Seventeen as candies

maybe bc its halloween soon or maybe bc i had nothing to do in 7th hour but here

Seungcheol: a werthers original candy, the caramel ones that stay in your grandmas purse for too long and are kind of hard but you love them because they’re so sweet and make you feel like everything’s okay

Jeonghan: you know those sweet tart versions of Valentine’s Day hearts? Yeah those, sweet n tangy but can also melt ur heart but still make u make an ugly face at the same time

Seokmin: fucking pixie stick, no chill, always pumped, gets in between your boobs and on your clothes when you eat it because it doesn’t know when to wait and just all falls out at once like hello!!!

Wonwoo:dark chocolate versions of regular chocolate, like you still love it because it’s chocolate, but emo chocolate, good for your health, just chilling, sometimes mixing w coconut

Mingyu: the wrapper that sticks to the starburst when you try to open it after it’s been in your pocket all day

Seungkwan: the peeps that appear every springtime that no one ever wants in their Easter baskets but always finds and has to pretend they like them

Hoshi: pelon pelo rico (tamarind flavored Mexican candy) comes out in weird shapes, cheap, falls from piñatas onto your head, causes fights among other kids bc everyone wants some

Dino: dum dums lollipops, cute and small and comes in really adorable wrapping and fits perfectly wherever you put it, great for whatever time of the day

Joshua: a Hershey kiss, but the kinds with like raspberry infused or whatever, classic but also delicious and make u go !!!! because you didn’t give that candy attention at first but when you ate it you loved it

Vernon: really tense old grape taffy that takes a while to chew but tastes good the whole time, hurts your jaw but you keep eating because you have nothin better to do

Minghao: them fancy chocolates u see around Valentine’s Day, but can’t afford and want them so bad because they look like they’d taste so good and be fun to unwrap but ur mom makes u put them back on the shelf

Jun: skittles, but when you shove a lot of them in your mouth and they make you drool a lot but you end up regretting putting so much but then they go down and you’re like that was a wild ride lets do it again

Woozi: sour patch kid, looks fuckin adorable but when you taste it youre confused and your mouth is telling you to spit it out but it kinda tastes good so u keep going until you’re like ah it really is sweet on the inside I knew it