I flippin’ adore Leigh-Anne. I’ve never met anyone like her in me life because she’s like a diva but the loveliest little diva that you will ever meet. She is literally made for this popstar life. Like, everything down to fashion, down to just having her hair and makeup done, to being on stage, to having people take pictures of her. She just loves it. But what I love about Leigh-Anne, she admits that she loves it and I really like that about her. But aside from that, she’s the nicest, kindest person you will ever meet.
—  Jesy talking about Leigh-Anne in Glory Days: The Documentary

Did you know you can ride the bullet train for 300 yen? A ¥200 train fair plus ¥100 express ticket will get you a ride on the shinkansen from Hakata to Hakata-minami. 

 “Surely you can ride the subway that far for cheaper!” You might be thinking. NOPE. Actually, the bullet train appears to be the only line that runs through Hakata-minami.

 More to the point, something was … strange about this particular bullet train. The colors were wrong, for one thing. I assumed it was just older, as many other trains in Fukuoka had seemed thus far. NOPE again.

The outside of the train was purple, and I noticed this… label:



I honestly had NO idea this was a thing, but apparently it’s a pretty big novelty in Fukuoka; there were at least three other people taking pictures of the thing while we were there, and for us it was a COMPLETE coincidence (Satoshi just wanted to ride the 300 yen bullet train… I keep calling him a train nerd, to an indignant, 「チガウよ!」 every time lololol)

Anyway, this is a big enough of a draw that there are merch shops specifically for the train, and even a cafe in the underground area! 

(we didn’t go; I just thought it was neat)

Anyway, kudos to Eva for being so friggin popular over 20 years later. 

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why do people whitewash pictures of BTS? I️ prefer them to be tan, but they’re beautiful either way


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Stranglewank is literally one of the worst radfem run accounts I have ever seen. Legal murder? Murder INDUSTRY?? WHAT?? THE FUCK????

I’m obviously not gonna check this out because the URL is “stranglewank” and I’m sure that if I typed that into my browser I’m gonna see a bunch of pictures of people masturbating while being choked and I’m not about that. I mean, everything about this ask screams “obvious troll,” starting with the fact that I don’t really talk about “radfem blogs” ever, I’m sometimes critical of TERFs but generally I feel like anyone who’s critical of TERFs wouldn’t call them “radfems” and leave out the most hateful part of their ideologist, but most importantly the fact that if I go to that URL I’m bound to see some pretty graphic cock-porn I haven’t asked for, and that’s not the way I want my day to go

you know what else I’m thankful for? Supernatural, for providing a moment like this up there. There are people from all over the US and the world in this one picture, people that would never have met if it wasn’t for this show. I’m thankful for each one of you, for the AMAZING week we spent together after so much planning, for all the moments, the laughter, the “nice brownies” we had, the walk back to the hotel with Karri and Allison in the middle of the fucking night when we were drunk out of our asses and I was scared shitless to be deported and the visit to Ihop at 3 am, the tattoo we got together, the meals, the walks, the con, everything. I’ll never forget a single moment we spent together, and I truly hope our plans become true and we can live it all together. I’m glad to the city of New Orleans, LA, for welcoming us so well and for the amazing people we met there and made us feel at home. Actually, I’ve been to the USA so many times lately that I already feel like home whenever I am there, and always so welcomed. I can’t stress enough how thankful I am for those days, and how perfect they were. All because of each one of you.

In the pic: @nursedean @buticancarryyou @whoaeasytiger @sammichgirl @sasquatchandleatherjacket @baronsamediswife @buttheyrebrothers and me. @sammyatstanford isn’t in this pic, but she was a huge part of that week too! I love you all from the bottom of my heart!


people are just posting pictures and not moments alsldjfjf im screaming if that ain’t bey

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Wait, who's whitewashed in New Mutants?

*Cracks knuckles*

Roberto “Bobby” da Costa AKA Sunspot is a biracial, white/Black Brazilian man. (The fact that he is Black is actually a crucial part of his origin story too, considering he discovered his powers because racist assholes physically and verbally assaulted him in the middle of a soccer game.)

This is Bobby in the comics, vs his actor, Henry Zaga:

They got the Brazilian thing right, but gee… something seems to be missing. I wonder what it is.

Cecilia Reyes is a Black Puerto Rican woman. She was originally going to be played by Rosario Dawson, (while not perfect, definitely better than who they ended up with) who backed out of the role for reasons unknown. (She probably saw what shit it is.)

This is Cecilia in the comics, vs her actress, Alice Braga:

Well, isn’t that weird. But what an innocent mistake, am I right?

Danielle “Dani” Moonstar AKA Mirage is a Cheyenne woman. A Cheyenne woman with dark skin, and who you could never call whitepassing. 
(Dani has also been one of Marvel’s punching bags for a while now, and I am still eagerly waiting for them to give her her powers back and let her rejoin the X-Men where she belongs instead of fucking around in Asgard.)

This is Dani in the comics, vs her actress, Blu Hunt:

Huh, interesting. I’m sure casting a whitepassing native girl is totally coincidentally matched with the other whitewashing, yeah?

“But Blu Hunt is a First Nations woman, shouldn’t you, a First Nations woman, be happy they didn’t cast a white woman to play Dani?” Well, yes and no. Yes, I’m not as angry as I would be if they casted a white actress, as Hollywood ever so frequently does. But we are not required to be happy for Hollywood doing the absolute bare minimum when they should be aiming for accuracy. You know what the optimal casting would be? A dark skinned Cheyenne woman. Like Dani. But I would have been pleased with at least a dark skinned native girl period. And when you pair this casting with the casting of the two other characters of colour, it’s really fucking interesting how supposedly out of their international search for actresses, they could only find a whitepassing girl as suitable to play this very much not whitepassing character.
Like, if someone came up to me and said “Hey, do you want to play Dani, we know she’s one of your favourite characters!” I would say no. Because while I am half Mi’kmaw, I am whitepassing, and Dani is not.

And finally…

Xi’an “Shan” Coy Manh AKA Karma is a Vietnamese lesbian, who eventually is also an amputee. Shan was the first leader of the New Mutants…

And yet she is not even in this movie. They just. Cut her out. She is the leader of the very team they are making the movie about and they erased her entirely from it.

“An Asian lesbian you say? Oh no. We can’t have that in our movie.” 

Now, all of these characters have faced whitewashing in the comics from time to time, as well. Comicbook whitewashing is a thing. But that doesn’t mean the movies should follow suit. I’ve seen people post pictures of whitewashed art of these characters and say “look, it’s great casting!” You are comparing whitewashing to whitewashing and need to shut the fuck up.

So, this is my biggest problem with the New Mutants movie, if you can even call it that.

…My second biggest problem is that it’s fairly fucking obvious what the plot of the movie is, based on the trailer and comic knowledge, and I’m gonna go ahead and skip a story about the kidnapping and torture of an Indigenous child with the ability to create illusions out of people’s fears and thus turns the place into a haunted house and by extension is the villain of the movie by what will surely be a Shocking™ plot twist.

do you guy remember when people used to take pictures of niall and put fake quotes on them, i’m pretty sure it happened with all of 1d but for some reason the number of pics of niall with stuff that he never even said was exponentially higher than any of the other boys like????

i’m not kidding you there are so many of them i dont know why people did this to him

Sans Isn’t a Hero in Any Sense of the Word

I was willing to be quiet about the amount of Sans ass-kissing in the fandom, but a certain Youtuber dropped a vocal Megalovania cover and the comments are horrible. It’s not people who ship Fell!Sans and Swap!Sans, or love Bitty!Sans, or replace everyone in Undertale with Sans. It’s not that type of Sans ass-kissing. It’s people calling Sans “the epitome of good”, “the hero of the No Mercy run”, “striking you down with righteous fury”, etc. etc. etc.

Among the larger group of Undertale fans, even people who liked the game in 2015 and haven’t given it a single thought since then, there exists this insidious idea that Sans is this hero of justice, this calculating genius, this suave man with hidden (sexy?) emotional depths under his lazy front. We see art of Sans crying over a dusty red scarf in the No Mercy run. We get AUs (like Glitchtale) where Sans is the main scientist that everyone respects rather than Alphys (we even see Gaster replacing her in Glitchtale, but that’s another grievance to nail to another church door). We see art of Sans killing that evil, nasty Chara with his eye burning blue flame while the light of God shines down on this chosen, sexy Christ figure who brings nothing but justice and good!

What we have in canon is a fat, lazy skeleton who makes puns and willingly lets you kill everyone he’s ever known and loved because he’s too sad to try and stop you.

How the hell did we all get it so wrong?

I want to deconstruct these ideas one by one. Feel free to add on to this post or correct any mistakes i make. If you don’t want to read any further, just leave this post with this idea: Sans is not a hero or even a great person; he does not protect you, Papyrus, or anyone; he is not the smartest, strongest, or best character in Undertale by any means.

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This sucks to write, but I feel like it needs to be said.

The Korean public is not ready for Jinki to return yet. It’s as simple as that.

From all Korean Shawols I have talked with since I got here including those who aren’t Shawols and are just aware of shinee agree that this situation was shitty and have forgiven him for it. They want to see him happy. They want to see him going to the concert. But, the Korean public as a whole isn’t ready for Jinki to come back. He hasn’t even gone through the entire court process yet which, I’ve heard, is long and arduous. In sexual harassment cases, even if the case is dropped, they still have to go through the court system, it’s Korean law.

Think about it this way.. Siwon and the issue with his dog, a little more crazy, right? The woman who passed could have had tons of issues before it got to this point, she could have had other diseases other than what his dog gave her, but that’s not what people see. They see a bad owner who happens to be famous. This was such a national topic, my co-teacher who knows very little about pop bands asked me if I read about it the next day. And, consequentially, Siwon wasn’t apart of the activities with Super Junior this time around despite being in the music video. This was such a national topic when it initially happened, my co-teacher who knows very little about pop bands asked me if I read about it the next day.

If it’s taking time to get over a dog biting a human, it’s going to take a lot longer considering Jinki’s allegations.

And it sucks.

I know it sucks.

I hate it. All the Shawols hate it here too..

I’m mad at his friends for letting him get that drunk and then not protecting him, I’m mad at him getting that drunk in the first place, I’m mad at that woman’s boyfriend for insisting she press charges, but most of all, I’m just downright sad. Recently we had seen a change in Jinki, a more open mind, and heart, and now I’m afraid we won’t see that side of Jinki for a long long time.

On the lighter side of things, I love looking for Shawols are doing to support Jinki and show our love. If you currently go to Jinki’s Instagram, his last post has 93.9k comments and climbing while most of his other posts have around 7 to 10k. Every day I see people requesting pictures of Jinki in my Shawol group kakao chat. It’s these little things that let me know Jinki will have love and support through this whole process, and that’s the most important thing we can take away from this.

no one thinks of this image when they think of a butch, this is what i jokingly refer to as art school passing LOL. they think of like leslie feinberg or their middle school gym teacher or uh, their friends in the community, i think of all the butch elders i know, old bulldykes 

this is what people think of as butch when they’ve never met a butch tbh and have no idea what women can look like. which is really sad, honestly.