Today is the anniversary of this blog! And I guess I will have to make a long ass post to remember all the shit that we’ve been through for these years since I couldn’t do it last year hA

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mannersareoverrated asked:

What are some of your favorite books that I should definitely read??

ALRIGHT so im gonna do this by genre. italics mean you really really need to read it like right now immediately


the harry potter series - jk rowling
the percy jackson series (for slightly younger kids but i mean they never get old) - rick riordan
the mara dyer trilogy - michelle hodkin
the raven cycle - maggie stiefvater
his fair assassin trilogy - robin lafevers
the throne of glass series - sarah j maas
the grisha trilogy - leigh bardugo
hush, hush - becca fitzpatrick
inkheart - marissa meyer
the winner’s trilogy - marie rutkoski

science fiction/dystopian

the hunger games - suzanne collins
the selection series - kiera cass
the maze runner - james dashner
uglies - scott westerfeld
divergent - veronica roth
unwind - neal shusterman
shatter me - tahereh mafi
the lunar chronicles - marissa meyer
legend - marie lu

young adult/romance/realistic fiction/historical fiction

the gallagher girls - ally carter
heist society - ally carter
embassy row - ally carter
the truth about forever - sarah dessen
this lullaby - sarah dessen
lock and key - sarah dessen
anna and the french kiss - stephanie perkins
to all the boys i’ve loved before + ps i still love you - jenny han

if i stay + where she went - gayle foreman
this is what happy looks like - jennifer e. smith
13 reasons why - jay asher
the statistical probability of love at first sight - jennifer e. smith
speak - laurie halse anderson
the impossible knife of memory - laurie halse anderson
the da vinci code - dan brown
the book thief - markus zusak
two-way street - lauren barnholdt
north of beautiful - justina chen

classics/books everyone should read before they die

the secret garden - frances hodgson burnett
the little house on the praire books - laura ingalls wilder
a tree grows in brooklyn - betty smith
i know why the caged bird sings - maya angelou
pride and prejudice - jane austen 
wuthering heights - emily bronte
emma - jane austen
little women - louisa may alcott
animal farm - george orwell
sense and sensibility - jane austen

so yeah i mean i could probably think of a lot more but here’s just a starting off list! i had to physically restrain myself from writing down more young adult romance novels this is a problem

anonymous asked:

I wanted some time between the time she got with Oliver and Ray. And by "got with" I just meant entering a relationship. I don't know if that's my internalized misogyny speaking but it felt really weird to have 7 episodes of Ray/Felicity being domestic and cute and in love to all of a sudden Felicity confession her feelings to Oliver. Instead of feeling happy, it felt cheap. It was disappointing.

I get what you’re saying… but yeah.  That’s internalized misogyny. Because consider the tables turned.  No one dares raise an eyebrow when it’s the man who does this. 

If that doesn’t help, let me give you a scenario. Consider Oliver being in a relationship with Sara or someone else but he’s in love with Felicity the whole time… just not admitting to it.  Everyone else knows but he’s trying to move on cuz Felicity just isn’t ready for the sort of relationship he wants.  It’s better to put those feelings aside.  Now, he’s not in love with Sara and that becomes obvious when she shares her feelings and he’s unable to return them.  The audience goes “aw yiss, cuz he loves Felicity!”  A few episodes later, Sara hasn’t forgotten this, has noticed what is between Oliver and Felicity and says “listen, you don’t love me cuz you love Felicity.”  And Oliver can’t deny it.  There’s no hard feelings because this Sara realizes this is REAL love and she does love Oliver and wants him to be happy, even if its not with her.  Oliver doesn’t argue because while he still doesn’t have hope that Felicity is ready for a relationship, it’s not fair to continue to string Sara along. 

So they break up, amicably and Oliver goes to help Felicity with her very personal thing, a thing where she needs his support and his presence just to get through because this might just be the most difficult time in her LIFE.  And during this time, possibly no more than 24 hours after breaking up with Sara, Oliver is told or realizes that he might never see Felicity again.  This is the last time he has to be with her.  Any future they might have together is not just uncertain, its bloody unlikely.  In fact, someone tells him to go make sure Felicity knows how he feels while he still has a chance.  So he does because she needs to know, while she’s staring down this precipice, how he feels.  They make love, not because they are beginning a relationship, but because its their last chance

Now, would you begrudge this? For any reason?  I don’t think I could. And I couldn’t begrudge it as it was shown in the episodes.  As MG said in his answer, no one is hurt by this.  Ray is not hurt by it.  Oliver is not hurt by it.  Felicity is not hurt by it.  Any BELIEF that Felicity should not do this is solely on the viewer and their notions regarding chastity.  Because do not fool yourself that these opinions don’t come from a place where you believe a woman is ultimately a man’s possession.  You say her confession is less meaningful because she’d been in a relationship with Ray?  You’re kidding right?  Did people say the same thing about Oliver saying he loved Felicity after breaking up with Sara last year?  (y’all do remember those last three eps were the same night, right?)

(also, she was not in love with Ray. that was the whole point of their breaking up. he told her he loved her, she was unable to say it because she DIDN’T. not that it would even MATTER if she was because she’s a grown woman who makes her own decisions and Oliver sure as heck didn’t have a problem with it so i’m not sure why some people HAVE.)

The only reason I wanted more time between her breaking up with Ray and getting together with Oliver was because I was afraid of this very reaction. I know people and their outdated, misogynistic ideas and I didn’t want to have to have this argument.  But it did and I do and THANKS writers. ;)  I kid.  3x20 was the perfect episode and I wouldn’t change a thing. I was the complete opposite of disappointed. 

(also she and ray were together for 4 full episodes, not 7.  They got together at the end of 3x15, broke up at the start of 3x20. At most, if you had to include all of 3x15 and all of 3x20, it was 6 eps) (also she did not enter a relationship with Oliver in 3x20.  as awesome as the love confession and sex scene were, that was not the start of their relationship. that didn’t happen until the end of 3x23.) (it’s also entirely OKAY to have sex outside of a relationship between two consenting adults where no one is being cheated on which is what happened in 3x20.)

a lot of people who I’m friends with on facebook have no idea that I am on tumblr or that I draw comics on here but I do know that a lot of my comics and text posts have been reposted on facebook so there’s a very real possibility that someone from my high school will eventually share something that I have made

and when that day comes I will truly know how miley cyrus felt when she was hannah montana 

I’M SUPER EXCITED to have reached this number! this is a little overdue, but the sentiment remains: i cannot thank you guys enough for helping me reach this milestone and sticking with me throughout the year that i’ve been here! it means a lot that so many of you are interested in my lil menace of an oc and i hope i can continue providing whatever you came here for! on to the special shoutouts for particularly cool peeps   ————–

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so I’ve spent the last two days drinking and am super hungover

to cure it? was convinced to see Ant-Man with my brother and one of my best friends

it was, predictably, absolutely awful. Same old superhero bollocks of pseudo-philosophy, stupid costumes, abundance of male characters and ridiculous fight scenes. So American it hurts. 

But what surprised me was how utterly racist it was? Like, unabashedly so? The three ‘goons’ were ALL racial minorities who embodied racist caricatures of themselves and holy shit, the scenes with Luis??? Like, showing him at wine-tasting and an art exhibition like it’s such a big joke that a Mexican has ‘cultured’ hobbies?? These three men were just blundering around while the white people shake their heads amusedly. Like, I know not to expect much from superhero shite but… lol, if I were Mexican I’d be really offended. 

and of course, the casual ‘g*psy’ slur used by the Russian dude. I mean, hilarious, right? Fucking hell

sometimes I feel comfortable in my own skin and then other times it’s like nope. you’re just latina enough that white soccer moms are going to be disgusting about any kind of interaction with you but not enough to fit in to that community or be at all pretty. just a terrible terrible combination of features that don’t fit together and nobody is ever going to like you, fuck you

anonymous asked:

In the broader spectrum I get what you're saying because the majority of people would be okay with Oliver's version and weren't okay with Felicity's, but I saw Oliver do that with his relationships in season 1 and 2 (what happened with Felicity, Oliver, and Ray) and I thought it cheapened whatever relationship as well. I just didn't care because I was happy to see that he didn't care and was able to bounce between girls. The pacing just was terrible to me. Thanks for answering.

I’m not going to argue that the pacing could have been better.  Not just for relationships but for EVERYTHING.  The whole LoA story was so rushed, packed into the last run of episodes and it really should have had the entirety of s3b to play out.  So I think in a perfect world where that storyline was played out over more episodes, we would have seen more time between her breaking up with Ray and sleeping with Oliver.  

BUT, what I’m saying is… IT DOESN’T MATTER.  It literally doesn’t matter if she’d broken up with Ray, driven right over to Oliver’s place and jumped him at the door.  It really doesn’t. I’m sorry you don’t feel the same, we’re going to have to just disagree on this but the fact is: until you hold a guy to the same standard you are holding a girl, its misogyny.  You say that Oliver doing this cheapened his relationships in season 1 and 2. I disagree.  What Oliver did by running off with Sara while he was still together with Laurel… THAT was cheap.  But generally speaking, audiences don’t have a problem with a hero jumping from one relationship to the next.  I see it in fanfic all the time.  ALL. THE. TIME. Because I read scads of fanfic.

In the context of adult relationships, what Felicity did by breaking up with Ray and then sleeping with Oliver… is just fine. I talked this over with my husband and he agrees.  There’s literally no reason outside of misogyny why it should be considered wrong. 

Now, to be clear… you as a viewer not being exactly happy at how that whole thing unfolded is one thing.  That’s your opinion. It really only becomes hurtful and toxic if you then go online and post in comments sections about what a slut Felicity was this year and that sort of thing. I don’t think you’re doing that.  I would hope not, at least.  Everyone has opinions (and is welcome to them) but turning those opinions into hateful speech against a fictional character is a little more unsavory.  And that’s what the initial ask to MG was concerning, was people who have been doing that very thing. 

i hate how hard it is for me to make friends. like, i want to be friends with most everyone, but it takes me such a long time to warm up to people. and by the time i start to warm up to someone, they’ve probably already left because i’ve bored them. i’m a pretty cool person after i’m comfortable with you, but most people don’t stick around to give me that chance. :/

I fucking hate my mom.

I’ve been trying to improve myself through exercise and other healthy habits, but I hate doing these things in front of my parents because it gives me bad anxiety. Every time I work up the courage to hop on my bike when my mom is home, she just does a GREAT job of materializing my anxiety in the form of shitty, snide comments.

I have never biked regularly in my life. I love biking, but it is not easy for me because I literally haven’t done it enough to build up any form of endurance. In addition to this, I have a single speed bike, which means that going up inclines is extremely taxing on my legs. If you throw in my lackluster physical health, it’s just a recipe for fatigue.

I cannot bike far. I literally cannot, and it shouldn’t be any fucking surprise. I want to bike far and for a long time, but that requires actually doing it enough to build up the required strength and endurance.

Yet here is my mom, a fat woman who hasn’t been on a bicycle in years, making shitty comments every time I come back from a bike ride. If I hear “Well that was fast” one more fucking time I’m going to shove someone down a flight of stairs.

Tl;dr: My mom doesn’t exercise, but she likes to guilt trip me if I go on a quick bike ride.

anonymous asked:

Can we talk about Tododeku forver please


lemme give you some headcanons i’ve had saved up for a while: 

-since todo is literally a sheltered rich kid who literally knows nothing about relationships so in the beginning he takes deku out to really high class expensive restaurants bc that’s all he knows. but on those dates deku felt slightly uncomfortable because he always feels out of place and can’t relax, so after a while deku gathers up the courage to tell him that, and todo is at a loss on what he should do so he hesitantly confesses that he literally has no idea how relationships work and he’s afraid to mess this up because he really likes deku and he’s red in the face by the time he finishes and deku practically coos in his mind so cute at todos blushing cheeks and then he makes it his mission to take todo on super cute dates and show him how commoners do it lol

he takes him out on walks in the park sometimes, watch tv together, duel occasionally, read about their favourite heroes, late nights under stars, grocery shopping and sometimes just staying his room with each of them on their phones, and after a year practically the whole school names them the married couple.

-deku’s mom LOVES todo so much like so much she’s practically convinced he’s her son in law. 

when deku first told her that he’s dating a classmate she was kinda worried because she knows how dangerous these yuuei kids are and she doesn’t want deku to get hurt by some rich kid who got in by some scholarship, so she asks deku to bring him over to meet him. after school, deku tells todo that his mother wants to see him, and todo kinda internally panics bc what if deku’s mother refuses to let him keep dating deku oh my god no he needs deku he can’t ruin this. anyway one saturday morning he gathers up the courage and goes over to dekus house for lunch and tbh deku’s mom is first alarmed at his appearance (his burns) but she ushers him in anyway, thanking him for the daifuku he had brought with him. she’s cautious at first but she remembers deku’s words “mom please be open minded and give him a chance”, and decides to be amenable, but after one hour of spending time with him she warms up to him because he charms her with his gentleman attitude and IS COMPLETELY SOLD and after he leaves she tells deku “you better marry that boy” and deku is startled but laughs, relieved that his mother is accepting of them

-todos siblings make fun of him by saying “ooh our grouchy baby brother is dating look at him so grown up” and he rolls his eyes but he knows that they’re supportive and is grateful for it. endeavour is a completely different matter because he’s a traditionalist and doesn’t like his son being in an openly gay relationship, especially since todo is becoming popular in heroics media and endeavour doesn’t want that reflecting badly on him, and to top it off, a gay relationship with THAT boy, but todo couldn’t care less about his father’s displeasure and tells him so in few words.  

and in a moment of insecurity deku expresses his worry about endeavour not accepting them, and todo cups his face and waits until deku meets his eyes to say that would never break off his relationship with deku for the world let alone his crappy father

absolutely pointless pet peeve: when people call the mc members by their suits, like calling slick “spades” instead of just slick.