I’m baaaaack, bitches. 😏😆😁 so happy to have my account reactivated!! I was so scared I’d lost it forever. 💕 thank you to everyone who found my back up and an even bigger thank you to all the awesome people who’ve shouted me out in case I couldn’t get back. going to do a bigger thank you post later today. Just sooooo glad to be back! 😆😀

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audoodle replied to your post: “I’m going to make a wild guess and say there’s a thing happening…”:

Why would people do this? I wanna have you take your time and get to this episode when you get to it.

Oh no, no, this is fine! This is my dash. People were posting about something And Steven related (as is totally their right on their blogs!), but because they’re awesome people who tag, I was able to filter them all. ALL IS WELL

How Grey DeLisle and Dante Basco broke my brain (today)

I mean, I laughed when Azula asked Zuko to the Tumblr prom.

[Transcript (Grey DeLisle as Azula): Zuzu, I’m presenting you with an extraordinary opportunity. You can take me to Tumblr prom. I know you’re my brother and everything, but for some reason when I ask other boys they act like I’m going to do something horrible to them… And so I do. Anyway, think it over and text me or whatever.]

But then Zuko replied…

[Transcript (Dante Basco as Zuko): Azula, what are we? Homeschool kids? You wanna be brother and sister at the dance? Are you trying to be cool or when we get there you’ll just try to kill me again?]

And I think my brain really did get broken cause I’ve listened to those far more than is necessary at 3 AM and I am still laughing at both! Help? How do I stop listening to those?

David boreanaz is ridic
  • for 11 years:i live in the moment ill get over bones
  • at sdcc for the last time:*cries*
The more I listen to Sara Bareilles, the more I love her.
  1. She’s written a number of songs where the basic message is “hold the fuck up, I think you’re cute and all but let’s walk before we run, huh? I’ve known you for a week, I don’t love you yet.”
  2. “I hate to break it to you babe, but I’m not drowning: there’s no one here to save.” Is an ACTUAL lyric she wrote.
  3. So is “You’ve got the talking down but not the listening.”
  4. Her songs about relationships usually involve the singer being A SENSIBLE HUMAN BEING WHO PRIORITIZES HER OWN WELL-BEING OVER HAVING A RELATIONSHIP.
  5. From what I’ve heard, she doesn’t romanticize relationship problems- her songs about someone who’s too dependent on their ex or current other are actually really unsettling (ex: Come Round Soon)
  6. She wrote a coming-out song AND DIDN’T MAKE A BIG DEAL TO CASH IN ON THE CONTROVERSY.
  7. this video. It is as close to perfect as I have ever seen.

Sara Bareilles: just quietly over here making cutesy pop songs about (mostly) sensible women in sane relationships in which they are very aware of their agency and use it- and not making a big deal about it.

I love her.

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I’m so happy Jack said this. Let people who are playing Pokemon Go have fun with it. Seriously don’t be an asshole to people enjoying themselves! 

I mean I’ll admit I haven’t really gotten into Pokemon Go yet despite being a huge Pokemon fan but I still see that it’s bringing people together in a way that’s awesome and incredible. ^_^ I’ve seen people who don’t normally play Pokemon games play Pokemon Go and I see so many people just having so much fun with it and it’s a shame that there’s people out there who try to make people feel bad for enjoying it because they don’t understand it and don’t bother to try and understand it. People should be allowed to like and enjoy whatever they want without getting made fun of for it. As long as they’re not hurting others or themselves. But still don’t be an asshole to people just enjoying themselves and having fun with something.