Polar Bears & Penguins
  • Daddy: Did you know that polar bears and penguins have never actually met because they don't live near each other?
  • Baby: What? Nuh uh, look it up. Penguins and polar bears live in Antarctica
  • Daddy: Nope, they don't
  • Baby: But polar bears kill penguins!
  • Daddy: That's only in the movies, princess
  • Baby: That is super misleading

This scene is great because here you get to see Penguin playing the tsukommi to Polar Bear’s puns. For the VA roles you have Polar Bear with Sakurai Takahiro (Osomatsu), Penguin with Kamiya Hiroshi (Choromatsu), and to the side you have Panda with Fukuyama Jun (Ichimatsu). It’s definitely a coincidence but bonus to the colours of the puppets Polar Bear brought out for the brothers pun.  

Fluffmas Day 18-Looking At Christmas Lights (Hamilsquad x Reader)

You furrowed your brows. “Remind me. Why you guys are doing this again?”

“Because Jefferson was bragging about how his house would look better than ours!” screamed Alexander in fury, your other boyfriends sharing similar expressions. “He undermined our home!”

“Our style!”

“Our créativité!”

“Our competitiveness!”

“Okay….But still don’t you think this is going a little overboard?” you yelled to your boyfriends on the roof of your shared house.

They wanted to set up the Christmas decorations and ended getting carried away again. The entire lawn was already covered in light up inflatables, statues, and giant figurines.

“Not at all, Babydoll.” replied Hercules as Laf and him set up Santa’s reindeer and sled.

“Oui, it just the right amount of board.” added Laf, making the others laugh.

“Besides no one has gotten hurt going overboard.” defended Alexander as he and John set up the lights.

“Tell that to the people on the Titanic.” you retorted back quickly.

“Ooooh, you need some ice for that burn, Alex~” John laughed.

You knew that your boys were nonstop when Jefferson was involved. Instead of trying to futilely stop them, you decided it was safer to move the backyard trampoline to the front so when one of them ended up falling off something was there to break the fall. Also you got all the pillows in the house and put them there for good measure.

You quietly sat in the living room, reading one the new Fantastic Beasts book and sipping hot chocolate when you heard a loud scream and the stretching of trampoline springs.

“Thank you, dear!” shouted John from outside. This meant they were most likely finished with their whole decorating idea. Nothing like one them almost dying to make them give up.

You calmly sat down your things and made your way outside to see what they had done. You joined on their viewing points by the curb.

They all had crazy manic looks on their faces. You thought they looked more like bunch mad scientists trying to bring a creature back to life.

“Wait till Jeffershit sees this?!” cackled Alexander as he plugged in the lights. “Let there be light?!”

You had to admit it was a beautiful and colorful display. From the waving Santa Claus and reindeer on the roof to the inflatable penguins riding a polar bear in the yard to the giant light up candy canes that separated the driveway from the grass. John and Alexander had even arranged the lights to spell out ‘Noel Greetings’.

“I gotta admit you guys did a pretty good job.” you chimed.

Laf quickly enveloped you a warming hug. “Was there ever any doubt, mon belle?”

“I still say it’s too many lights.”

Before any of them could respond you heard a loud….


Quicker than all of you could realize, sparks flew from the plug making Alex drop it with curse.

Then everything went black. Literally.

The light up decorations on your house were off along with rest of the houses on the block. They had knocked out the power to the entire neighborhood.

“I told you so.” You deadpanned, going into the house to get the emergency candles. Your boyfriends quickly following after you, shouting apologies and how they should have listened to you.

“Look on the bright side. At least you don’t have to see the look on Jefferson’s face after this.” you joked.

Fact #06

Favorite animal ko ang Panda, Penguin at Polar Bear.  Iba ang cuteness ng black and white na animals para sakin. Haha

Disclaimer: Chicken talaga ang favorite ko, lalo na ung thigh at wing part. :P

Worlds of the Spiral

Wizard City- (Mentioned in Wizard101) The world home to Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. It’s the starter world of Wizard101 

 Krokotopia- (Mentioned in Wizard101 and Pirate101) An Ancient Egyptian style world, with Manders and Kroks. 

 Marleybone- (Mentioned in Wizard101 and Pirate101) An early British world, home to the Dogs, Cats, and Foxes. The Wizard101 version reflects the aristocrat side of Britain, while the Pirate101 reflects the poorer parts. 

 Mooshu- (Mentioned in Wizard101 and Pirate101) An Ancient China/Japan styled word, land to Cows and Goats. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm just going to imagine she does a bad job with portals so she ends up sending them to like..Texas. Or Antartica and they get chased by penguins and polar bears...

can she send herself to space and not come back thank