June 5, 2009. The 21-year-old beauty Blake Lively was strutting down the red carpet in a slinky white gown and towering black heels when a paparazzo screamed at her to attract her attention. A source said: “He was shouting, ‘You look beautiful, like a llama!’ He meant to say gazelle, because she looked so leggy slim. Blake looked so confused!”

The star was later overheard asking her co-star and boyfriend Penn Badgley what the photographer was trying to say.

“She was saying, ‘A llama? What does that even mean?’ Then she started doing an impression of one, hunching over and making funny noises while Penn laughed.”

"Honestly, we do have something unique and special. We’re both experiencing the same kind of thing. We’re going through this experience together, which is important for us. We’re both going through something that we otherwise wouldn’t really have a partner throughout. It’s an experience that you kind of need somebody by your side who really understands it. Or at least it helps to have that. So, you know, we do find a good balance. It’s honestly not difficult at all."- Penn