Trump’s EPA Just Approved A Pesticide That Damages Children’s Brains

Trump Logic: profits matter more than protecting public health or even children from dangerous pesticides. Would Trump and Scott Pruitt be making this idiotic decision if their children where affected by dangerous chemicals?

“Leading up to today Water Protectors and Indigenous Peoples at Oceti Sakowin/The Big Camp, have been lighting their traditional dwellings on fire.
This morning, Indigenous Rising spoke with Darren Begay who has been managing the Navajo style structures at Oceti. He told us that as This forced evacuation grew nearer, he consulted with elders from his ancestral lands and they all agreed that based on the behavior of the law enforcement in the past, who during raids have broken and thrown away sacred items and who have shown disregard and horrible disrespect to tipis and sacred dwellings, it is best to burn these scared structures instead of having them desecrated by Morton County and North Dakota law enforcement.
Lighting our dwellings on fire is a sign of respect for them. It’s a sign of respect for the purpose they have served over these past few months. They have been containers for prayer and for brining people together. By lighting them on fire we send their smoke up like prayers. By lighting them on fire we ensure these structures go out in dignity.”

Photo: Liz Mckenzie , Water Protector


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(Republicans) Have Polluted Our Minds as Well as Our Air & Water (w/Guest Jeffrey Sachs)

The only way to stop corrupt GOP politicians who put profits 1st over people is to elect an entirely new generation of politicians who serious about getting money out of politics. We shouldn’t expect anything anything serious from the Democratic Party.


The U.S. Bail System Has Become A Huge Money Making Racket

Brooklyn anti-gentrification protester in downtown Brooklyn. Too many working class people are being pushed out of their homes and are being replaced by luxury buildings and venues. Brooklyn has undergone radical changes and many people of color, immigrants, and the poor can no longer afford to live in their homes. 

#DonaldTrump and the #Koch Brothers would likely be in the driver’s seat to keep us addicted to dirty energy as they profit exploitation of dirty energy.

This is the problem with #capitalism which enables Big Pharma to be run like a cartel (without guns).


Trade Justice NY organized a rally outside the Hilton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, where secret meetings were being held to discuss the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The TTIP would undermine democracy by granting corporations even more power and money.

A big thanks to all war veterans who traveled to #StandingRock to support Native Americans against the Dakota Access Pipeline and corporate/government tyranny.

Thank you for your service.

Imagine Loki won after Avengers Assemble. Thor returned to Asgard to mount an army but is stopped from returning (even using Odin’s dark magic) by Loki’s powers. When he finally does find a way to return, he finds the humans ready to defend Loki with their lives.

In Thor’s absence Loki got rid of politicians and instead listened to the people and their needs. He invited the Avengers to be his advisers (albeit with many precautions at first because they obviously did not trust him).

He placed value on people over profit and using his powers, managed to reverse the worst of our pollution, warning that shareholders/owners/directors of any business found polluting in the future, risking lives and health, would have their money confiscated, their business totally disbanded and sold off piecemeal, with all monies being given to the victims and the clean-up operations.

When he found out what teachers were paid, he flipped his shit because “these people are entrusted with the future of your civilisation, and you expect to attract the best by paying them a pittance?”

He made all education and healthcare free, paid everyone above a living wage, encouraged people to find their talents and pursue them, and made sure the trains run on time. Even those in dead-end jobs that they hate got improved pay, lots of holiday/vacation time, and guaranteed sick pay/maternity leave/paternity leave etc.

He did away with racism, sexism, basically every prejudice you can imagine, because offenders who said something prejudiced were magically silenced for a week (or more) and those who did something prejudiced were magically paralysed because “If you can’t do/say anything nice, you shouldn’t do/say anything at all”.

He has a range of punishments that are basically harmless, very effective, and fit the crime. Like if you hit someone, you feel the sensation of being hit once very hour (good luck sleeping) for a day/week/month, but whilst you feel the pain, it does no physical harm.

Thor finally returns and looks around at the peace and harmony in awe, thinking it must be a trick but eventually his friends, the Avengers make him see that it’s real, and Loki really is a good king.

Even if we lose - we have already won


Polls show that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have trouble appealing to young voters. In a recent study released by Harvard, millennial voters, aged 18-29, overwhelmingly favored Bernie Sanders. Sanders pulled a net favorable rating of 54 percent, Clinton only had 37 percent, and Trump pulled a miserable 17 percent of the same age group.

While the Harvard study shows that Sanders supporters will likely support Clinton if they have no other choice against Trump, the study also indicates that the Sanders campaign has made a lasting impression on young voters that will remain whether or not he wins the nomination. Polling director John Della Volpe explained that: “He’s not moving a party to the left. He’s moving a generation to the left. Whether or not he’s winning or losing, it’s really that he’s impacting the way in which a generation — the largest generation in the history of America — thinks about politics.”

Della Volpe’s work at the John F. Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics shows that over the course of the Sanders campaign young voters increasingly favored the campaign’s core issues. Tracking data over time, Della Volpe noted that there was a demonstrable shift towards progressive politics in the last year. In fact Max Ehrenfreund of The Washington Post suggests that regardless of what happens in the campaign “Sanders might have already won a contest that will prove crucially important in America’s political future.”

As The Atlantic reports, this young generation is liberal, leftist and even socialist in record numbers. Mother Jones reports that it is the largest generation in the country and equal in in voting numbers to the Baby Boomers for the first time ever.

The Sanders campaign has resonated with millennials for the simple reason that he has been the only candidate to take the issues facing our nation’s young seriously. He was the first candidate to put the issue of student debt on the map and he was the only candidate brave enough to state outright that the greatest security threat to the planet is climate change—not ISIS.

But, perhaps most importantly, his campaign recognizes the very real economic challenges facing young voters, who not only have more debt than any other young generation in U.S. history, but also face higher unemployment and more depressed wages than their elders.

There is a host of overlap in the concerns of young voters and the core issues of the Sanders campaign.

You’d think that given the realities that this generation is now the largest potential voting bloc and that it shows only an increase in interest in political engagement that we would be hearing more about how Sanders has resonated successfully with young voters, how he has changed U.S. politics, and how his platform stands to influence future politics –including the 2016 election.

But you’re not hearing anything like that. Or at least very little. Instead you are hearing that Sanders needs to drop out and help unify the party. You are hearing that he is a sore loser and a demagogue. You are hearing him be called whiny, delusional and unreasonable.

In fact, you are hearing him be described exactly the same way that millennials are described.

Think about it. There is an uncanny resemblance between the ways that both millennial causes and the Sanders campaign have equally been dismissed and disparaged.

When Sanders calls for a recount, he sounds like a student whining about a grade. When Sanders suggests that the DNC is corrupt, he sounds like a millennial employee who endlessly questions her boss. When Sanders suggests that the system is rigged, he sounds like a whining kid who refuses to move out of his parent’s home and just get a job.

I’ve covered public portrayals of millennials for years and I have noted a tendency to reduce millennial political protest to the whining of spoiled slackers. The media coverage of this generation has been one of the most brutal in U.S. history. From Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter to campus protests for reform, young voters have been treated like self-indulgent idiots who are complaining that their handouts aren’t pouring in fast enough.

I had considered this generational warfare—where the older generations refused to take the nation’s youth seriously. And where the older generations declined to offer our young the same sorts of opportunities we had all enjoyed. Rather than recognize the real social and economic challenges of the millennial generation, I argued that society preferred to blame it on their lack of character, refusal to do hard work, and basic selfishness.

In this way millennials were blamed for their own challenges. They needed to toughen up and grow thicker skin. The rest of us didn’t have to worry about it. If we had any blame, it was that we have “over-mothered” these pathetic adult babies.

But now given the uncanny echo between millennial-bashing and Bernie-bashing it seems clear that the bulk of these attacks is not mainly about generational warfare. It is far more clearly about the collective failure to take the challenges of this generation—and this nation—seriously.

Millennials may be feeling these challenges more than their elders, but this is really about the way that progressive politics—that favor people over profits–constitutes a real threat to the establishment.

And both Sanders and his young supporters equally see that one of the primary political issues in this nation is the way that capital is protected over citizens.

The critiques of these groups, though, don’t come in the form of reasoned debate about the pros and cons of a two-party system, Democratic Socialism, Black Lives Matter, diversity on college campuses, and so on. Instead the attacks are personal. They suggest failures of character.

Characterizing social problems as personal problems has been one of the signal achievements of our neoliberal market-based society. If you don’t have a job, you are lazy. If you have too much student debt, you’re a loser. And if you are having a near impossible time getting a fair shake at running for president as a party outsider, you are a whiner.

In each case the status quo is defended over legitimate grievances that highlight a rigged system.

The blind acceptance of the establishment status quo was nowhere more apparent than during Chris Matthews’s interview with Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver on MSNBC a few days ago. Matthews literally told Weaver that his network and several others plan to call the nomination for Clinton before polls close in California on June 7 and before super delegates even go to the primary.

But rather than spurn a host of backlash over voter suppression, over mistakenly counting super delegate votes prior to those votes actually being cast, and over the heavy-handed role of the media in controlling politics—the Matthews comment went virtually unnoticed.

Instead, despite mounting evidence that Clinton may well be heading into serious fallout from her email scandal, the furor continues over Sanders refusing to “face reality” and drop out so the party can unify. Given the increasing data that suggest that Sanders is a better foil for Trump in the next election, it is time to wonder why the media isn’t asking Clinton to “face reality” and unify the party.

Thus far, though, we have yet to see the media recognize that the reality of the campaign is indeed shifting.

The good news is that most millennials don’t care, since they aren’t watching Matthews on MSNBC anyway and are more likely to get their news from Twitter and other on-line media.

The point is that millennials, just like the presidential candidate they support, get it. And they aren’t going to buy the establishment narratives of MSNBC, CNN, or Fox News.

At one quarter of the population and growing, millennials will eventually outsize their detractors and will have the numbers to set the political agenda. The Harvard poll also revealed that 51 percent of millennials value integrity and 26 percent value authenticity as the most important attributes in a candidate—a fact that shows why this generation favors Sanders and has a hard time supporting Clinton.

But perhaps even more interestingly, another study showed that 43 percent of millennials favor authenticity over content in their news—a sign that biased commentators like Chris Matthews may soon be a thing of the past.

/ Sophia A. McClennen is Professor of International Affairs and Comparative Literature at the Pennsylvania State University. She writes on the intersections between culture, politics, and society. /