“Both Islamic & Judaic so-called ‘science’ state that humans are superior to animals & plants - despite us depending upon them & them not depending upon us, & that a man in Arabia built a boat that held approx. 10 million animals - including penguins that trekked across the Sahara & polar bears that trekked across Europe &, that the very same 'God’ that advised this man to do this so as to avoid a great flood, then didn’t advise him on how to find dry land, instead leaving this job to a dove. Islamic 'science’ insists that Allah keeps fresh water & sea water separate & Judaic 'science’ insists that Earth is approx. 6000 years-old & that anything that disproves this is the ‘work of the Devil.’ Both state that God needs humans to breed infinitely, yet both fail to explain how a finite land mass with a finite amount of recycled water can provide for an infinite population. With such 'scientists’ influencing the politicians, no wonder God’s gift is on the verge of a total wipe-out via methane release - which incidentally, these clever 'scientists’ & their prophets didn’t see coming.”

Alex Romane |