Pennywise dances to anything

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have a clown

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If killing kids never works out for him I believe pennywise may have a promising future in dance.

They sure have, especially as a pole dancer.
They would make it rain ~
And the dance move they did in the movie would be their special dance move.

Or become a stripper.

Only question is:
What would their stripper name be?


Creeper: such a young killer…

Michael: *just unconscious*

Ghostface: not fair! I should be free by now! >:(


Jason: *throwing money at Freddy*


Sadako: aaaand that’s the kind of thing that happens when we have visits…

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Will we ever see more of 2017 ":3" baby Pennywise. Idk why but I love your baby penny so much! It's just so adorable (sorry if that sounds creepy)

Baby Penny has returned to fuck more shit up!

Y-You’re okay. (Bill Denbrough x reader)

Requested: No 

Warnings: Swearing, trigger warnings, panic attacks, fluff.

Summary: Y/N has a dream about Pennywise while sleeping over at Bill’s house and he hears her scream and runs to help.


“Y/N.” Someone said in a sing-song voice. It was dark and dingy where I was and I could barely see with the lack of light that the place had. It reeked of foul odors and copper. There seemed to be forgotten toys and trash everywhere that I looked. 

“H-hello?” I asked into the darkness that surrounded me. Looking around i could see that the only light source that was creating light was a large hole at the top of the building, or where ever I was. The light came down from a raised funnel shape in the ceiling that was blocked from where I stood. 

“Hi ya Y/N.” It said to me in the darkness. 

“Who are you?” I asked looking from left to right to see if anyone or anything was around me. 

“Well, I’m Pennywise, the Dancing Clown.” It said with it’s high pitched voice. 

“Oh, fuck.” I said looking around to try and find It. “Oh shit I have to find a way out.” I said to myself as I finally began to move away from my spot. Navigating things in the dark was just as hard as it seemed to be. All the garbage proved to be obstacles as I tripped and tumbled over the on my way to find an open door or sewer tunnel. 

“Not without a balloon.” It said, still nowhere to be seen. 

“Fuck your fucking balloon.” I said rattling on one the lock sewer bars that lead out. 

“Oh, but you won’t leave without Bill would you.” His voice suddenly became dark and sinister. I could here sign of scuffing and muffled shouts in the dark. 

“Bill?” I asked turning around to face the giant pile of trash that was towering in the center.

“Oh, yes. Why don’t we say hello, Bill?” It said back to it’s cheery voice again.

“Y/N, g-get out of here g-go-”

“Now, manner’s Bill. You wouldn’t leave without him. Would you?” It asked again, much closer than It had seemed before. 

“Please give him back.” I begged looking around in the darkness for any sort of figure of anything to tell me where they were but I saw nothing.

“I can’t just give him back, Y/N. Those aren’t the rules of the game.” It said in a sing- song voice again. I thought for a moment.

‘What would he want?’ I asked myself as tears began to well in my eyes. It struck me like lightning strikes a windmill. 

“Take me.” I said confidently. 

“Y-Y/N no! D-Don’t take h-her! Pl-P-Please take me!” Bill cried out helplessly. 

“Aw, Poor wittle Bill. Deals already been struck.” It said before throwing Bill out from the middle of junk that was piled in the middle of the room. “Now, I have you.” Arms grabbed the back of mine in bone crushing force and I heard a small snap and screamed out in pain. It was a numbing hot pain the traveled up my arm and into my shoulder. 

“And now you’re never leaving.” It said and another spike of pain shot up in my neck. It punctured my skin with his sharp teeth and blood ran from the stinging wound. 


“B-Bill. Run!” I screamed out but, I couldn’t see him. It was as if he disappeared  but his voice still lingered on, like a ghost. 

“Y/N! Wa-Wake up!” 


I shot up in a flash, kicking the covers off of Bill’s bed and crawling up to the headboard. The dull pain of both wounds were still hot on my body and fear settled itself deep in my tight chest. Bill’s worried face was covered in the shadows of the early morning as he stared at me. His parents were in the doorway, sleepily rubbing their eyes to try and get to full attention. 

“I-I’ve got th-this guys.” Bill stuttered out while turning to his mom and dad. They nodded slowly and looked at me one last time before heading off to bed again. Bill quickly got off the bed and went for the door, closing it quietly. 

The tightness in my chest was getting worse as I tried to pull in breaths. It felt like I was taking too much air, and not letting enough of it out. It was the panic of ‘I can’t breath’. Maybe, this is what Eddie felt like all the time. 

“Are y-you alright?” Bill asked slowly sitting on the bed again. That night we had had a sleepover for the last day of school and it had been a great night, up until this. 

My hands and knees were shaking as he climbed back onto the bed. The dream had been so real that at any moment I would’ve expected him to turn into Pennywise and kill me. He stretched out his hand to touch me and i flinched away from him immediately. He looked hurt and first but then he smiled at me lightly. 

“I-It’s okay t-to be scared Y-Y/N. B-But it’s me.” He said slowly reaching up again. My breathing had quickened and tears flowed heavily down my cheeks. My eyes were wide with fear as I stared at him for help. I couldn’t understand what was happening and it freaked me out. It was like all the panic that I had ever felt rolled into one giant ball and thrown directly at my face. 

“I…Can’t.” I began to speak but, I couldn’t get the rest of the words out. It felt like they all were stuck in my lungs and I couldn’t get them out. The crying wasn’t helping either but I couldn’t help it. The salty tears just kept streaming down my face. 

“Shhh. Y-Y/N I need y-you to re-relax. It’s o-okay. I’m here.” He said slowly putting his hands on mine, pulling them away from my knees. “I-I need you t-to calm d-down for me. C-C-Can you d-do that?” He asked while unfolding my knees from my tightened chest. I sat up with my hands and feet sprawled out on the bed with Bill kneeling in between both legs. If I wasn’t already gasping for breath I would’ve been if this was normal. 

Bill took my shoulders and pulled me closer, not holding me too tight but, holding me enough to let me know that he was here and it was alright. He ran his long slender fingers through my hair as he cooed soft stuttering words in my ear. He lightly rocked us back and forth as I began to finally settle down. 

“That’s b-better i-isn’t it?” Bill said awhile after my breathing returned to it’s normal pace. “I-I’ll be r-r-right back.” He said removing his hands and arms that were positioned around me. I watched his slender figure get up from the bed and grab the covers that were thrown askew in my efforts to escape Pennywise. Just thinking about him made a small thrum of pain go through my neck and I rubbed it gently to get rid of the terrible feeling. 

As he gathered up the blankets I noticed that he kept continuously looking in my direction. His eyes would sweep from the floor to my face and back again like it was some routine that he had already done before. If he would catch my eyes he would always smile and reach to grab another blanket. 

“Are you going back to bed after this?” I asked as he came over with all the blankets. 

“N-No. I-I’ll stay i-if you would w-want me to.” He said layering all the blankets on me. 

“Please stay.” I said lightly and he smiled. At first I thought he was going to laugh at me and say that’s weird but, he finished with the blankets and walked around to the other side of his small bed and began to climb in. He was hesitant at first like I was going to change my mind and tell him to go back to sleeping on the couch again but, when I didn’t protest he slid in all the way and tucked the blankets around him.

He held his arm open for me as he laid his head on the pillow, shifting until he was comfortable. I laid my head on his chest gently, not wanting to hurt him because my head was too bug or something and he laughed while pulling me closer. His smile never left his face as I settled in, wrapping my arms around his torso.

“Thank you, Billy.” I said squeezing him lightly to show some of my gratitude. 

“I-It’s no p-problem.” He said squeezing back. His hand found it’s way into my hair again and began to stroke lightly. He stopped when his hand hit a resistance and went to a different part of my head, not wanting to hurt my scalp. 

“I love you, Billy.” I said squeezing my eyes shut at my tiny confession. It was silent for a moment and I was afraid he would totally reject me and tell me to get the hell out of his bed, and call my parents to pick me up. Panic and sadness began to set in my chest again and I held my breath.

“I love you too, Y/N.” He said. I marveled at his stutter-less confession and hugged him tighter. 

Sadako: ??? What happened?! Why is everybody so upset?!

Kayako: Ghostface let his ice cream fall…

Sadako: ……….

Kayako: ……….

Sadako: we seriously need some questions to answer! or else, this house will turn into a nutshell! -_-’