Superfruit's Tumblr

So… I don’t really know what to think.
I mean, sure, yeah, dear… We are in trouble… If they find some fic and some tag and some posts oh god… Forgive us guys, seriously forgive us !
And yeah, they’re gonna see we stalk them, and repost all their tweets and snaps. We’re fuckin stalkers, youhou, are they afraid now ? Cool ! Amazing !
BUT ! Hey, think about it. It could be an amazing way to make them know more the fandom and show them some things. I mean, like the petition we’re doing for PTX songs or Sup3rfruit episodes, or even some blogs as pentacomics or ptxandsup3rfruitconfessions (yeah, I really think they should see (and react to ?) some post in this), we could show them THE INCREDIBLE MITCH SUMMONS SATAN VIDEO (you thought we had forgotten huh ? Nah nah), there are so many incredible fanarts and cute stories (yeah, our ptxperience, you got me) to share with them that in a way, it’s pretty cool they decided to have a tumblr.
SO, MY DEAR FRIENDS, DON’T DELETE YOUR BLOG ! But for god’s sake… Hide the smut. HIDE IT !

(I’m not saying to destroy their ask box with thousand of question, request and links huh ! Just saying it will be easier for them to find our “works”. Don’t annoy them with “CHECK MY BLOG IT’S ALL PENTATONIX LOVE PLEAAASEEE”. Please don’t do that.)