DuPont Makes More Pollution History

Brooklyn anti-gentrification protester in downtown Brooklyn. Too many working class people are being pushed out of their homes and are being replaced by luxury buildings and venues. Brooklyn has undergone radical changes and many people of color, immigrants, and the poor can no longer afford to live in their homes. 


Texaco-Chevron in Ecuador: Benefitted from Dumping Oil Beyond Saving Money


US Pharma Industry Converts Monopoly Power into Political Power

#DonaldTrump and the #Koch Brothers would likely be in the driver’s seat to keep us addicted to dirty energy as they profit exploitation of dirty energy.


U.S. Dirty Energy Depends on Subsidies and Climate Denial

They’re interviewing Mattress Mack on the Astros radio broadcast and one of the commentators asked Mack “people were asking if you were worried if the people you let into your stores during Harvey, if you were worried they would sleep on or damage your product (beds, couches)” and Mack just said “hey, that’s what it’s for, people over profit yknow”

Mack went from an icon to a Houston legend.

for clarification: i know ‘prioritizing people over profit’ isnt possible under capitalism, i’m just pandering to libertarians and moderates in that comic so i kept the focus on capitalism


Stand with #StandingRock: The water protectors in Standing Rock are under attack by the police in North Dakota. Several days ago, the world witnessed peaceful Native Americans of Standing Rock being beaten, pepper sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, and forcibly removed from their own sacred land. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton refused to show support for Standing Rock and failed to condemn the violence and police brutality against Native American citizens. It shows that she values the interests of corporations and Wall Street more than she values the lives of the people and the planet. Republican candidate Donald Trump has yet to even acknowledge what is happening. Besides Bernie Sanders, the only political party who has condemned the oppression in Standing Rock is the Green Party and Presidential candidate Jill Stein, who visited North Dakota in person to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock.