Scientists need your help looking at photos of adorable penguins. Seriously
"We can't do this work on our own."
By Fiona MacDonald

Guys, this is not a drill. Antarctic scientists need you to study photos of penguins to help them figure out how climate change is affecting these stumpy little flightless birds.

Scientists from the UK have installed a series of 75 cameras near penguin territories in Antarctica and its surrounding islands to figure out what’s happening with local populations. But with each of those cameras taking hourly photos, they simply can’t get through all the adorable images without your help.

“We can’t do this work on our own,” lead researcher Tom Hart from the University of Oxford told the BBC, “and every penguin that people click on and count on the website - that’s all information that tells us what’s happening at each nest, and what’s happening over time.”

The citizen science project is pretty simple - known as PenguinWatch 2.0, all you need to do is log on, look at photos, and identify adult penguins, chicks, and eggs in each image. Each photo requires just a few clicks to identify, and you can chat about your results in the website’s ‘Discuss’ page with other volunteers.

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emperor penguins, like other birds, have the capacity to fluff their feathers and insulate their bodies with a layer of air. but where most birds have rows of feathers with bare skin between them, emperors have a dense, uniform coat of feathers with tiny filaments at the base which allows them to release this layer of air as lubricating microbubbles. in doing so, the penguins are able to reduce their drag and the viscosity of the water, thus enabling them to swim faster. (photos by paul nicklen)

Why Penguins mean more then Cute in Tokyo Ghoul?

We have seen penguins multiple times in Tokyo Ghoul, well at least twice once in the background of Furuta in Chapter 76 and on Eto’s blanket in chapter 62.

However, when it happened in Chapter 62 we never put thought to why penguins, mostly because it seemed like such a normal thing to be on a girls blanket. However, when they popped up behind Furuta during his big “I’m a ghoul scene.” it was just weird. Yet, after a bit of research believe it or not its not at weird

Penguins are actually a symbol of evolution because according to those men who study dinosaurs penguins might have flown at one point, and their wings turned into fins when they had to get food from the water. Penguins did not die out because they were able to adapt to their environment. Now, isn’t it funny that the two characters associated with penguins are the best actors in all of Tokyo ghoul. Eto grew up in one of the most horrible wards in Tokyo and survived because she adapted and ate ghouls. Yet, it’s not just that either Eto has also been able to adapt to the different distinct lives she played. Eto was able to keep up the act of being a human author for thirteen years

Hell, she was even the unknown leader and founder of Aogiri while she was at it. Eto is a perfect example of adaptability because she has survived this long and was thriving. Then their is Furuta, the man the myth the legend who is literally a chameleon, he is a part of the CCG, V, Clowns, Ghoul Restaurant, Kanou, and Washuu. He can literally adapt to any situation you throw at him, just like a penguin. Yet, the most important thing is that Eto and Furuta are both half-ghouls and most likely both natural just because of the fact Sunlit Garden has breeding involved. They are both a step in the line of evolution because they are not human or a ghoul, they are a little of both.

Another thing that a Penguin symbolizes is unconventionalism, which still represents both of them. Eto is unconventional in how she works to achieve her goals. Eto has sacraficed a huge number of Aogiri members and a hideout just for the oppurtunity to break into Cochlea, Eto was willing to let herself be cut in half so that Kaneki could eat her Kagune, and let herself be captured by Kaneki to tell him about V. Furuta well I think it’s better to show then write

Penguins are also symbolise seeing the future believe it or not, yet I’m not saying that Eto and Furuta can see the future but sometimes it really feels like they can. Eto and Furuta have been shown to be both really perceptive to the point where they only time either of them are caught off guard is with each other. Eto for example was when she was messing around with Nashiro and Kurona

Then their was the time that Furuta even made Eto pause for a moment when she realized they were almost equals at perception

Another thing that Penguins are symbolized as is being inbetween, because they are black and white. Which is very symbolic in that they are both half-ghouls and are both living in the among the ghouls and human worlds. They haven’t even really picked a side they want to stay on considering Eto might be leading Aogiri Tree, but still loved playing a human author, or how Furuta is a member of the CCG and V, but likes to mingle with the clowns and in the ghoul restaurant.

The last thing that Penguin signify is gender breaking roles, like how male penguins take care of the eggs, and how the female Penguins hunt for food. This is really short because Eto is breaking gender roles because she is female and yet she is one of the strongest characters in the series, the main villain, and the leader of an organization that is threatening to bring down the world order. Which goes against a lot of female norms in fiction, you know the one that needs to be saved, and are the sidekick. Then their is Furuta who in every sense of the word screams sidekick. He always needs a boss and is always working for someone else. He never does what he wants  he is always doing what is told, like most female characters do. He always plays a damsel in distress.

Penguins in ways is symbolic of a bond that Eto and Furuta share, they are completely different yet eerily similar. I honestly think that in a way they are each others foils, while Eto is chaotic she is more organised at it, while Furuta is pure chaos.  I think that to reach either of their goals they might team up considering this

They hate each other yet, their is this underlying respect for each other which leads to them having such complex and humorous dialogue. They are connected quite literally through a mutual love of penguins.

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