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Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. Anon: hey! I really love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a reid x reader where the reader has a wet dream about Spencer and she finally tells him about her dream after he asks her what’s wrong and it ends in smut?? thank you so much

Word Count: 3,589, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex.

A/N: Oh my God okay so I went a little crazy on this one and it’s a full fledged long fic. I was writing this and I actually needed to take a break my palms were sweating because Reid is so fucking hot. Anyway, I hope you like it! Please let me know if you want a Part 2 ;)

- M xo

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Sprawled out on your bed, your naked form was being admired and touched by a handsome man. He glided his fingers up and down the sides of your thighs as he placed sensual kisses on your stomach. “God, you’re so beautiful.”, whispered Spencer. 

Wait what? Spencer? Hold on. Did you just have a wet dream about your nerdy co-worker?

You woke up in your bed covered in sweat as you tried to calm down your flustered state as you panted heavily trying to vaguely recollect the memories of the dream you had just had. It wasn’t a bad dream, in fact, it was amazing. You squeezed your thighs together in hopes of some sort of relief, but all you could do was think about the dream, which made your state even worse.

You sat there in silence as you tried to comprehend what had just happened. You’d been working at the BAU for 4 years now and you had never thought of Spencer that way. Sure he was tall, had gorgeous chiselled cheekbones and never failed to amaze you with his intelligent brain. Oh, God. Here you were thinking inappropriately about your co-worker at 3 in the morning when you had to be in for work at 7. There was no way you were going to act normal in front of him after this strange yet intoxicating image of you and Spencer practically having sex ingrained in your brain. All you could do was try to get back to sleep and hope that the flush would be over in the morning.

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A Chained Heart // Chapter Two

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Words: 6, 487
Genre: Drama / Romance
Pairing: Luke Alvez & Penelope Garcia
Author’s Note: ahhhh, the love for the first chapter is incredible! I am so happy to hear that people are loving this AU fanfic of mine! It seriously means alot for me! Here is the second chapter, I hope you all like it (:

Chapter Two: “Unexpected Seriousness” [link to FF]

Penelope stared at the laptop screen in front of her. It has been exactly two hours since she arrived to work and she has done nothing by run copies for people around the floor. Checking the time on her watch, there’s another forty minutes until Derek arrives for work. Only a week has gone by since she started working in Delicate and the one thing she is mostly curious about is why Derek Morgan always starts work two and a half hours later than everybody else in the company. Penelope hasn’t exactly made friends to ask questions. What she has collected so far about the people on this floor is the fact that there isn’t no funny business. Most of the employees are either running their own meetings about certain projects and the others are rushing to the bakery side of the building to run some ideas with bakers. One of the most frustrating part of this secretary job is the fact that she has yet to set foot inside the bakery side of the building. For just a second, she would love to see the behind the scenes action of the huge bakery. It would be such a big learning experience for her. Her eyes glanced away from the laptop screen once she heard the echoing sound of Lynda’s high heels on the floorboard.

From what she understood from the guidebook that was given to her, Delicate Bakery & Co has exactly twenty-two floors. Each floor has one main assistant and a team leader for each department. Located in the first floor is the reception area. The second to third floor belongs solely to the bakery. The fourth to sixth floor is the Marketing Department with Team Leader Tara Lewis and her own assistant. The seventh to ninth floor is the Human Resources Department with team Leader Stephen Walker and his own assistant. It goes on and on with the same kind of pattern with the exception for the 20th floor to the 22nd floor. For those three floors, it belongs to three different team leaders that take charge of the bakery decision for the company. Spencer Reid’s office is located on the 20th, Jennifer Jareau’s office is located on the 21st and the 22nd’s floor which is considered as the top floor - belongs to Derek Morgan and the CEO, Luke Alvez.
With what she can gather from her short time here so far, the 22nd floor is the floor employees avoid the most. Unless it’s really needed, no one dares to push the button for this floor in the elevator. Penelope blinked her eyes as soon as she heard the elevators open. Thinking that it was Derek, Penelope stood up to greet him but she paused once she saw Luke Alvez exiting out of the elevator. He slightly paused his steps as soon as he noticed Penelope but quickly ignored her as he walked toward his office. And the sole reason behind the fear and avoidance by people for this exact floor is due to Luke Alvez. Surprisingly, not much people like him and it’s as if he knows it too and just doesn’t care.

“Penelope,” Jennifer Jareau walked over with a folder in her hand as she looked at her. “When Team Leader Derek Morgan comes in for work, hand this folder for him. Tell him it’s the new updated details I have for our spring season project.”

Penelope nodded her head. “Yes, Ma'am.”

Jennifer arched an eyebrow at her. “Don’t call me that. Jennifer is fine.” Without another word, she turned around and headed toward the stairs. After staring at Jennifer for a week, Penelope has learned that she doesn’t like using the elevator. Besides being a world champion baker with tons of gold medal, she is also a fitness maniac. If there is a way for her to input some fitness into her work hours, she’ll take it.

The elevator doors opened just in time with Derek Morgan exiting with sunglasses still on. “Uh, this is from Team Leader Jennifer Jareau. She said it’s about the spring season project.”

Derek took the folder out of her hands and briefly smiled. “I’ll be in my office. If I need anything, I’ll just call you up.”

“So,” Penelope knit her eyebrows. “There’s nothing for me to do? Again?” She doesn’t get it. Does he doesn’t trust her with some of his work? All she has been doing is running copies or read through the pages for the guidebook. Anything involving the actual person that she has to help, there is nothing.

Noticing the kind of tone she was using, Derek chuckled as he crossed his arms and leaned against his office door. “You’re upset.”

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  • Someone: How are you?
  • Me: I'm fine :)
  • Inner Me: Okay I just wanna know how Garcia knows how to spell every name the team tells her to search ??! Like I can barley spell my own name some days ??! And she just knows how to spell any given name handed to her ?!!! Names have so many different spellings and she ??! always guesses the right spelling?!! I wi..sh.,.