Vague Horoscopes (April 22nd, 2017)
  • Aries: Your plans of rebellion aren't as well thought out as you thought.
  • Taurus: You feel like your head is on straight, and after feeling so discombobulated lately, it's quite the relief. Celebrate.
  • Gemini: Do your actions today define you as a person? Do your words reflect how you feel about these people?
  • Cancer: Be wary of who you trust, today. Not everyone has the best intentions.
  • Leo: We may feel less than usual. You are not. Do not let other people bring you down.
  • Virgo: Anxiety plays in the back of your mind. Remember that "What if?" is just a maybe you've fabricated -- that is beyond unlikely.
  • Libra: Happiness isn't hard to obtain, today, if you look to the right people. But don't get sidetracked by the thoughts and worries that play in the back of one's mind.
  • Scorpio: The ego can be constructive if used correctly. How will you use it today?
  • Sagittarius: Limitations are questioned, but we realize that these restrains aren't just a bad thing. They bring plenty of positives as well.
  • Capricorn: Unconventional thoughts and ideas play at the mind. Is it fantasy? Anxiety? Who knows. But worries are there, too, none the less.
  • Aquarius: Who're you bringing home tonight? Will it be the same next time?
  • Pisces: How do you deal with sadness? The pain? Make time for it today.
why you are single

aries: you come off as too strong

taurus: all you do is stay home get the fuck out and mingle

gemini: relationship hopper

cancer: your fantasies of who people are let you down 

leo: everyone bores the fuck out of you


libra: you smothered the fuck out of your last partner

scorpio: you’re a sex machine w/ issues

sagittarius: attention span of a gold fish

capricorn: you want security not a relationship 

aquarius: stop going after the wounded

pisces: trust issues 


Someone said my Pyrrha cosplay was “abject perfection” today.
Abject: utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, or wretched

I know it’s not the best thing in the world but I worked hard for this.
Pyrrha was my FIRST armor, corset and prop build. I made everything by hand, without patterns.
Everything but my boots and wig, which I STILL EDITED.
I spent over 500 hours on making this outfit! (probably more!)

Cosplay isn’t about perfection, it’s about fun. People will always say mean things.
But I have so many happy memories that were made as Pyrrha! I’ve met so many new friends and learned so much!

So to haters, I don’t cosplay to please you. I refuse to get upset, cry or be discouraged by you! Find a better use for your time.

To other cosplayers, don’t let other people bring you down. Your work is amazing, no matter what is said. Remember, it’s not about how many likes or reblogs, how many cosplays or fans. Do it for the fun, the memories and the friendships. Do what you love and don’t let hate hold you back in anything you do. ❤

To the good cis/white/hetero/male people who are treated poorly for things they cannot control...

Dear cis people,
I know a lot of you are scared to approach trans people or feel guilty for being yourself because there is a lot of hate towards cis people going around. I’m here to tell you that you are special, important, and not all of us are against you. I, and many others, are on your side.

Dear white people,
I know a lot of you are sick of being shut down or feeling like you don’t haveva right to stand up for yourself. I can only imagine what it must be like to experience prejudice but be told you’re racist for standing up for yourself. I’m here to tell you that you are special, important, and not all of us are against you. If anyone is racist towards you and you feel you can’t stand up for yourself, you can call on me and I will defend you.

Dear straight people,
I know if must suck to be stereotyped and have your orientation made out to be inferior. Your allyship to the LGBT community is not a waste and we could never have gotten where we are now without you. I’m here to tell you that you are special, important, and not all of us are against you. Your relationships are just as sweet, healthy, and important as gay people’s are and you deserve the same respect.

Dear men,
You are not inferior, bad, or oppressive. Your existence does not harm anyone and I know you have issues just like everyone else. It’s unfair for you to be silenced and stereotyped just because of your gender, something you cannot control and I am very sorry you face that. I’m here to tell you that you are special, important, and not all of us are against you. It’s okay to be yourself, speak your mind, and enjoy your life. Don’t let anyone take that away from you and don’t let people get you down.

Groups who advocate for equality and putting an end to prejudice should be the last ones spreading hate yet it’s become a huge issue in the last few years and the tables have flipped. Those who claimed oppression are now oppressing and it’s unfair. We aren’t all like this. A lot of us love and support others no matter who they are or how they are. We want true equality for EVERYONE and that means white people, cis people, heterosexuals, and men are part of the plan as well.

Your ships are amazing

Let’s be honest here the dedication you put into your pairing is stunning the art, the writing even the editting!

You have worked hard for this ship don’t let other people put you down because it’s “problematic”

Even if you don’t contribute to the ship with a creative process believe it or not you’re still contributing by giving feedback to artists and writers!

You’re strong if you love this pairing keep on shipping it!

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Cinderella PT 2 - Jughead Jones

Okay so Cinderella went down REALLY well and I’m pretty sure I would be skinned alive  if I didn’t do a part 2 so HERE YA GO. THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG SERIES WITH SOME CHEEKY CLIFFHANGERS!!! Feel free to send me feedback/suggestions!

Words: 3,865

Warnings: Description of cuts (not self inflicted) and violence / Swearing galore


Jagged cuts, twisting like vines up your arms from shards of bottle glass. Red eyes, dried up from fallen tears. You looked like a mess.

Last night had been the most free night of your life since your Mother died. You’d danced with a boy who made your insides flutter and for the first time in forever you finally felt as if you were worth something. Of course, that feeling couldn’t last forever. It had taken the strike of a clock at midnight to remind you of your fate, awaiting you at home. A reminder that you weren’t free, and probably never would be. 

The second you had stepped in the front door, you’d felt a rough fist grab you, pulling you by the hair, as you screamed, into the kitchen. Your step-mum, in all her drunken glory, shouting  swears and profanities at you. She wouldn’t stop throwing stuff either, carelessly, not really worried if whatever she was throwing hit you or didn’t hit you. You managed to escape, with a palette of bruises, small scars and a deep gash on your leg from where your step-mum had picked up a whole box of empty bottles and smashed them at your feet. Anna and Drew had decided to stay at Cheryl’s house, so you didn’t see them for the rest of the night. 

Once the assault had finally ended, you had used the little energy you had left to go upstairs and tend to your wounds in the bathroom. You liked to think of them as battle scars. That’s what your Mother would say…

“(Y/N)! What on earth have you done you silly goose,” Your Mother, in all her radiant beauty, picked a tearful 5 year old you off the gravel pavement of your driveway and sat you down on a bench. She wiped away your tears, seating you on her lap as she brushed down your dress affectionately.

“I fell over,” You pouted, pointing to your knee. A barely visisble red cut had formed and your Mother chuckled under her breath, before leaning down and kissing it gently.

“Oh no darling, how did you manage that?” She played along with your exaggeration, putting on a fake frown.

“I was playing princesses, because I’ve always wanted to be a princess! We were being attacked by trolls, so I was leading my kingdom into battle, but I tripped! I’m an awful princess,” You shook your head, wiping away any stray tears with your clenched fists. Your mother took your hands and uncurled your fingers from their tight ball, one by one. She held them close to her heart before bending down so she was on eye level with you. She smiled at you, her eyes filled with love.

“You are a beautiful princess. A princess doesn’t have to be graceful, she has to be strong, and that’s just what you showed by braving a deadly fight with the trolls! But perhaps, maybe nobody would have to get hurt if you would talk to the trolls. Make a peace. Where there is kindness, there is goodness and where there is goodness, there is magic. Have courage my little princess, and be kind.”

Memories of your mother consumed you for the rest of the night, as you curled up tight, crying softly to yourself as nobody else could listen.

You wanted to be the princess that she always wanted you to be.

But it was so hard to be kind when people spat at your feet and showered you in hate.

You woke up in the morning, feeling tired and weighed down by the events of last night. Your mind drifted towards Jughead. What did he think of you after what you did? He probably thought you were some kind of selfish bitch, although you were used to that opinion. The thought of someone you really liked thinking about you that way bothered you. Was this the name you would make for yourself?

You had to pick yourself up and carry on. The likely situation, would be that Jughead and his friends would never speak to you again, and you would spend the rest of your high school days alone as you did before.

You were such a wallflower that you couldn’t even be bothered to make an effort with your appearance. You threw on a comfy, oversized grey sweater, black leggings and matching converse. You tied your hair up in a messy bun and only touched up with light makeup, especially around the eyes to conceal their puffy and red exterior. 

The house was quiet and you didn’t dare make a sound. Your step-mother was probably crashed on the couch. She wouldn’t be as angry as yesterday if you woke her up but it would give her enough reason to scream profanities and you didn’t have the energy to deal with her this early in the morning.

You slung your backpack over your shoulder, preparing to leave for the walk to school, considering your bike had been vandalised. Something caught your eye on the way out your bedroom though, and you turned around to look at the hook on the back of the door. Your mask from last night, still in perfect condition along with a zipped bag that contained your dress. A haunting reminder of Cheryl’s party. You were of course, missing some components of your outfit, including the bejewelled necklace and shoes. The shoes were probably back in Veronica’s closet but you couldn’t imagine the look on her face if you told her that you’d thrown away the necklace. Another hit-list you would be added to.

You shook your head, leaving the outfit untouched as you managed to creep your way downstairs and out the front door, heading for school.

The school hallways were the same as ever. Jocks pressing cheerleaders up against the lockers for impromptu make-out sessions, public arguments, people who were too loud for their own good, people who wanted to get out of the crowded hallway as soon as possible, popular kids, non-popular kids, normal kids. And then you, so bland to an outsider that you couldn’t be placed in a category. Too naive and pretty, the perfect girl next door with good looks and good grades.

You were so much more. If only people knew.

“Chin up princess or your crown will slip”

Your mother would say to you. Don’t let people put you down. Those who put you down only feel bad about themselves, and you should try and reach out to them. 

Your thoughts clouded your head, so you didn’t realise when an arm reached out to grab you. You let out a tiny yelp, that was drowned by the noise of the hallway, as the person latched onto your arm, pulling you into the Janitor’s closet. You managed to push them off of you before stepping back to look at your kidnapper. Kidnappers.

Betty and Veronica, arms crossed, staring at you so intensely they could start a fire. They stepped to the side, to reveal that behind them was the boy you’d danced with the night before. You felt your face flush crimson as he stared at you with a similar intensity before stepping forward.

“(Y/N)…” he began but you cut him off quick.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll work days on end to pay for the necklace, and anything else I damaged. I didn’t mean to leave like that it’s just, my step-mo-” It was now Jughead’s turn to interrupt you as he pulled you in to a warm embrace, wrapping his arms around your waist and rubbing soothing circles where his hands lay. You were stiff with surprise, before melting into his arms and letting out a small sob. It was so relieving to finally have someone to lean on. You couldn’t help but feel weak though. 

When the two of you finally broke apart, Veronica and Betty went in for a reassuring hug, before linking arms and leaving the tight closet, so you two could spend the time alone together.

“Bets and Ronnie told me about your home life,” He confessed and you hung your head in shame. “You should have told someone,” His voice was now a whisper, and when you looked up to meet his eyes, they were drowning in concern and that one helpless look that you knew too well.

“I couldn’t. She’d kill me,” You bit your lip, trying to stop the tear dam from overflowing for the 80th time since last night. You couldn’t help but cling to him again, desperately searching for something to hold onto. He let you, soothingly rubbing your back as you buried your head in his shoulder. He froze, and you realised the sleeves of your sweater had rode up during the hug. You tried to play it off but he had already seen the bottle cuts. 

“Were these…did you?” Jughead was speechless and you shook your head rapidly.

“No no no. They’re from bottles that she threw at me when I got home late,” You sounded like you were reassuring him but this really wasn’t any better than what he thought you had done in the first place.

“My god (Y/N)” He traced his fingers up them at a slow pace, causing you to feel waves of shivers. “We have to tell someone, anyone.”

You shook your head, a bitter laugh escaping you. “Please Jug, don’t you think I’ve tried to reach out once or twice? Nobody will listen to me. I’m not worth people’s time. Especially with Anna and Drew now on Cheryl’s side and no proof of what they do to me. If I tried to reach out, I would be labelled as an attention seeking whore,” You choked out, your voice raw from the sobbing. You were so done with tears. You made to leave but Jughead grasped your wrist, pulling you so hard that you stumbled into him, hands pushing into his chest. You felt embarrassed all over again, and when you looked up at him he was smirking and wiggling his eyebrows teasingly. You jumped back, hiding your face in your baggy sweater so he couldn’t see your overwhelming tomato blush.

“Seriously though, don’t go, not yet,” He whispered. “Stay.”

He sounded so genuine and vulnerable. You sighed, before pulling up a small stool that the Janitor used to reach higher windows on tall walls and sitting down, waiting for what Jughead had to say.

“What if I told you I did have proof?” 

“I would say you’re lying to me and this is some kind of sick joke but I guess that gives you an insight in to how low my expectations have fallen at this point.”

He rolled his eyes and you chuckled in response.

“Me and Betty were at the party to interrogate certain people on Jason Blossom’s murder for the Blue and Gold, we carried around a voice recorder. I couldn’t stand how sociable it was, being an antisocial myself, so I gave Betty the recorder and sulked off for the rest of the party until you found me. Long story short, she recorded your sisters recording me and you but they ended up saying shitty things about you and how they were going to expose you so Bob’s your uncle, there’s your proof! This could change everything,” Jughead paced back and forth, pausing every now and then so you could take things in. He looked excited at the end for your reaction, but you looked deadly pale.

“Anna and Drew know I was at the party?” You whispered, eyes widening in fear. This clearly wasn’t the reaction he was hoping for and he bent down so he was eye level for you, resting his warm hands over your shaking ones.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. We have weapon on our side here, we could use this to our advantage!” He rubbed your hands together. You hated how he talked about this as if it were some kind of huge game or war.

“And they have huge dirt on me. They could show my step-mum. She’d skin me alive. Find a way to frame me for stealing the outfit, beat me to death no matter what counter evidence you have,” You picture her face, her rage. Your whole body was violently shaking now.

“We could gather more against your step-mum overtime, this will just stop your sisters in the mean time. They’ve built themselves a reputation over the past couple of weeks and they wouldn’t dare spoilt it,” He pulled you off of the stool and into another tight hug. Your head rested on his lap as you tried to calm yourself. Think happy thoughts.

Princess. Scars. Record. Necklace. Shoes. Advantage. Proof. Don’t go. Please. Stay.

Words that wouldn’t stop repeating and ringing in your ear.

You’d left the closet, Jughead at your side. He’d tried to reassure you and although you felt better than before, you still doubted this whole muddle that you were caught up in. You wished that the ground would open up, devouring you into the darkness below.

You made it through most of the day without an issue. Sadly, just after lunch you ended up running into the people you wanted to avoid the most. You were walking down the hall towards the water fountain, throat parched from the outdoor heat.

“(Y/N) is it?” A voice called your name and you froze. You were never acknowledged in these halls. You turned around and met face to face with the demon queen of high school herself, Cheryl Blossom. 

You nodded your head as a response, over analysing all of her movements and gestures in your head. Why was she talking to you? Why did she care? “Honey, you can speak. I don’t bite,” She giggled sickeningly, before linking her arm in yours. The two of you continued to walk down the corridors, not really going anywhere, you just let Cheryl lead you.

“Umm Cheryl, what… what do you want?” You asked, fearing the worst.

“I just wanted to walk and talk. According to your sisters, my newest henchmen, you were killing it at my party last night. They showed me a picture,” Cheryl’s overly sweet voice made you feel sick to your stomach, as you just tried to go along with what she was saying.

“Thank you,” You mumbled and Cheryl flipped back her long, ruby locks.

“Honestly I don’t know why you don’t come to my parties more often when you strut around wearing dresses like this,” She stopped, pulling out her phone and showing you a screenshot. It was a screenshot of the video. Did Anna and Drew send this to her? You were holding Jughead’s hands, your dress exposed to the moonlight, basking in it’s intricate and elegant design with pride. You couldn’t help but think you actually looked beautiful. When you looked back to Cheryl with a soft smile on your face, your mood was shattered by her sudden cold, piercing eyes. “Where did you get it?” Her tone sounded mocking and you instantly ripped your arm away from hers.

Cheryl tilted her head in feign hurt and bewilderment as you backed away from her. She was giving you disturbing vibes and you didn’t want to be alone with her in this hallway anymore. You rushed down the stairs, merging in with the now crowded ground floor hallways now that lunch was over. You thought you were safe, leaning against your locker and taking in deep breaths. 

Two arms slammed down at either side of your head, but they were from different people. You were trapped once again, the sense of freedom flying even further away. You suddenly missed not mattering at all, to anyone. You shouldn’t have gone to that stupid party.

Anna and Drew loomed over you and although they weren’t that taller than you, you couldn’t feel any more small. Drew dug her nails into your wrist, so different to how Jughead had handled you. She dragged you into an empty classroom before slamming you up against a whiteboard, Anna hot on her tail.

“Listen fat freak,” Drew hissed and you winced. “Did you really think you could just skip back into school like nothing happened? Did you not get wasted as you grinded on that boy last night?” She spat the words, spewing lava that burned you. 

The way she twisted the romance, the happiness that you had felt made everything so much worse. As if they were taking away your safe haven.

“I didn-” You began but your step-sisters simultaneously slammed their hands down at your sides again and you jolted, stopping dead in your tracks.

“We have video evidence of everything that happened. Imagine if we were to leak this to a certain someone. We could twist the story, innocent girl gone rogue,” Drew continued to jeer. Anna didn’t say much, she just nodded every now and then.

“My-my friends.. they have audio evidence of you. It could ruin you,” You mustered up your confidence, chin help up in defiance.

Keep your head up Princess.

“Your friends? Pfft! Anyone can be bribed princess,” Drew mocked. “They’re not your friends. Besides, what will it do? What we said about you, Mummy would agree with and you know it. Us being a bit bitchy won’t stop her from beating you to a bloody pulp.”

You closed your eyes, trying to block out the images that were forming in your mind. The bottles. The boxes of empty bottles.

“What do you want from me?” Your voice cracked, head down, tears spilling.

“A lot, but you’ll learn soon enough. You have a debt to pay if you want to keep this under lock and key (Y/N)” She toyed with her phone, the video tauntingly paused on the screen.

“D, that’s enough, she gets the point,” Anna sighed, grabbing her sisters hand and pulling her off of you and out of the room. Drew wouldn’t stop glaring at you.

“The game has begun bitch,” Was the last thing you heard, and you slumped  down, head in your hands.

Here lies Celia (Y/L/N)

Loving wife of Thomas (Y/L/N)

And Mother of (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

A Queen in other’s eyes, she will be missed.

You read the epitaph over and over again every time you visited her grave. Beside it, you lay down another bouquet of white lilies. You just stood there, staring. You would look like a creep to a bystander but you didn’t care. You found comfort in talking to your Mother. She would always listen.

“I can’t do it Mum,” You shook your head, kicking the ground with frustration, accidentally shovelling earth with the heels of your feet. “My whole life I’ve dedicated to kindness, to tolerance and to resilience and to patience and all the values you taught me. You taught me to keep my head up strong and to believe in myself. You taught me that kindness is the route of all good magic. How am I supposed to believe in myself when nobody else does?” 

You would always let everything go here, this was your time away from home, from school, from the drama to scream out loud and just let it all go.

“I want to Mother, I want to be the princess that you want me to be. But how can I be graceful if I just keep falling down. How can I be pretty when I’m decorated in scars. These aren’t battle scars, these are just reminders that I’M WEAK, THAT’S ALL I AM. I’M WEAK AND I’M ALONE AND…. and… I’m afraid,” You felt yourself crumple into a pile on the floor sobbing into the mud. You didn’t care how crazy or dirty you looked. The only time people noticed you is when you were flawed. You did good things for others all the time but people only cared about when you fucked up.

You felt so fake. Like a Barbie doll. Other people were pulling the puppet strings and you felt so weak and vulnerable. So fake.


“I can’t believe you’ve never had a burger before,” Jughead’s mouth was full of food as he talked and you almost choked with laughter. He had invited you to study at Pop’s after school. When he found out you had never tried a burger before in your life, her forgot about studying and made it his mission to get you to try one of Pop’s very own. ‘Why not start with the best’ he’d said and you had to admit, it was pretty damn delicious.

“I don’t know, I guess I’m just the queen of microwave dinners,” You laughed and he smirked, shaking his head. It had been a week since the incident with Drew and Anna. You had confided in Betty and Veronica about what happened. You told Jughead about Cheryl, but not about your stepsisters because you really didn’t want to worry him. Especially now that you were spending time together like this, times where you felt happy. You couldn’t dream of ruining that.

Besides, it didn’t prove to be that much of an issue. It had been a week and their threats had not fallen through, which gave you some hope that this would all be over before you knew it. Juggie and Betty had accepted you into the Blue & Gold, so you had an excuse to spend a lot of time at Betty’s house. You could also focus your mind on something else and it was really helping your fragile mental state.

You’d gained confidence through hanging out with the SBC and you were beginning to finally see the positive outcome of that fateful night at the party. 

But when something is going right for you, it’s just not allowed to last for long is it?

You were currently having a “Pop’s Fries Scoffing Competition” with Jughead and were winning by a mile when Jughead’s phone began to buzz, violently. As in, it wouldn’t stop buzzing. It wasn’t a phone call though, just someone who seemed very eager to text him. He ended up getting so distracted that he had to stop ‘scoffing’ and check his notifications, a look of clear annoyance plastered on his face.

You were busy gloating about your glory, doing a victory dance. Jughead’s eyes were wide, with fear and shock as he dropped his phone on the table, the loud bang stirring you from your imaginary victory parade.

“What’s wrong sourpuss? Sad you lost?” You smirked, reaching over to steal his food, the prize of the bet. Another reason the two of you got on so well was your shared love of food, specifically trashy junk food which did not in any way treat your body like a temple.

“The voice recording,” He slowly rose from his side of the booth. You tensed, putting a fry which was on it’s way to your mouth back down again. 

“What about it?” You were afraid to ask, because judging by his expression, it wasn’t positive news.

“It’s gone.”

Here lies Celia (Y/L/N)

Loving wife of Thomas (Y/L/N)

And Mother of -

The only remaining evidence left of the now destroyed gravestone.


DISCLAIMER: I spell Mum as Mum because I’m British and it’s just a habit, although i did use the word ‘candy’ in a fic once rather than ‘sweets’. I apologise for my inconsistency :3

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1. You are here. Only here. At this moment. And you are here alone. You have to take care of yourself. No one else will. No one else cares about how much you hurt of if you even do. So do whatever your heart needs.

2. Talk to everyone. Even the people you hate. You will see the beauty inside of them. You will understand only by listening. Talk to the one you never once spoke a word to. I promise it will clear up the sky.

3. Nothing is what it seems. Absolutely nothing. Not even the clearest thing. Remember that. Hold on to that. Let it make you wiser.

4. Everyone holds a galaxy full of pain inside of them. So some will smoke. Or do drugs. Or drink. Others will smile as if nothing is wrong. Or kiss and hug and laugh. We all deal with pain in very different ways and we do everything we can to forget.

5. Never regret experiences. Even if it leaves bad memories. You learn so much. You grow. You become someone new. Just look at where you once were and where you are now. I promise you will be thankful if can’t see it now.

6. Love yourself. Be on your own side. Defend yourself. Don’t let people break you down. Because they will take advantage of you, if you do not see your own worth. You are important. And yourself is what you should focus on.

—  ck.writes (on Instagram) // 6 things i learned the past month

sunbeamsandmoonrays  asked:

The scene at Pop's doesn't happen, Jughead gets on the bus to Florida, and Betty tags along? Or some variation of that. Thank you!

Here you go, hope it’s what you were looking for! Enjoy!

Title: Runaways


“Betty, it’s me. I know you deserve more than this rushed, less than eloquent explanation in the back alley of a bus station - I mean, what we’ve gone through together surely warrants a twenty page exposé on what being with you has meant to me or at least some overly dramatic farewell in the parking lot like they do repeatedly in romantic comedies. But this hastily prepared phone call is all I’m able to come up with at the moment, most notably due to the fact that if I saw you in person right now I’d never be able to get on that bus. And I really need to go. Get out of Riverdale and away from the Blossoms and my father’s sins and - well, everything. Just know that I’m not leaving because of you, Betty Cooper. You’ve made these last few months of torturous hell some of the best months of my life. I’ll never forget that. And I’ll never forget how much I - I - I have to go. Bye, Bets.”


Jughead clutched his beat-up hiking backpack that hung over his shoulder tightly with his gloveless hand, the chilly morning air flushing his cheeks and nose a pale pink that made him look like a young boy again, braving the cold just to play in the snow for a few hours until his mother called him in for dinner. Taking a step into the crowd of bus-goers, he stopped himself short before joining the passengers as they filed their way into their seats, glancing back at the bus depot’s entrance as if waiting for something -or someone- that wasn’t coming.

“Are you getting on or not, kid?” the bus driver asked from the driver’s seat, a tired expression crossing his face as he glanced down at Jughead standing by the open doorway looking unsure of himself as he teetered back and forth from one foot to the other. “The bus leaves the station in five minutes with or without you so I’d make up your mind pretty quick if I were you.”

“I’m coming,” Jughead assured him, although he made no move to prove his point and join the rest of the crowd on the bus.

“You might want to tell your feet that,” the bus driver pointed out. “They look pretty glued to the pavement there.”

“Just give me a few more minutes,” Jughead mumbled, adjusting his grip on the bag with one hand and sliding his ticket into the back pocket of his jeans with the other. “I have to get on that bus.”

“Well you’ve just wasted a full minute and a half in your failed attempt to convince us both of that statement, so whatever epiphany you think you’re going to have just standing there, I’d think of something that could make it happen a little quicker otherwise you’re stuck in this town forever,” the driver warned him, leaning back in his seat and resting his head back on the headrest behind him. “Or at least until the next bus leaves.”

“Come on, Jughead,” he mumbled to himself, the snow beginning to fall lightly on his beanie and the street in front of him. “Just get on the bus. There’s nothing keeping you here.”

“Running away to escape the sins of your father, huh?”

Jughead whirled around at the sound of the familiar voice that had made his heart skip a beat every time he heard it over the past few months, his pulse quickening at the sight of a bundled up Betty Cooper making her way over to him, her pale baby blue scarf wrapped snuggly around her neck and her gray peacoat buttoned all the way up to the tip of the collar.

“That’s a little ‘Huckleberry Finn’ don’t you think?”

“No, if I were following in the footsteps of Huck Finn, I would have faked my own death to escape my family,” Jughead pointed out, his gaze focused intently on the thick letters written on the side of the bus in front of them. “And we already had one teenager try that in this town - didn’t turn out so well remember?”

“Juggie,” Betty breathed, stepping around him so that he was forced to meet her gaze. ”Florida?”

“Yeah, well I hear that listening to the waves and feeling the ocean breeze on your skin does wonders for writer’s block,” Jughead shrugged, his expression hard and distant as he struggled to keep his heart from fluttering the way it always did when he was in her presence. “And considering I’m not writing my novel on Jason Blossom’s murder anymore, I figured a little seaside town in Florida was as good a place for a little inspiration and a fresh start.”

“Alone?” Betty’s voice was small, almost heartbreakingly so, and it took every bit of strength Jughead had left in him to resist scooping her up into his arms and holding onto her forever.

“I’ve been alone for the better part of my life, Bets,” Jughead reminded her, taking a step away from her as he continued to keep his distance. “My mother, Jellybean, now my father - they’ve all left me at some point, one way or another. And I know you were only doing what you thought was right to protect me, but even my friends, who I thought I could trust more than anyone, lied to me. People leave and let you down, it’s the way my life has always gone and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

Jughead felt his eyes begin to prickle with tears and he quickly stepped around Betty, wiping at his eyes with the back of his hand and moving to place one foot on the first step leading up to the bus.

“But none of that matters anymore because I’m leaving that all behind. Goodbye Riverdale, goodbye Jughead Jones,” Jughead muttered, turning his back to Betty and grabbing onto the door with his free hand. “And it all starts as soon as I step onto that bus.”

“No,” Betty snapped, her voice ringing out amidst the empty bus station and falling snow blanketing the scene in front of them, causing Jughead to stop dead in his tracks, his foot sliding off the bus and back onto the pavement as he spun back around to face her.


“You don’t get to just leave like that,” Betty told him, her eyes dancing wildly as the rage and longing and fear of losing something she had grown to crave more than oxygen over the past few months, began to take over her expression. “Not after everything we’ve been through together. Not after you climbed into my bedroom that day we went to see Polly and you kissed me. Not after everyday since then where you’ve been the one thing keeping me sane through this whole ordeal. Not after you made me fall in love with you!”

The words echoed off the walls of the empty bus depot, lingering in the air for a moment before hitting Jughead hard and fast, causing his heart to stop beating and his eyes to widen in disbelief as he slowly lifted his head to look at her.

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t mean for it to come out like that,” Betty apologized, her hand flying up to cover her mouth in disbelief as a beautiful pink color began to creep up onto her cheeks at the unexpected declaration. “I’m sorry.”

“You love me?” Jughead breathed, the words so quiet and unlike his own voice that he was sure that it was someone else who had spoken them.

“Yeah, Jug,” Betty assured him, her lips creeping up into a shy smile as she finally said the words that had been lingering in her thoughts for weeks, out loud. “I love you.”

In that moment, amidst the falling snow and the rumbling of the bus awaiting the last of its passengers, Jughead knew without a shadow of a doubt that the next move he made would solidify the fate of their relationship for the rest of time. So without another word, Jughead dropped his backpack onto the snow-covered pavement and took Betty’s face in his hands, her skin cool and smooth and perfect to the touch, and kissed her until all the words and feelings and thoughts that he couldn’t say right then, didn’t need to be said out loud anymore. With that one kiss, Betty got the answer she had been hoping for all along - something more than what could have been expressed through pretty soliloquies or well-thought-out speeches. And that was enough for her.

“Time’s up, kid,” the bus driver announced from the driver’s seat, causing Betty and Jughead to abruptly pull back from their embrace to meet his gaze. “Are you getting on or not?”

“I’m coming with you,” Betty told him, already pushing her way towards the steps leading up to the bus, nearly slipping on the patch of ice on the road and reaching forward to hold onto the side of the vehicle to regain her balance.

“What? Betty, no I can’t ask you to leave everything you’ve known your entire life for me,” Jughead told her, reaching out to take her by the elbow and pulling her gently back towards him. “And I can’t ask you to leave Polly, especially not now.”

“She’s the one who suggested I leave with you,” Betty admitted, pointing to the luggage off to the side of the bus that Jughead hadn’t noticed until that moment, revealing that this was what she had been planning all along.

“You didn’t come here to say goodbye,” Jughead guessed, realization washing over his face as he took in the bus ticket sticking out of her pocket and everything started to make sense to him. “You came here to run away with me.”

“Polly and Jason never got their chance to get out of Riverdale together,” Betty reminded him, taking his wind-bitten hands in hers and stepping forward to close the gap between them. “But maybe we actually have a chance to be happy, away from all the secrets and lies and drama, Jug. I know that as long as I’m with you, I can be happy anywhere. So let’s go be happy.”

“Bets, are you sure?” Jughead wanted to know, his brows drawing together in concern as he glanced up at the annoyed bus driver with uncertainty. “This isn’t a short sleuthing trip across town, this is for good. I don’t plan on coming back for awhile. Maybe not at all.”

“I’m sure that I love you,” Betty assured him, her hands gently grazing his cool skin with the tips of her fingers before resting them comfortably on his cheeks. “And that’s all that matters to me right now.”

He knew that they were going to be deemed certifiably insane by the better half of Riverdale for thinking that two teenagers could survive running away with little to no money and no plan for the future mapped out in front of them, but in that moment, Jughead didn’t care. He didn’t care about the future, or what anyone else said about them, just as long as Betty Cooper was by his side every step of the way.

“Let’s go then,” Jughead announced, taking her hand in his and nodding for her to follow him onto the bus before he changed his mind.

“So that’s what he was waiting for,” the driver noticed, smiling knowingly up at Betty as she passed him on her way to one of the free seats in the back of the bus. “Can’t say I blame you, boy. I would have waited for a girl like her too when I was your age. Never got so lucky, I’m afraid.”

“I’ve waited for her longer than you think,” Jughead admitted, smiling back at Betty as she settled her way onto the plush seating and placed her own backpack on her lap in front of her. “I just hope that my loving her doesn’t ruin her life. I don’t think I could live with myself if that were the case.”

“That’s a chance you’re going to have to take, son,” the driver informed him, glancing up to meet Jughead’s gaze with somber eyes. “Otherwise, you’ll never forgive yourself for letting someone like her slip through your fingers. Trust me, I know all too well.”

Jughead nodded at the bus driver as if he understood, smiling at him gratefully before making his way down the aisle to join the girl he was going to start a new life with. He knew that he was running away from a lot of demons that Riverdale possessed for him, but he also knew that he was running to something - something better and brighter and with Betty. And that was what finally put his mind at ease as the doors shut behind them and the driver pulled out of the depot as they made their way down the road, and towards new beginnings.

itsnt it like, cute how its trendy to hate twenty-one pilots??

because y’all like hating on light skinned men 

more than you like appreciating the achievements of two mentally ill mixed race boys that came from extremely controlling and abusive upbringings 

that are now living their dreams and spreading the message of working through and overcoming your mental illness and not letting other people keep you down and unhappy???

isnt that??? cute?? itsnt that a fun trend?