I wanna punch things but also cry for 3 hours straight and stay in bed ain’t drama, hangover and period cramps a great combo

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OK OK OK. BUT. Have you ever considered the idea of Allura and Coran wondering what earth is like, and the Paladins don't really know where to start because there's just too much to cover, and then one of them(either Lance or Pidge or Hunk) gets a big smile on their face and they just somehow pull up the Discovery Channel song "I Love the Earth" (Boom De Ah Dah) Bonus points if Allura and Coran think earth is the Australia of the Galaxy. Earth sounds crazy dangerous, but hella cool!

[clutches chest] jesus

pidge pulls it up (i can’t decide which of the trio suggests it but it’s definitely one of them) and they all crowd around to watch it and the three of them are all grinning big and wide when the music starts up. 

allura and coran are just blown away by how daring these little earthlings are. standing on active tectonic sites? going towards natural disasters?? jumping from aircrafts??? for recreation???? they must be a race of adrenaline junkies

There was some wank on twitter last night (8/26) because some people got Empire of Storms early, did not like certain things in the books, and started flooding certain tags with spoilers and SJM’s mentions with some really ugly tweets. Long story short there were tweets that said Sarah should stop writing, that she ruined the whole series because of a ship, that she’s ugly, and that someone should set all copies of EoS on fire.

All I have to say is this:

You can hate a book all you want, you’re welcome to criticise (constructively) and point out it’s flaws, talk about things you dislike and why. You can do all of that on your blog, reviews, conversation threads, wherever. But you absolutely do not tag or send those messages to the author. Plus, the second you cross the line into personal attacks on the author, especially when you actually tag your hate and send tweets directly to them, you become a bully. There is a huge difference in saying “I don’t like how the writer handles a certain character’s plot arc” and “The writer ruined the books and someone needs to set the series on fire.”

First you need to remember that authors are people. They are doing a specific job. And while you may hate where the story is going and complain about it all you want, the author is not there to cater to your whims. While an author may listen to feedback, even crit, they even expect a certain amount of people to dislike their books– they don’t have to do anything you tell them or beg them to do. Again: they have a job they are paid to do and they do it.  And before you tell me you have freedom of speech to say whatever you want, remember that freedom of speech protects your rights from the government, it doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole.

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21 Deamus please! ~mystery anons away~

21. Over your shoulder

“We got your message, Neville! Hello, you three, I thought you must be here!”

The passage behind Harry Potter had opened up and interrupted his argument with Neville. The entire room turned their attention towards the two people who had just entered the room.

It was Luna and Dean.

They were both more haggard looking then they had been the last time Seamus had seen them, but he supposed they still looked a sight better than he did. Dean seemed to have grown another half foot, but Seamus was too glad to see him to be properly jealous. He let out a great roar of delight and ran to hug his best friend.

They had hugged before, but never like this. This hug had a years worth of emotion behind it; a years worth of worry and sadness and more worry and longing and hope and love. Seamus hugged Dean like he planned on never letting him go, and Dean was hugging Seamus like he had the same thought.

“I missed you,” Dean whispered.

“I love yeh,” Seamus replied.

If both his hands weren’t still tied up in hugging Dean, Seamus probably would have clamped one over his mouth. He hadn’t meant to say that. He meant it of course – he had realized he was in love with Dean months ago – but this was hardly the time or the place for love confessions.

Seamus tensed up, expecting Dean to stiffen or pull away. But Dean did neither of those things. Instead he seemed to have noticed the tension in Seamus’ body, because his hands started working in small circles on Seamus’ back.

“Yeah,” said Dean, his voice warm and slightly amused, “we should probably talk about that.”

Seamus laughed in relief. “Now might not be the best time,” he admitted.

“Probably not.”

They were interrupted by more people arriving and to Seamus’ great disappointment, Dean broke off the hug. But he kept his hand on Seamus’ arm, and that steady pressure was enough for Seamus as they planned what they were going to do next.

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Thank you so much for that last post about ship hate. I started shipping this and one of my mutuals threw a huge fit trashing this pair this week. I ended up having to block them because it became so distressing. It really upset me because not (1/2)

only had I literally just gotten into this ship, but I highly identify with Junkrat (he has a ton of ADHD mannerisms). Plus, as a chemist who is a POC I felt a connection with Symmetra. We’re highly underrepresented in STEM and seeing her is (2/2) incredible. I just wanted to say thanks for your post because it summed up all of my feelings for this ship and it’s nice to know someone else thought the same way (3/2, oops I miscounted… :x ) 

I’ve always felt that active ship hate is pointless. Antagonizing people, harassing others, and inciting arguments won’t convince anyone the ship is bad. It won’t make anyone ‘see the light’, and it won’t make you look like whatever sort of champion or crusader you envision yourself to be. Hating something doesn’t excuse disgusting behavior. I’ve never understood the desire to lash out and send hateful messages to someone just because of their ship preference. There are far better and more constructive things to spend one’s time on.

I do understand having to block someone due to toxic behavior, though. I’ve been blocking people that have not so nice things to say because I don’t have the time or energy to deal with that kind of thing in the ship tags or on my dash. Symmetra and Junkrat are incredible characters; I love them both as individuals and I love them as a couple, and I don’t particularly feel like seeing people trash either of them or trash the ship. Seeing that kind of stuff is a real downer, honestly. People being gross human beings kind of makes you not want to contribute. But I suppose that’s the purpose, isn’t it? It’s always best to block and move on.

On a lighter note, it’s awesome to read that people connect and identify with the characters. I see pieces of myself in Symmetra, and it’s a really neat thing because I’ve not seen a video game character portrayed as autistic before. I also headcanon Junkrat as having ADHD, and PTSD as well! Although I’ve not had the chances to flesh those out just yet, I will here soon, and I hope to be able to do it in a way that it will complement his canon characteristics.

As a new shipper, I hope you find the symmrat community welcoming despite the speedbumps here and there. We’re all very friendly and excited about the ship, as well as incredibly starved for content. 8)

I’ve made some blunders in the few months I’ve accepted myself as a chick that is in fact pretty gay:

This cute cute cute out lesbian complimented me (You look really great today, J, like really good, those pants fit so well on you) , and then legit suggested we play footsie later on when I bumped her foot. I did not realize that she was in fact, Being Gay, until so much later and the other queer friend I made was like “yeah dude she really was.”  Like this girl was wholesale checking my booty out and I just…ate my taco and talked about work.

And then, yesterday: This chick who came round the bookstore asking about book recs had said she’d come back the next day (yesterday) and get an opinion from me specifically ( i didn’t believe her), and she literally did come back to my bookstore yesterday to talk to me and buy a book off my register. Like she didn’t buy shit else. She came and stood to the side till I noticed her and was like “told you I’d be back,” and wouldn’t stop smiling and then I recc’d Wide Sargasso Sea to her cus she was reading Jane Eyre. But then this old white woman kept trying to tell me Wide Sargasso Sea wasn’t what I was saying it was and I’m like Brenda I need you to buy your keychain and vacate.

Now, she could have just been being nice and interested in books but…i just feel it. I’ve never been -nicely- flirted with before, like it’s all been lewd straight male shit and just…

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Okay,you know what bothers me in them cutting the Rucas scene? It is not just the fact that they deleted the hug, but that they deleted their conversation. Because after Auggie asks Riley “So,we’re not gonna keep looking for the bear?” , she and Lucas exchange looks and he says that she does not need the bear anymore and that is a reference to their previous (i just assume, I only know spoilers) talk,in which Lucas becomes her bear and it would’ve been a much sweeter moment if we were shown the backstory of it.