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my heart is my biggest weakness and the worst part about that is that i know it, but choose to let it win anyways. i cant even have feelings for someone without knowing that i've already fucked up by doing that in the first place.

honestly having a big heart shouldn’t be a bad thing and I’m sorry that the people you have trusted with it in your life have let you down. I feel that having a big heart in the long run will make u appreciate things better, live in a better way, and one day someone will love you and all of your heart. I’m sorry that life hasn’t shown u that yet but I hope someday it will

Talented? Sew beautifully? Face up master? Kick ass with a drimmel? Create soul filled eyes? Enjoy making in scale miniatures? Make carrying cases? Whatever you do, do it for you. Make your dolls shine. Rock it. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t let people tear you down. Don’t allow others to justify your worth. If you like what you do, do it. If you sell it, all the power to you, and good luck navigating in the sea of salty bitches.



Peter: I’ve been ‘Puny Parker’ since first grade. I couldn’t fight back then, and I can’t now unless I want the other kids to know my secret. But luckily I have Gwen (whos super scary when she needs to be) and Harry (who has very threatening body guards) to back me up and help me out. And it’s not so bad, I get to put Flash in his place every once and a while but Aunt May always says he probably has it bad at home. So I just try to keep my distance and tape my glasses back together while I roll with the literal punches.

northern downpour // panic! at the disco

Learning how to trust again after someone let you down is a hard process but it’s worth it when you meet the right people.
—  Things I realized when I couldn’t let people in, part VII
Why the signs like you
  • Aries:Your ideas are loud
  • Taurus:You like to sleep
  • Gemini:You are social
  • Cancer:You have feelings
  • Leo:You're smart
  • Virgo:You're amazing
  • Libra:You don't judge others
  • Scorpio:You're kind
  • Sagittarius:You're funny
  • Capricorn:You take control
  • Aquarius:You care about the world
  • Pisces:You're creative
  • The point is, everyone should love you for everything you do. Whether that be something large or even the little things, ya'll are amazing and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

real talk though why do people have to make what brendon and ryan are doing into a competition?? like it’s not ryan who was stirring up that shit. yes brendon is doing stuff and is being really successful without ryan in the band, but that’s not bc ryan left, that’s bc brendon is very talented and hardworking. and if ryan wants to chill out and hang out with his friends and party then he should be able to since he spent most of his early twenties touring and being very busy. don’t act like ryan is on some lower level just bc he’s not doing the same shit as brendon