Penny Tration opinion and things of that nature

RPDR’s official Facebook page said they had a surprise for us today, and what a surprise it was. Penny Tration won the fan selected spot on season 5.

I would like to start with saying that I didn’t watch her audition video, nor have I seen videos of her performances. I’ve only seen small segments of her talking. Judging by her looks she looks like a campy queen, and campy queens have never made it far in the competition, except Pandora. I love me some campy queens, but for this competition I feel it’s not right. They are looking for someone who can follow in Ru’s footsteps, to model, to sing and to do acting. But of course, it’s a great addition to the show, because they help make it funny. And, when I look at Penny, I think of Mimi Imfurst, which really isn’t a good thing imo.

And her mug, oh god her mug. To quote Morgan McMichaels: “Honey, you do need to fix your mug”. I understand drag is supposed to be over the top, but still. And on every photo of her she looks constipated.

I do think it’s odd that she won over Adore, because as far as I know she was always in the lead. And she is funny as hell, looks amazing and she can sing, so she seems like a perfect contestant, and a possible winner, of the show.

I do like Penny’s name, though.



The Top 10 Most Busted Make Ups in Drag Race Herstory

10. Willam Belli

The first bearded lady in RuPaul’s Drag Race Herstory

9. Alisa Summers

The RuPocalypse was happening on her face

8. Jinkx Monsoon

I didn’t know you could buy prosthetic cheeks

8. Milan

Just saying that she looks like Diana Ross on crack is a complement

7. Joslyn Fox

Sorry girl, but RuPaul would never allow himself to look like that

6. Laganja Estranja

I can see Alyssa Edwards cringing in her chair when she saw this

5. Gia Gunn

I still have nightmares about “The Eye”

4. Penny Tration

Cover Girl, why your face looks like chalk?!

3. Shangela

Young boy first time in drag?

2. Phi Phi O'Hara

That wonky eye looks like it has its own life

1. Coco Montrese

Dorito realness


Rupaul’s Drag Race: All Stars - Big Girls Don’t Cry Edition

Featuring: Delta Work, Victoria “Porkchop” Parker, Jiggly Caliente, Mimi ImFurst, Madame LaQueer, Penny Tration, Stacy Layne ‘Bryant’ Matthews, and Mystique Summers ‘Eve’ Madison