spidenguinpire asked:

My favourite penguin is the fairy as its so cute and tiny! But im aparantly politically incorrect for calling it a "fairy" as it may offend the gay agenda. But its only a name not to offend anyone? What would you call the little penguin?

OK I did a little research. The official name is “Little Penguin” or Eudyptula minor, but in New Zealand they are usually called Little Blue Penguins and in Australia they’re generally known as Fairy Penguins. Apparently in 2006 Phillip Island (which has a large colony of the penguins and attracts many tourists) decided that someone could potentially be offended by the name “fairy penguin” and changed it to “little penguin,” despite the local gay community not being at all offended and pointing out that “fairy penguin” is a super-cute name for a tiny bird. Plenty of people call them Fairy Penguins and it is not at all intended to be a slur of any sort. Political correctness gets taken a little too far sometimes :)

I originally learned their name as Little Blue Penguins, so that’s what I call them.

Completely unrelated because I noticed your URL: Not only am I a big penguin fan, but I’m also secretly a huge Spider-Man fan. Like, I may or may not have recently downloaded several hundred issues of the comics dating back to 1963. We’re cool kids you and me.


At the Cape Pembrokeshire Nature Reserve in the Falkland Islands, a very unlikely friendship has occurred between a herd of horses and a lost penguin.

After becoming separated from its friends, the penguin was ‘adopted’ by the horses as one of their own and now lives side by side with the horses on the island. But don’t feel too bad for the lost penguin – the Falklands has around 500,000 breeding pairs of penguins on the island so this little guy will easily find a mate if he wishes. For now, though, it looks like he’s found a few new friends to keep him entertained until he’s ready to settle down! 

Via The Daily Mail