Your presidential candidates

(Imagine the candidates dressing up for a Halloween party)

Daaaaaaamn Hilary! Back at again with the pandering. Mrs. Clinton decided to show up in black face to let you know how “down” she is. Need some hot sauce for that chicken? Hilary got you. Watch her “whip” and “nae-nae” this country back into shape!

Donald sporting those devil horns. Is this is true form? I think so. Halloween is an opportunity to be who or whatever you want and it seems Donald wanted to just be himself. Anyway, I think he has some “hombres” to force to build a wall or maybe another business to bankrupt, it’s crazy he has the time to run for president! Well there will be plenty of *meow* to grab. Especially when youre a mysoginist, spoiled, man baby with no morales! 


Inktober day 21 - more Sucy, I love the scene where she’s fawning over fungi.

I mean, you can’t not when the witch prompt for today is “potion brewer” … There’s “Magical school girl” and “alchemist” coming up too, so who knows. 

I cheated a bit and futzed it digitally just a tad, my paper would’ve probably have fallen to bits if I tried to apply a background traditionally. I have watercolor paper, I’ve got no idea why I’m not using it, probably because my sketchbook has like 5 pages left and I want to fill it.  Just 10 days to go, I’d be lying if I said I’m not looking forward to it being over!

The drawing I did of The Demon for Jack Kirby’s birthday is finally up for auction! I don’t make a dime, all money goes to The Hero Initiative to help out comic artists in need. Support a good cause.


Here you go, the finished article. Gordon looks a little … terrified - for want of a better word … Penny in the meantime is having far too much fun.

And PINK? Of course. It just HAS to be pink. She’s all about colour co-ordination this year.

Her foot looks weird and Gordon only has one leg .. but if I tried to add the other leg, it would mean a serious hip dislocation and we can’t have that now, can we?