Historical!AU where Suga is an emperor from a well-respected family and Daichi is one of their most loyal guards. Even with their social differences, the two promised to remain faithful and love each other, despite having to keep it behind closed doors.

Bluebell flower; “My love for you is constant…everlasting”

a new little moth piece I created, 4″ by 6″, watercolor, silver acrylic, and ballpoint pen on archival cold press watercolor paper. Two of Swords is in my shop today at www.caitlinhackett.storenvy.com

I often go to Heart and Dagger saloon here in Oakland to draw on their patio in the afternoons, if you ever spot me come say hi!


Here’s the page of my sketchbook I was working on today. Got a little carried away with what was supposed to be some light-hearted Pokemon fan art. Also, these images are from my Twitter (@devyn_park) which I FINALLY gotten around to making a few days ago. It feels really unnatural to me right now, but I’m hoping that will change soon. If you want I’d really appreciate you checking it out/following me!!

“The Visitor” & “The Red Planet”
Here are my competed pieces for The Red Show at ArtBar. A huge thank you to Javi for putting on one of the biggest & best ArtBar shows. And a huge thank you to Damien for buying both pieces!