Day.
Whitney Milam’s post about Alex Carpenter and Luke Conard. Then Rachel Kiley continuing and writing about Luke.

Luke Conard apologizing. But then please read this!
Luke realizing his first apology was terrible and attempting to write a new one. And then read this!

Sarah, Kristina and Whitney about Alex Day, Alex Carpenter and Luke Conard. read this!
Whitney Lynn’s post which mentions Alex Carpenter, Luke Conard and Corey Vidal. 

Luke has since the allegations came out about him, uploaded new video/s. Instead of adding links to every video in this post we will reblog posts about this to the tag ‘Luke Conard video’.


COREY VIDAL / ApprenticeA sexual manipulation

Shannon Antilles writing about Corey Vidal. 
Corey saying he’s going to make a video about this.
Corey says (again but in a longer post) that he’s going to make a video.
UPDATED: Corey briefly talking about the accusations against him in a 2.5 h video.

Corey made a tumblr post apologizing. 
Corey made a video, explaining how he was molested as a child.

My Story - Corey Vidal | by kerrisvideo

Whitney Lynn’s post which mentions Alex Carpenter, Luke Conard and Corey Vidal. 
Corey wrote a response to this post.


TRAVIS NEUMEYER / WhatTravisSays sexual/emotional abuse, particularly surrounding nudes

Carson’s post about WhatTravisSays.
Carson’s conversation with Travis. (tw incest & pedophilia)
Fizzylimon’s post about Travis. This post reblogged.
Reyna Villa writes. And here.
Emily’s post about Travis. 
Nora’s conversation with Travis.
An anonymous ask about what Travis.



A masterpost about him and his former relationships. 
Another masterpost about Gregory.



Shawn writes about Stephen Purcell.


BRYON BEAUBIEN / Psyguy / BitPolar / BitPolarGame

A masterpost about Psy.
Him trying to apologize. 

Here is a blog calling him out. Also note that he’s active online under the username BitPolar on YouTube and BitPolarGame on Twitter.


HARRY GILLIATT / TheHazBeckShow / Hard G manipulation

Harry saying he will no longer be on the internet.
Bekn writing a letter about their band seaqueens.
Bekn continuing to explaining that their band has split up.
Vincent writing about Harry. And here.
notsasha’s post about Harry.
notquiteluke’s post.
kirst’s post about Harry.
Fox’s post about Harry leaving the internet. 
Pepper’s post about Harry.
Nick’s post about Harry.
Fluoxiteen’s post about Harry.


RICKY RICHARDS / RickyRichardstv abuse

Sammi (beautycrush) and Ricky was in an abusive relationship and then broke up.
My break up story by RickyRichardstv.
Domestic Abuse by TheSammiMariaShow.


SAM PEPPER / OFFICIALsampepper manipulation, assult, problematic content creator

Video: A Cautionary Tale | thisbedottie. Comments on this video saying similar things happened to them.
Video: Sam Pepper - The Real “Reveal” (Warning: Explicit Content). and a tumblr post related to the video. And another tumblr post with evidence.
Sam Pepper asking for nude photos.
Sam asking another person for photos.
Shirley’s tumblr post “I was sexually assaulted by Sam Pepper”.
Neesey’s video about her interactions with Sam.
Tianna’s post about Sam supporting the anonymous video.
Jack Payne who worked for Sam Pepper share his experiences.
Sam Pepper doesn’t understand the word no. (explicit) by Anonymous.
My Personal Experience with Sam Pepper by Annie.
Another anonymous post about Sam.
Bree Essrig talking about meeting Sam Pepper and Alex Day.
Marina made a video about Sam.
Another post about Sam.
Musical Betahn wrote on twitter about Sam Pepper.

Video: Laci Green summarize the situation, talk about other similar YouTubers and more. WATCH THIS!
Laci was aslo threatened by Sam. 

Sam Pepper is still active on snapchat. He’s on twitter and he’s also made a new Instagram account.
Sam has also uploaded video/s since the allegations came out about him. Instead of adding links to all of these videos here we will reblog posts about this to the tag 'Sam Pepper Video’. 


JASON SANSOME / VeeOneEye inappropriate contact, nudes from underage girls, attempts at coercion

Aniamags’ video about Jason.
An anonymous, written tumblr post about Jason. 
A second anonymous post about Jason on tumblr.
Kali’s tweet about her interaction with Jason.
Annie’s post about her experiences with Jason. And her writing on twitter that he that he talked to her 2 weeks ago. Here is their conversation from snapchat.
Jason asking Alessandra for nudes.
Hannah’s experience with Jason. 
Jodie’s video about Jason.
An anonymous tumblr post about Jason.
Lauren has poster her conversation with Jason on twitter. Part 1. Part 2. AND here is a video Lauren’s friend made talking about Lauren’s incident and her own (with a non-youtuber). The friend, Ellis, she went to the police and her case is going to court. This is a very good video to watch!
Another anonymous post about Jason.
And another anonymous post about Jason. Note that the only last paragraphs are about him.
Another post about Jason from someone who knew him before YouTube.
Updated: Camille wrote a post about the inappropriate DM’s she was sent over Twitter. 

Jason has posted a video trying to cover up what he’s done and make himself look better. This video was originally unlisted and sent to Ania Mags in a tweet. But he has deleted the tweet and made the video private. Here is a reupload of the video.
George sharing his opinion/thoughts on Jason’s apology and Ania’s video.
Ania’s written response to Jason’s “apology”. She also has screen caps of other stories regarding Jason in this post.

Video: Evan Edinger’s talks about how he earlier confronted Jason about these rumors and Jason lied about it.

Jason is active on twitter and has deleted the tweet he sent Ania with the link to his unlisted Apology video.
Jason is active on snapchat.  And he’s on twitter.

YouTube: Jason made a video about his new tattoo, “Remember why you’re alive”. Here is a reupload of it. Here is a transcript. 


NEIL JOHNSON / love-and-confessions / banananeil 

Eden’s post about Neil.
Sophie’s post about Neil.
Zoe had a similar experience with Neil when she was 14. She wrote on twitter.
Jenny’s post about Neil.

Neil writing an apology.

Sophie wrote a second post about Neil.
Eden replying to Sophies post.

Neil’s girlfriend Rachel writes an open letter.



Kristina has written a post about Destery.



UPDATED: Lauren who previously wrote an anonymous post about Jeremy has now decided to not be anonymous anymore. 


PAUL PARKER / PaulsJournal harassment and stalking

Elsi made a video explaining how Paul sexually harassed her.
Paul responding to Elsi’s video.

Emma Blackery left a comment on Elsi’s video explaining he staled her.

Elsi made a tumblr post continuing to explain what happened.



Shelley writes about her conversations with Daniel Glover.


ALEX GOOT / gootmusic

Here is an anonymous post about Alex Goot.


PAUL SYKES / YogscastSjin

Some time ago Paul Sykes tried to get underaged/young girls to send him nudes via Facebook and Skype. People speaking up about this were scared away and blamed by fans. But the person who made this blog still has some screenshots and similar reblogged. 

Here is another blog about this.


LEWIS PARER / iLewis95 
MIKE JAROSZCZAK / mjerrytv / xitsmike

dannytake2’s post about being harassed by Lewis and Mike.
Lewis defending himself.
Danny responding to Lewis.


KARIM SLIMANI / karimabridged manipulation, asking underage girls for nudes, inappropriate contact

Abi (@corruptedlungs) tweeting about Karim asking for nude photographs.
Courtney-Leigh (@cutiecutforth) tweeting about how they used to have 'flirty’/inappropriate conversations when she was 15.
@pixiedvst writing about her experiences with Karim.
BriBry tweets about how he believed Karim to be asexual.
Dodie Clark saying that Karim lied to her (presumably when confronted)
Hannah Witton saying Karim has gone to LA - we assume it was to see Jason (veeoneeye).
Dodie Clark saying that 'there is more to come’ regarding Karim’s actions
Karim denies the posts made about him saying they are 'bullshit rumours’ in this tweet .
Karim continues to deny alogations about him here and here.
Dodie Clark has made a video on her experiences with Karim.
Karim continues to deny allogations against him. 



Danny (DanIVlog) confronting Luke on the phone about the allegations 
Isabelle Coffins about her experience with Luke
Ash about Luke abusing her, part 1 and part 2


RYAN O'CONNOR / PleasantRyan emotional manipulation

Three different anonymous sources has contacted us, explaining how Ryan has shown manipulative behavior. 
A post related to this.

An anonymous post about Ryan.

Ryan is active with new accounts on Vimeo and Twitter.


CURTIS LEPORE / CurtisLepore rape

A vine user who also uploads his vines to YouTube. He raped his ex JessiSmiles when she was sleeping.

An ask explaining what’s happened and linking to articles.
A video Jessi made on the topic.


CRAIG DILLON / craigtdillon accused of rape

A video from Tate Wolverson about his experiences with Craig.
A video by Jamie Pine about his experiences with Craig.
MikeJerry’s video about Craig. And a longer tweet about it.
DrewIsSharing’s video about Craig.
FelixxMackky tweeted about his experience with Craig.
An tumblr post about Craig by everythingmakesmenerv0us.
Ben Cook’s friend sent Ben his experiences with Craig.
An anonymous tumblr post about Craig.

Craig’s tweet in response. 
Craig made a video 'The Truth’ arguing that he didn’t rape Tate. Note that all the comments beneath the video are by people believing and forgiving him. Here’s a comment Ben Cook wrote.

Craig claiming he didn’t rape Mike.

TenEighty article saying that Craig Dillon having a lawyer is a false claim 

A video by Craig saying he was completely cleared by police of these accusations. An article by The Independent on this matter


ROB COSH / ShmoNerd

An anonymous source has contacted us explaining how he manipulated them and was sexually inappropriate. They also know of another person in the community who he has manipulated. 


BEAU BROOKS / Janoskians
JAI BROOKS / Janoskians
LUKE BROOKS / Janoskians
JAMES YAMMOUNI / Janoskians 

Here is an anonymous post about James and Luke.
Here is a blog with a lot more anonymous stories about the members.

(As I’ve understood more people have come forward to talk about their experience with these people earlier, but have taken a step back when people didn’t listen and believe them).



Theo’s post about Daniel.
Daniel’s response. 
Theo responding to his response. 


JAKE MACELFRESH / PureNoiseRecs / frontporchstepofficial nudes from underage girls

Jake asking a 13 year old for nudes.
Elaine’s experience with Jake.
An added comment explaining that he did this to another person as well.
And another comment. 
Yet another comment.
And here.
And one more.
And the last one I could find.
Messages which Jake sent. (the original post where they’re from has been deleted, it seems like).
A screenshot of a misogynistic post he wrote on facebook.
Another screenshot of an ask explaining how Jake leaked nudes of someone’s friend, and more. 




A petition to remove Austin off Warped Tour, summarizing the situation.  

Emma posting messages from Austin on Twitter. 
Taylor posting messages from Austin on Twitter. 
Lauren posting messages from Austin on Twitter. 
Sara writing about Austin on Twitter. 
Alayna posting messages from Austin on Twitter. 

Taylor Tanguay’s video about Austin. 10 maj
Shortstuffsteph2’s video about Austin. 10 maj
Hannah Herureiza’s video about Austin. 11 maj
Cassandra La Plante’s video about Austin. 12 may

Austin’s video defending himself. 


Liam Dryden talking about what to do now.
Hank Green talking about what has happened.
Lucy talking about what’s happened and speaking up.
Marueen Johnson wrote a post.
Summer in the City addressing safety. 

A Probation Officer that goes into detail about how offenders see their actions and the way they use language.
An open letter to YouTube about all of this. (read this)

YouTubeSpeaks, a tumblr demanding discussion by popular YouTubers.
Women of KWMC, a support group for survivors on tumblr and twitter.

Unsubscribe together - A one click unsubscribe button to all youtube abusers.


Victim blaming is wrong. 
If you’re a survivor of sexual assault or abuse, you can get help through RAINN, a great organization. International help.
7CupsOfTea - an anonymous chatroom to talk to volunteers about problems, issues or feelings.

Educate yourself on what CONSENT means.
What to do if you suspect your friend is a sexual abuser. 

Video: Lex made a video about what CONSENT means.
Video: Hank Green made a video about CONSENT.
Video: The Science and Dangers of YouTube Celebrity.
Video: TomSka’s Guide to Gatherings.
Video: Charlie McDonnell: Sex & Consent.
VideoBryarly Bisop: We Are Edited.
Video: Laci Green: Consent 101.
Video: Jack and Dean: Consent (song).

Video: Lidsey: What is Emotional Abuse?

Video: YouTuve Abuse Recovery | Ann McGavin (thegeekyblonde). 
Video: Sexual Abuse on YouTube | Pottermoosh. 
Video: Tell Someone | abb3rz07.
Video: Wrongdoings and Growth in Our Community | Teryn Gray.
Video: UNDERAGE SEX & CONSENT | hayleyghoover

Video: Women on YouTube Panel at VidCon 2014

Video: Marinashutup’s video on the topic.
Video: GaryC’s video on the topic.

How to Treat YouTube Abuse Survivors by JustMargaret.

 "Don’t let anyone else influence your opinions: make an effort to educate yourself on the matter and decide how you feel on your own.“ - Lindsey.


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Okay, if we didn’t already know that Sam Pepper was the dick cheese of society his new video is literally of him kidnapping two viners, one of whom was in on the joke, and tying them up, the pretending to KILL one of them as the other one SOBS HYSTERICALLY
I literally cannot conceive how fucked up you would have to be to go through with something this sick but the video is painful to watch
My favorite part of this oh so funny joke is when the guy screams “no! He’s all I have!” Real funny Sam. Hilarious
You sick fucking bastard.

lotsofthinkythoughts  asked:

For the title thing: Broken Pieces (or, Mosaics and Other Art)

Pepper had never really found mosaics to be particularly beautiful.

She could appreciate the time and effort that went into the works, to be sure. But she had always wanted to build something new, something better, not take the scraps and broken pieces of something old and ruined to make a facsimile of what had come before. 

To make a mosaic, you had to break something first. And Pepper did not want to be in the business of breaking things.

But when she watched Tony around Stark Industries, she understood it. He would never be quite the same man she knew before Iron Man, nor would he be the same man she dated before New York, nor would he be the same man she walked away from after Ultron. The events of the past nine years had broken each of those Tonys she had known before, but he took those pieces and built something still recognizable, and yet still so different.

Maybe it was a little rough around the edges, and maybe the fracture lines were visible sometimes. The pieces didn’t always match each other, and sometimes the sharp pieces would leave scrapes behind. But Tony had taken all his many pieces and made something beautiful.

And Pepper was ready to join him.

(aka the post-civil war pepperony reunion i so desperately need)

[send me a made-up fic title]

whaa-seb-stan  asked:

Mechanic!Bucky who looks tough & brooding with his long hair falling messy (when it's not up in a bun when he's under a car) & seldom says anything but always carries a book around & florist!Tony finds out that Bucky presses flowers into books in his spare time. So Tony always delivers a bouquet of the most beautiful (& sometimes rare, therefore expensive) flowers to the workshop to, "liven up the place, Rogers!" & Tony smiles when he swings by later & there's a bloom or two missing.

also, i love your blog <3 

Hellosies, @whaa-seb-stan, Thank you for the love, honey! I know I’m late with the delivery but I hope you like it. 

Gardening had been Jarvis’s thing. Something that was too gentle for someone like Tony, but Jarvis had been a patient man and taught Tony about the meaning of flowers, about their hidden language. He was 9, and about to be shipped out to boarding school, when he saw the beautifully arranged bouquet adorning the foyer of the mansion -since Howard couldn’t care for such trivialities, he never learned the language,- petals that screamed contempt, anger and resentment; a big, bold and beautiful fuck you, tailored for his father.

When questioned about his love for flowers, Tony recalls that memory, Jarvis’s rage going uncontested, unquestioned.

So when his life went to shit with Obie-Gate happened and having surpassed his father in the technology front, and because he wasn’t one for passive-aggressive messages; Tony founded Resilient after severing weapons manufacturing and opened a flower shop. The media circus his post-captivity choices ignited still made Pepper shudder and glare. She was a champion, and an amazing CEO, so with his tech based company in good hands; Tony, logically, became a florist.

At first it was a way to help with the trauma, and honestly, using Rhodey as his flower crowns’ model had been the best thing ever but his best friend eventually got fed up and ordered him to get another human mannequin for to use as a flower pot display, yet asked him for the right flowers to ask someone out without being a cliché schmuck; Tony filled his flower portfolio and his honeybear got a girlfriend. A month later he opened “Little Pricks”.

But even if his new calling hadn’t been the booming success that it is (suck it, Fox News!) Tony had found a nice little niche in New York, full of interesting folks, like Natasha and Clint with their coffee shop “What Brews in Budapest”, Thor from “Asgardian Ink” and the mechanics from “Howlie’s”. One, to be specific; Sir Bucky -Broods-a-lot- Barnes.

The subject of Tony’s inspiration for the better part of a year now, Bucky was Army vet, who -according to Steve (also a veteran, tattoo artist, best friend and primary source)- had a knack for anything with an engine, and when he wasn’t working on restoring classics -with his long hair in a man-bun- could be seen devouring books around the shop. The most interesting bit was, Bucky liked to use flowers as bookmarks.

Nat made a remark about how a bloom of Purple Crocus disappeared from an arrangement Tony’d brought into the shop that same day. Tony became more observant of the arrangements and bouquets he delivered for his newly acquired friends from them on, lo and behold flowers kept vanishing: from Zinnias, Freesias and Blue Tulips to Baby’s breath, Hyacinths, Irises and Nasturtiums.

“Liven up the place, Rogers!” Tony shouts, even though the shop is deserted, it’s mere coincidence that Bucky is present and Tony will admit to nothing else, Steve looks at him with a knowing stare. “You people can do with more color in here.”

“Tony,” Looks like Steve is trying his best to stifle his laughter and his expression ends up being Judgy-disapprovement. Bucky still has his nose buried in his book with his lovely hair doing a great job at hiding his face. Urgh, Tony can’t. Too gorgeous! “I work across the street, I’m sure you remember, you know, the tattoo shop.”

Tony scrunches his nose and rolls his eyes, “So what, now I can only give you flowers? I’m gonna tattle to Nat.”

There’s a huff that can pass as amusement and Tony turns to the subject of his sighing. He catches the brief flash of blue eyes before Bucky’s face is once more hidden from him.

“Can you believe this guy, Bucky-bear?” That startles the man into straightening in his chair. “He thinks he’s all that special.”

“That’s Stevie for you; special, special snowflake.” Bucky gruffs, and Tony doesn’t miss how he glances at the flowers. Mentally, he’s strutting like a peacock because Bucky not only had talk to him but he was looking at the flowers. “He’s a punk, glad you noticed.”

“Takes one to know one, you jerk.” Steve pipes up and Tony uses that opening to excuse himself.

“Well, boys I must leave,” He regrets his words as soon as he says them because Bucky frowns and hides his face away. Fucking shame, really. “I was promised a looksee at an engine I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a while. See you around.”

He books it for Dum Dum’s side of the shop and then bemoans his stupid mouth to an unsympathetic Nat and Clint, because they were assholes but they brewed mean coffee and at least they listen to him.


A few days later, after closing for the day, he heads to Howlie’s ready to get his hands dirty; first thing he notices how the Aster buds are gone and there is a suspicious stem peaking out from a hardcover on a crate. Tony smiles, giddy and if there’s a pep in his step, none of the Commando’s are the wiser.

With Resilient’s latest launch; a new line of prosthetics, another source of clean energy and a new Stark patented phone dubbed “Iron Man”, Tony proposed the event be hosted in Stark Expo Fashion on the Avengers block, and with Pepper’s approval it was a done deal.

Tony continued to be subtle as a brick with the flowers and Bucky kept growing his collection of pressed petals, they still hardly talk but with the messages Tony was shouting through floral bouquets he wondered how the other man wasn’t knocking down on his door, demanding an explanation.

It came to a head with what ended up being a Festival, and even though he was a bit harried with decoration and last minute tweaks in the schedule, Tony made sure to have his coup de grâce ready; according to Rhodey, Carol, Pepper and even his part time employee Kamala this was too much of a bold move not to be noticed by Tony’s crush.

“You’re using Chocolate Cosmos, I don’t know how you got a hold of those and honestly I don’t want to,” Rhodey shook his head at how gone Tony was on this Bucky guy, but he knew those were some very rare blossoms on the flower crown Tony kept looking at like it was a beacon of enlightenment and hope.

“Well Sour Patch, Jade Vine didn’t seem dedicated enough.”

“Also it would have clashed horribly with your Red Tulips.” Rhodey mused, because Tony loved him but he was an ass.

Tony huffed like a spurned cat and turned to look at his love letter to Bucky; the Jonquil and Forsythia sparse underneath the Tulips, weaved with Oleanders with some Spider sneaked in and Camellias, Indian Jasmine. If nothing else comes from this, at least Bucky will have a nice and fragrant crown full of love notes.

The Festival on Avenger’s block was in full swing and even the hipsters from “Knowhere Guardians” joined in the party; their resident hippie, Groot was dragged away by the steampunked shorty named Rocket with the promise of coming over with some rare buds and seeds he’d acquired on his globetrotting.  He saw Steve with his wife Peggy, trying and only sort of failing at dancing, Nat and Clint having a fun time selling their baked stuff and rolling their eyes at the outrageous coffee requests, he spied Bruce and Jane competing for best bartender with a PhD, but Bucky was nowhere to be seen.

“Maybe he wasn’t feeling like socializing.” He shrugged when Kamala pouted at him.

“I like your crown, Boss.”

Tony smiled at the kid, she was a marshmallow. “Thanks, Kamala. Go, go have fun out there.”


“Here.” Tony put a delicate diadem of weaved Queen Anne’s Lace and Orchids, and sent her to have fun.  Tony looked on as everyone around him interacted and had a good time while he sighed like a lovesick teenager over a guy that hardly talked, but…

“Why are you here looking so forlorn?” Tony jumped, because Steve have never hinted at Bucky’s sneaking skills, so now his heart rate was through the roof and he looked like Bambi. “My bad. Didn’t mean to scare ya, doll.”

DOLL!? Tony could have melt in a puddle of goo, but he had a plan; one that the late Edwin Jarvis would have been proud of and amused by. “You’re a sneaky one, Mr. Barnes.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow, and just then Tony noticed, his hair was in a messy bun with fringes of his bangs framing the sides of his face and really how could a man look so gorgeous with so little effort? Bucky raised his left hand and waved, “I could say the same about you.”

Oh right, Tony had pushed the prosthetics’ division to manufacture his design on a lighter and more functional prosthesis; Bucky being the main candidate for the “Winter Soldier” model. “Ah, I see. Is not giving you much trouble, is it?” at Bucky’s head shake, Tony sighed in relief. “Great, but I…um, I have something for you?”

“Was that a question or a statement?”

“Are you getting sassy with me?” There was a hint of a smirk and a shrug. Tony half turned and picked the crown with care. “Just…Come here.”

The grumpy looking mechanic strode over and Tony had to think about breathing, there was something electric about staring head on at Bucky; his blue eyes carried an unknown intensity that had Tony enthralled.

“Yes, Tony?” Murmured Bucky when less than a foot of distance separated them.

“I-made something for you.” Without more prompting, Tony lifted the crown over Bucky’s head and set it with care. Then, he found he couldn’t look away, not like he wanted to either.

“It smells divine.” Bucky whispered, like he was sharing a secret, took a step closer. “Thank you, Tony.”

Ok, ok, ok! This was not a drill. Bucky was within kissing distance and the only thing Tony had to do was tilt his head, just so. Apparently Bucky was on his wavelength since they were a hairbreadth away, Tony closed his eyes…

“There you are, Tony. It’s time for your speech.” Pepper exclaimed and Bucky’s eyes went wide, the man jumped away from Tony as he’d been burned and Tony wilted like a Night-Blooming Cereus.

“Thank you for the flowers.” Bucky left before Tony could say anything else.

“Oh!” She shifted a little. “Was that Mr. Barnes?”

Tony shrugged it off and tried to get to the rest of the night without showing his crushing disappointment at missing his chance.


Three days later, even Kamala was getting sick of the depressing displays full of sad flowers even if Gamora seemed to like them. He was ready to close when the door opened and there was Bucky with a dark scowl, like someone had taken a piss over every single thing he loved in life.

“Hello, Bucky.” Tony tried for cheerful and missed the mark by half a mile.

Bucky though, let an old tome of compendium of Jules Verne fall on the table and crossed his arms; chin jutted as in challenge and said, “Open it.”

Without anything else to lose, Tony did as told. His breath caught when right in the middle of the book he found Red Tulips and Ambrosia. “I…”

“I came here to ask you out, and you gave me a crown full of “I love you” and rare chocolate smelling flowers.“ Bucky states, eyes fixed on Tony’s. "And now, all I see is Ice Plant and Yellow Carnations.”

“But you…” Tony stared some more at the pressed petals presented to him and felt some of the weight slide off. “Do you…?”

“Do you know how long I had to build the courage to make a pass at you?” Said Bucky, finally letting uncrossing his arms and relaxing his posture. “I’ll give you a hint; since you came into Asgardian Ink with a vase filled with Passion flowers.”

“That was before I met you.”

“Well, I saw you first, dollface.” Bucky smiled when Tony’s cheeks flushed. Holding out his new arm to Tony, he asked. “What do you say to trying again?”

Tony, confident in the sturdiness of his worktables, vaulted over and into Bucky’s waiting arms. Bucky encircled his waist and pulled him close. “So, where were we?”

Instead of using words, Bucky leaned in and kissed him.

elleracket  asked:

Imagine an all-Avengers nerf gun fight in which Bucky is the single most terrifying man with a plastic orange gun in the whole univer. He, Clint, and Natasha team up and take it way too seriously, eventually pinning all of the others down in one of the dens. Tony cheats and asks JARVIS to locate them, but it doesn't do any good, since they're too well-coordinated and fast to be defeated.

JARVIS dislikes it when Mr. Stark makes amoral requests of him. This happens fairly infrequently, and there has never been malicious intent behind such requests, but he does find being asked to edit the wikipedia biographies of high-ranking governmental officials both repetitive and dull.  

Running a tracking algorithm of the sort he uses in the Iron Man suit to identify hidden hostiles against Mr. Stark’s own friends within their own home, however, settles poorly in his circuits, especially as they have no such advantage in this mock-war. Mr. Stark is already operating with an upgraded nerf weapon with a targeting system and has constructed a very sturdy barricade in the labs with the help of Thor and Dr.s Banner and Foster, although Thor had been lost in the first skirmish with the team lead by Captain Rogers. 

Although he dislikes doing so, he begins tracking the locations of the remaining ‘hostiles’ on Mr. Stark’s phone. He watches quietly as Dr. Banner is sent to liaise with the Captain’s team at their fort behind the couch in the lounge. Rogers declines the invitation, as do Agents Hill and Wilson, but Miss Lewis accepts, although JARVIS suspects that her reasons for doing so are not purely motivated by a desire for victory.

Before Dr. Banner and Miss Lewis can begin the journey back to the labs, the Rogers fort comes under attack from the vents. Hill manages to take Agent Barton out with a stunningly good shot involving a ricochet that should not have been possible with a foam bullet. In the end, Barnes and Romanoff get all but Mr. Wilson and Miss Lewis, who manages to escape at the last second as Dr. Banner takes a shot meant for her. 

JARVIS takes stock of the situation. Wilson and Lewis have made it safely back to the Stark barricade. Lewis, Wilson, and Dr. Foster are all quite fast and very good shots, and Mr. Stark has gifted them with the advantage of superior weaponry and intel, including the locations of the last three ‘hostiles’, who are operating without communication devices or upgraded weaponry. Despite this, JARVIS assesses that minus the intelligence he is providing, the terms of the final engagement should be evenly matched. He cannot disobey Mr. Stark’s order. However, there is one person Mr. Stark has not ordered him not to speak to, primarily because he believes her to be out of the game. 

“Miss Potts, if I might have a word?" 


Tony and his team are approaching the enemy encampment when the tracking program on his phone shuts off. he frowns and checks to make sure the phone still has battery. 

"Tony, where’d our intel go?” Darcy’s voice hisses through his earpiece. 

“JARIVS! Come on, buddy, fire it back up, don’t leave me hanging here,” Tony whispers.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Sir,” JARVIS says tonelessly, and for several long seconds, Tony knows the meaning of true, pants-wetting fear. The he feels a sharp tap in the middle of his back, and whips around to see Pepper leaning against the doorframe, casual as anything. 

“Stark, are you still there? What the hell’s going- aagh!” Sam cries out in his ear, and seconds later Tony hears both Jane and Darcy go down. 

“They’re efficient agents, Tony, but did you really think Barton and Barnes were working together that well without someone organizing them?” Pepper smirks.

“Don’t try to use JARVIS to cheat against me again, he doesn’t like it very much,” she says over her shoulder, she saunters out of the room, gun at the ready. Tony thinks that even though she might be up against Barnes and Romanoff, the game is far from over.