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Headcanon where ur toddler starts getting really fascinated with roxy and won't leave her alone?? Need some stuffy dad Luke 😭

Luke Alvez Headcanons, your toddler adoring Roxy:

  • The only people Luke was willing to share with Roxy were you and your son/daughter (and occasionally Garcia who insisted on continuing to buy her ‘dope’ presents).
  • So, he would be delighted that he/she got on so well with his faithful companion.
  • In fact, he had been worried about potential tension between Roxy and the newest addition to your family.
  • But, as soon as you got home from the hospital, Roxy had been curled up protectively outside of the nursery – reassuring him that she accepted your growing family and understood the new boundaries.
  • By the time your son/daughter was a toddler they would be obsessed with the fluffy dog, following her around everywhere.
  • Poor Roxy couldn’t even lie down in peace because your little girl/boy would want to stroke her affectionately at all times.
  • It would be rather sweet to see the giant dog so willing to allow your baby to grip her fur tightly in his/her little hands, babbling excitedly as they patted her head.
  • He/she would find her bark the most hysterical thing in the world, giggling adorably as Roxy barked at the postman. Luke would find this particularly amusing, recording little clips on his phone to show his team.
  • The park would be your son/daughter’s favourite place to be because he/she loved to see Roxy being ‘silly’ as she jumped into ponds in order to case birds.
  • Your little boy/girl would think Roxy was the best playmate ever because Luke had trained her to bring their toys over to them. He/she would clap their little hands in joy every time she brought over the exact teddy bear they wanted.
  • He/she would cry on their first day at nursery at the thought of being separated from Roxy. Luke would have to promise to bring Roxy with him when he picked them up in order to stop their distraught crying.
  • You would have to draw the line at some point though, refusing to allow Garcia to dress your child and Roxy in matching outfits, quickly backed up by Luke who still had nightmares over the pink jumper incident.

Prompt: The day Morgan comes by, Kevin also comes by to see Penelope. Luke’s feelings and reactions to that. Requested by @thenibblets

Pairing: Garvez

Words: 1,070

I took a little liberty with the timing of this one, so I hope you don’t mind love!

Today was supposed to be a good day.

Today was supposed to be an easy day.

The case wasn’t easy, per se, but he knew at the end of this extremely long shift that he would be able to go home and curl up with his girls. And, he would tell anybody who would listen that he was really looking forward to that.

Today was not supposed to include a best friend and an ex-boyfriend monopolizing most of his girlfriend’s time.

Luke Alvez was not jealous, that is something that he knew for certain. Jealousy was absolutely not the reason that he was currently pacing in front of her office while still dressed in his kevlar vest. Jealousy was certainly not the reason his heart was beating faster than it had when he was chasing down the UnSub. And, jealousy was definitely not the reason that he was glaring at the partially closed door while hearing her giggles filter into the hallway.

“Hey, Luke…” Matt said, announcing his presence to the pacing man as he turned the corner, stopping short at the sight of his co-worker. “What’s eating you?”

“Nothing,” Luke says, glancing over at the other agent before turning back to the black door with a glare. He pauses when he hears her breathy voice exclaim Kevin’s name. Luke looks over at Matt, wondering where the growling was coming from before realizing that the rumble was in fact, coming from his own mouth.

“It’s just Derek.” the other man announces, clapping his hand on Luke’s shoulder as he continues past him towards the bullpen.

“And Kevin,” Luke mumbles, rubbing his hand across his jaw. Listening to the soothing sound of his calloused hands rubbing against the stubble littering his face. “Kevin…”

“You don’t have to be threatened by Kevin,” Matt replies, turning back to Luke in the hallway, with a smirk.

“Threatened?” Luke repeats with a scowl. “I’m not threatened by…that’s ridiculous…”

“Right,” Matt counters with a chuckle, “So take off the vest and go see your girl, I’m sure she misses you.” Luke nods, walking to the door and stopping short with his hand pressed flat against the front of the door before turning and walking quickly down the hall.

Luke Alvez, was not threatened by an ex-boyfriend, especially not one that loved his girlfriend enough to propose. The sheer thought of her wearing someone else’s ring did not cause a thin layer of sweat to break out on his forehead. It also, did not, cause his heart to begin beating extraordinarily fast in his chest. That same thought did not send him into a panic as he stared at himself in the bathroom mirror. And it definitely did not cause him to rip off his kevlar vest and unbutton his shirt because he felt like he couldn’t breathe. No, that was preposterous, he doesn’t have panic attacks. And, Luke Alvez doesn’t ever feel threatened.

“What’s up, Alvez?” the Hispanic man turns his hand to stare at the man who entered the bathroom while he was staring at himself. Luke finds himself nodding, quickly locking eyes with the man in the mirror. “Penelope has been asking for you.”

“Thanks,” Luke replies, reaching out to wash his hands and pick up his vest.

“Alvez, you don’t have to worry about Kevin, Penelope doesn’t want him.” The dark haired man pauses on his way to the door with stiff shoulders.

“Worry, I’m not worried,” Luke responds, reaching out to yank on the door handle.

“Sure…” Morgan yells after him, the last thing Luke heard before the door snapped shut was the boisterous laughter of the other man.

Luke Alvez was not worried. In fact, he hadn’t worried in years if he was being honest with himself, which he wasn’t. But the thought of being worried had nothing to do with the fact that he had positioned himself outside of her office with his arms crossed over his chest, and his face set into a scowl. Worry was not the reason his blood was boiling at the thought of Kevin being anywhere near his girlfriend. And worry was definitely not the reason, he was shaking at the thought of their previous relationship, choosing instead to ignore anyone who was in her life before him.

It wasn’t the fact that he knew exactly what she looked like when she smiles brightly at a man, making that person feel as if they were floating on top of the world. It wasn’t the fact that Luke knew exactly what it felt like to be loved by the most genuine person in the world, making that person feel as if they were the only person in her life. It wasn’t the fact that he knew exactly the sound she made after she had been so thoroughly kissed that her bones weakened and turned to putty in his hands. And it wasn’t the fact that he knew he loved her from the very moment he saw her two years ago.

It wasn’t all of these things combined that caused the man to push himself off of the wall he was leaning against and race to the door of her office. It wasn’t all of these things that caused Luke Alvez to push the door open and stroll over to the woman with a purposeful stride, reaching out for her hand and pulling her into his arms. It wasn’t everything that he was currently feeling that caused the man to grip her face between his hands and pull her lips against his in front of her best friend and her ex-boyfriend, silencing the surprised squeak she admitted to being swept off of her feet. It wasn’t the fact that she felt extraordinary in his arms as she relaxed and opened her mouth to allow his tongue to battle with hers, that caused him to keep kissing her, walking her back towards the door. It wasn’t the sound of her breath leaving her body when her back connected to the doorframe that caused him to kiss her harder.

No, it was none of these things he realizes as he pulls away from her and presses his lips to her forehead with a calmed heart and steady breathing.

Are you jealous?” Penelope asks with her eyes closed, he shakes his head and presses his lips to hers again.

“Territorial,” he answers before kissing his girlfriend again. “there’s a difference.”

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Hiiiii could u please make an imagine based on the headcanon u did where Luke doesn't want a baby?????

Lesson Learnt

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request (based on these

Description: Luke never understood how hard it was to return home to an empty house. So, you and Garcia try to teach him a lesson about listening to his wife’s concerns.

You burst out with laughter as Garcia came running over with another bottle of wine, eagerly pushing another glass into your hands. It’s wasn’t how she usually celebrated the end of a case, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

Helping you down your sorrows with endless quantities of alcohol seemed like a pretty good idea. Especially if it was going to help end the stalemate between you and Luke.

Ever since you had confided in her about your argument over whether to have a baby, the bubbly blonde had wanted to help comfort you. Now was the perfect opportunity to not only just voice her support for you, but to also help you prove a point to your clueless husband.

The debate had been ongoing for months. It had been difficult because you both had excellent points. You truly understood Luke’s hesitation about having a child. After all, his promotion to the BAU required a lot of time and devotion. It was understandable that he didn’t want his home life to be as stressful as his professional one.

But, he could at least listen to your opinion. It was as if he didn’t appreciate all the sacrifices you had made for him. How could a profiler not realise his own wife’s unhappiness? The whole thing was incredibly frustrating because every time you tried to approach the subject, he would just close up. You knew he didn’t want to upset you, but his silence was worse.

So, with the help of Penelope, you had decided to teach Luke a lesson about how horrible it truly was to return home to an empty house. Perhaps he would learn something after taking a walk in your shoes.

You did feel guilty considering he always loved to come home to your warm embrace after a bad case. The excited text he had sent earlier declaring his joy at the prospect of being reunited with you had made you wonder if you were being a tad too cruel. But, Garcia had waved off your protests and dragged you out to her favourite bar anyway.

Apparently, she felt that ‘Newbie’ had to learn his lesson.

You laughed as the woman in question sipped enthusiastically at her large glass of wine, grinning at you as her eyes swept over you bright smile. The night out had been exactly what you had needed to lift your spirits, shaking off your relationship worries and just enjoying some lighthearted fun with a friend.

However, a loud buzzing noise interrupted your laughter. You glanced down in confusion as Luke’s face appeared on your mobile screen. He must have arrived home. You tried to shush Garcia as you answered the call.

“Where are you?”

The exasperated tone in Luke’s voice nearly made you laugh out loud. He had never returned home to an empty house before because you had always made the effort to be there to welcome him back. It was a fairly rude awakening for your husband to return home to – especially given that he had received no advance warning.

“I’m out. Remember, you told me to spend more time out of the house if I hated being alone there?”

You couldn’t prevent the victorious smirk spreading across your face. They had been the exact word’s your husband had used when you had last voiced your frustration at being lonely. In fact, he had been the one to suggest that Garcia would be more than willing to keep you company.

“I was worried.” Luke muttered down the phone. It was the truth. Returning back after a dreadful case to an unusually empty house had slightly unnerved him. Even Roxy had been unable to ease his worries…seen as she couldn’t provide the whereabouts of her “mom”.

“I’m sorry.” You replied, trying to contain the laughter from slipping into your voice as Garcia began doing an excellent impression of a walrus using the table straws.

“I thought something had happened to you.” He told you quietly, apparently not happy with the background noise of yours and Garcia’s drunken giggling.

“Do you not like being home alone?” You asked him teasingly, raising your eyebrows as if he could see you. It hadn’t taken long for your experiment to work.

A soft chuckle echoed down the line as Luke considered your words.

“You have a point.”

You gestured thumbs up to Garcia to let her know her idea had worked perfectly, grinning happily at your success.

“Have a good night. I’ll stay up for you.”

Luke knew all too well what state you could end up in after drinking wine. The fact he was sweet enough to wait up for you to get home was rather touching – especially considering he had just gotten back from an exhausting case.

“Thanks, I’ll-”

Your words were swiftly interrupted by Garcia snatching the phone from your hands.

“Listen, you selfish assclown, if you don’t start treating Y/N better I’ll-”

You just shook your head in amusement as she intimidated your husband with a variety of equally hysterical, and occasionally terrifying, threats. She flashed you a bright smile as she quickly hung up.

“More wine?”

It was hours later by the time you finally stumbled through your front door, gripping the bannister for dear life as you climbed up the stairs towards the warmly lit bedroom.

Luke had kept to his promise, smiling softly at you as you fell through the door. He slowly sat up from his comfortable position, propped up against the plump pillows, to offer you a hand. You giggled loudly as he gently pulled you down onto the bed, his hands swiftly getting to work on untying your high heels.

You smiled down at him. Even though things had been a little strained recently, Luke had always been there for you and you had never once doubted his love for you. Who else would be there to help you out of your clothes after a night out?

He wrapped an arm around your waist as he guided you back into the pillows, smirking as your loose hair fell across your face. He lifted a hand to gently brush it to one aside, his warm brown eyes full of affection as he traced soothing patterns across your skin.

You rested your head on his warm chest, gripping his baggy shirt with your fingers as you wriggled closer to him. You had always been an affectionate drunk, but this time you were particularly pleased to be in the presence of your husband.

“I love you.”

You smiled softly at his sincere words, gently tapping his chest in response.

“I know.” Your quiet whisper prompted him to press a tender kiss on top of your head, his warm breath ruffling your hair.

Luke knew that you had never doubted the love in your relationship, but he just wanted to say the words to you. You had to know how much he adored you…how much he appreciated everything you had done, and still did, for him.

There was a moment of peaceful silence as he gently laced his fingers through yours, squeezing your hand comfortingly before he pressed a tender kiss onto your knuckles. He delicately traced the ring on your finger, both of you thinking about the vows you had proudly made to one another.

“I’m sorry for being a selfish assclown.” He murmured softly, pressing an affectionate kiss to your shoulder, grinning against your skin as he thought about the insult Rossi had no doubt provided Garcia with.

“I know.” You leant up to capture his lips in a passionate kiss. He smiled softly as your hands gently cupped his face.

“I’m not saying I’m ready to have a baby now. But, it’s something I’ll consider.” Luke told you sincerely, his eyes softening as he delicately traced your jawline with his finger.

He was truly apologetic for not listening to his wife, guilty that he had ignored her wishes for so long. Marriage was a partnership and the two of you were a team, he should have never taken you for granted.

A loud gasp escaped your throat as he suddenly flipped you over, pinning you to the bed with his body as he hovered over you. His lips curved upwards into a suggestive smirk as he bent down to pepper your neck with urgent kisses.

“Let’s start practicing now.”

  • Someone: How are you?
  • Me: I'm fine :)
  • Inner Me: Okay I just wanna know how Garcia knows how to spell every name the team tells her to search ??! Like I can barley spell my own name some days ??! And she just knows how to spell any given name handed to her ?!!! Names have so many different spellings and she ??! always guesses the right spelling?!! I,.
  • fanfic: you walk in to see him cheating on you, crying your eyes out he finally notices and jumps up "Y.N! it isn't what it looks like!" you cry more as the blonde skanky skanky bitch smirks at you "it's exactly what it looks it looks like" you run out of the house and jump into your car, hightailing it out of there, you never got to tell him you're pregnant with twins, his twins, and now you'll never get to tell him, you won't allow him to be in their lives, a couple days later he shows up at your house and before you can slam the door he walks into the house "get out" you angrily cry "Y.N! listen to me it wasn't me, i was being possessed by a demon and had no control over anything i love you" smiling "aww" you squeal you jump into his arms kissing him "i have to tell you something" you look him into the eyes as he speaks "i only have two days to live" you sob falling onto the floor-
  • me: God damn