One of my least favorite things is when I feel comfortable enough to act innocent and childish and then someone responds to it rudely and then I remember that I really can’t … do that .. like people will just make you feel bad for letting your guard down and that’s really shitty

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To the girl with big boobs, bruh, rock it. I know it probably really sucks getting made fun of, but as a person who is almost 20 and has no boobs, I wish I had your boobs! Try to embrace it and don't let people tear you down for something you have no control over :)


you are not:
  • a burden: there’s a bucket of reasons why you should not feel like one. perhaps you’re overthinking, worried, or feeling down. but don’t ever feel like you’re being such a burden. you are part of the population. you are important. without you, this world would lose the opportunity to be changed in your own simple ways. you are necessary. you are loved and it’s okay to be your own priority.
  • a disappointment: you’re not! i’m proud of wherever you are right now. im proud of your progress; no matter how enormous or minute it might be. if you failed your test, it’s okay. if you didn’t win the competition, it’s alright. im pretty sure you did your best and it’s that part that will always matter. don’t let other people’s “what a shame” bring you down. YOU. ARE. NOT. A. SHAME. you are blooming in your own simple ways. and I am proud and happy for you. continue growing, aspiring, believing in yourself. i’m proud of you.
  • a weirdo: most definitely never a weirdo! if you like doing things that are quite different, that does not make you a weirdo. that makes you special and even more precious. it was such a perfect combination of atoms and dna that led to a beautiful creature that is you and oh dear god, you’re amazing. your way of thinking is creative and the way you do things is totally out of this world. you are beyond the things earthly. you are meant for greater things. and you are most definitely not a weirdo.
  • ugly: whoever said you were, should most definitely need to get their eyes checked. when was the last time they went to the eye doctor anyway? if there’s anything that i’d like to be, it is to be as beautiful and as bright as you, a total human version of sunshine. your eyes light up like a ray of sunlight, your lips are perfectly carved like cherries, and your noise is huge or small and it’s cute. most definitely cute like a button. and the world should be in awe every time you wake up.
  • not good enough: you are good enough. you should feel good enough. if somebody’s making you feel like you’re not, then that only means he does not deserve you, the brightest star light in the universe. you deserve to feel loved. your strength and your smiles make this world a better place. you are good enough: always have been, forever will be.
  • alone: i’m here for you, your dogs are there for you. your cats are waiting for you. your pets will always be at your back, giving sweet and soft head bumps to make you feel loved. your music playlist is there for you to blast when you’re feeling a tinsy bit down. you are never ever alone. we’re constantly caring, loving, and waiting for you. please stop frowning and crying, you are loved.
  • stupid: you are, as a matter of fact, really really intelligent and even smart! perhaps you’re having difficulty in understanding your math or chemistry lessons, but that’s part of the process! at least you’re learning. i’m pretty sure some people will not be able to understand it just like you. but that doesn’t equal to being stupid. you’re just learning. continue to crave for knowledge and continue to make your curiosity work. you are not stupid.
  • annoying: you are never annoying! just keep on talking if you feel like sharing the entire story of your life. if you want to hit me up, that’s perfectly fine too. you haven’t even said anything to make me feel uncomfortable. people would love to hear you out, to befriend you, to be part of your social bubble. no you’re not being extra annoying, friendliness does not equal to being annoying. honestly, just keep on doing you. if that’s what makes you feel happy, then you’re doing fine.

I wasn’t gonna say anything but it’ll bug me if I don’t…

Do you know what bothers me the most about this Loch(te)mess? The idea that he could come here, make shit up based on stereotypes to cover his own ass and still think no one would give a second thought because ~~honestly~~ who would have doubted someone was held at gunpoint and robbed in Rio? Brazil is a hellhole anyway… Pandemonium, right?

Such entitlement.

It’s imperialist behavior at it’s best: go to a foreign country, fuck shit up, make it seem like the uncivilized savages are to blame and then fucking leave.


Warnings: Um. It’s smut. So you have sex, rough sex, daddy kink, breath play?, and cursing? idk It’s long, I apologize. 

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For him, it was the way you looked when you held a gun.

You were sexy as hell without one too, don’t get him wrong, but that look in your eyes when you were holding your weapon of choice… it drove him crazy. You felt powerful and it showed. It was like the gun was a part of you and that small smirk that you would send him when you hit your target gave him chills. During missions, you would both battle it out, try to see how many people you could take down. Usually, you won. He would let you win, of course, but only to see your body beam with pride and power. You were unstoppable, and holy fuck, it made his blood bubble and heart race. Images of you with nothing but heels on and a gun strapped to your thigh pounded at his brain like a hammer.

And one day, after a particularly successful mission, his restraint finally snapped.

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