My first post since my hiatus, which was longer than I expected… I bought most of these cuties today and the rest within the past week. My favorite is the metallic washi tap, I can’t wait to decorate my bujo with it after my exams in sociology and psychology this week (๑و•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

PHOTO FROM MY INSTAGRAM: @rotina_de_estudo 👌 go check it out
Blue and white is my aesthetic! 💕 I love studying history, i could study history 24/7 (*i’m not jk*)


art history notes + idk ive been feeling kind of down recently and my head hurts and im just really tired and stressed and ive been struggling a lot with purpose recently but its going to be okay !! i’ll be at peace with myself one day and thats all i really need

Pic from my studygram: 👉 @rotina_de_estudo 👈 check it out and comment on my last photo, i want to check out new studygrams! ❤
Long time no see but im back with my favourite orange pens and highlighters swatch that i made yesterday! 🍑🍑🍑