MCU Ladies Week: @fuckyeahladiesofthemcu

Day 5: Favourite Relationship: Pepper Potts and Maya Hansen

This might come as a surprise, but my favourite relationship (in the sense of a friendly one) came along in Iron Man 3, when for the first time since the beginning of Marvel movie-making two female characters spoke face-to-face exchanging more then just a punch-line.

Both Pepper and Maya are strong, intelligent women, who in their situation could immensely distrust one another. They decide otherwise, even if that means endangering themselves. For me it is Pepper, who gives Maya the moral support she needs to understand that her hope to right her wrongs is not in vain. Pepper makes Maya remember that she is a good person, a good scientist, someone who simply took a wrong turn.
In return Maya gives her life to safe both Pepper and Tony. There is no greater sacrifice.

Their friendship is brief, but intense. And I truly wished it hadn’t passed off-screen so quickly.

okay but WHAT IF

the reason we don’t get a full explanation for how how Tony “fixed” pepper’s extremis problem is because Bruce was there to help him with it, and since the entirety of IM3 is Tony telling Bruce the whole story, Bruce obviously doesn’t need to hear the whole science-y explanation cause he already knows (cause you know that if he didn’t know he would want to know and Tony would tell him)

SO after killian is all said and done, Tony probably called Bruce up and was like “oh g od Bruce pls help me out here my girlfriend might explode” and Bruce does (since Tony’s specialty is more engineering doesn’t want to fuck up this bio stuff more than it already is and he totally trusts Bruce’s judgment and intellect)

and naturally after they figure out the pepper ordeal Tony is like SIT DOWN AND LISTEN TO THE WHOLE STORY and Bruce is like fine okay and he does and then falls asleep (bc he’s silly)