A Long Way From Home – The Czech Legion’s Amazing Trek Across Siberia
Russia’s Czechoslovak Legion of World War One was an army without a country. The 60,000-man unit, raised between 1915 and 1917, was made up of Czech and Slovak patriots keen to free their ancestral…

how am I only now learning about this? Thank you, historical fiction, for expanding my grasp on history.

Trying to catch up on some reading for #treesofreveriereadathon !
School has been insanely stressful and I honestly dont have time to read ;_; I might be able to read some more friday, but even then, I would still have 4 exams to study for -.- #bookstagram #currentlyreading #eyeoftheredtsar #sameastland #suspense #russia #pekkala #stalin #historicalfiction #bibliophile #bookgeek

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Freya and Lilith. For the OC ask thing. ;)

Hei, Leopardenkätzchen. ^-^ 

Freya Thalí Pekkala

Gender and Sexuality:
Freya identifies as genderfluid and panromantic/pansexual.


north-european / human mage

Birthdate and Birthplace:
22nd May 1995, Berlin/Germany

sharks, open water, deep open water, drowning; yeah you get the idea

What they would be famous for:
I think, Freya could be famous for their language-skills and their extrordinary good magic-skills.

What they would get arrested for:
Breaking into abandoned buildings and probably murder.

OC I ship them with:
I ship han with a non-binary merperson, who has no name yet and with Max aka Frodoapparat, who is kinda an OC in my fanfiction, cause it’s a kinda alternate universe, where Freya exists, so, yeah. And I also kind of ship them with Lilith. ;)

OC most likely to murder them:
…also mentioned merperson… and Flo, who is also sort of an OC in that fanfiction.

Favorite Movie/Book Genre:
Freya like fantasy and dystopian stuff a lot.

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche:
No matter how much of an asshole the guy is, he gets the girl nevertheless.

Talents and/or Powers:
Hen’s a mage with the powers of air, shadow and light and hen’s reaaally good at drawing.

Why Someone Might Love Them:
Hen’s loyal, honest, uncomplicated, but can and will murder someone who threatens han or hyn friends/datemates/family.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
Freya is stubborn and always too late. And yeah, hen has a little anger issue.

Why You Love Them:
I, personally, love hyn whole character, look and especially how hen speaks up against evryone who talks shit.

Lilith Rose Kjær

Gender and Sexuality:
Lilith is female and biromantic/bisexual.


north-european / human (mage? still deciding)

Birthdate and Birthplace:
29th April 1996, Stockholm/Sweden

wasps, ants, heights, crowded places, big fire (like easter fires)

What they would be famous for:
There aren’t many people who know as much about the Harry Potter series as she does.

What they would get arrested for:
Helping Freya break into abandoned buildings.

OC I ship them with:
Well, well. First and foremost I ship her with Fæyn. And kinda with Freya too.

OC most likely to murder them:
Fæyn’s dad, I guess.

Favorite Movie/Book Genre:
Fantasy and lovey dovey stuff, as long as it is cool and not your cliché boy meets girl story.

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliché:
Evryone is straight.

Talents and/or Powers:
She’s damn good at memorizing stuff about her favourite shows, movies and books. You need a reason to smile or an advise? Talk to her, she is most likely to help you.

Why Someone Might Love Them:
Lilith is strong, works hard for her dream and ist honest. It’s fun to be around her and she’s cute as fuck.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
Oh dear god, is she lazy sometimes. She doesn’t like to share her food and she is the master of making puns at the most terrible times.

Why You Love Them:
I just know, how good she’ll be for Fæyn. She is Freya’s very best friend and hen needs her. And god, I love the backstory, I have given her.

Thank you, honey. ♥ Had a lot fun with this.

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Name: Fernanda
Nickname: Fê or Fer
Gender: Female
Star sign: Capricorn
Height: 6′’06??? or 1.85m
Favourite colour(s): Golden
Time right now: 11:53p.m.
Lucky number: 7
Last thing I googled: lollapalooza brasil 
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2, one if it is summer and my country is burning
Favourite fictional characters: gods help me, so many, Obi-wan Kenobae, Satine Kryze, Anakin, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Rey bae, mrs. coulter (the devil lol), lord asriel (another devil), serafina pekkala, catelyn stark, sansa stark, cersei lannister, jaime lannister, melisandre, luna lovegood, hermione granger, rachel dare, reyna, stelmaria <3, morgana pendragon, merlin.
Favourite books: HIS DARK MATERIALS TRILOGY GOD HELPS ME I AM DYING, except i dislike the subtle knife a little (lot) though, harry potter, a storm of swords, heir to the empire.
Dream job: i dream to live a healthy life as a writer. if it is working so far, well, nah, lol
When did I create my blog: man, if i am not mistaken, almost four years ago.
Current amount of followers: 294 and really proud of them all <3
What do I post mostly about: OBITINE 4 EVAAAAAAAH, star wars, a lot of star wars, harry potter stuff, pretty things, feminism praise posts, equality posts, and his dark materials suffering.
Do I have any other blogs: i have two, one personal for my book’s information and a star wars blog that is under construction.
When did my blog reach its peak: my star wars spamming and obitine praising and hdm stuff
Who is my most active followers: man, @ceruleanphoenix7, @zackaran, @slutttyhemmings, @mrskontakt, so many people.
What made me decide to get tumblr: idk,i’m too ugly to be a youtuber, i’m not cool enough for facebook, i’m not popular for twitter, myspace is dead, tumblr fitted perfectly with my personality.
Do I get asks on a daily basis: nopes.
Why did I choose my URL: i knew i need something related to obi-wan, the only thing left was kenobiz, but i’m thinking about changing to one of my saved ones.

i do not feel comfortable tagging people, because i don’t know many people on tumblr, but if you see this on your dash and want to do so, feel free to do it, i won’t mind at all.

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NAME: bethany

NICKNAME: i don’t have one

GENDER: garbage can

STAR SIGN: aquarius

HEIGHT: 5′6″


HOGWARTS HOUSE: i don’t do harry potter

FAVOURITE COLOUR: teal, burgundy


AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 6 - 7 on a weekday. varies wildly on a weekend

LUCKY NUMBER: i don’t have one

LAST THING I GOOGLED: i can’t remember, probably a definition for a word while writing fic

FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: ughhhh, just, like, all of them. i have a lot of feels about fictional characters. obviously will graham and hannibal lecter are my #1 bbys right now, but long-term undying affection also goes to lyra belacqua, will parry, lee scoresby, serafina pekkala, sparrowhawk, tenar, vicki nelson, henry fitzroy, jaime lannister, brienne of tarth, sansa stark, sandor clegane, help me i am dying 


FAVOURITE ARTIST/BAND: i find myself liking individual songs these days as opposed to committing to liking a whole band… i’m mad grooving to ‘kingdom leader’ by boo seeka atm tho, and ‘you got me’ by the roots and erykah badu

DREAM TRIP: basically everywhere, every country has cool shit in it which would be awesome to see. i’d go to canada right now tho because i am finding myself increasingly attracted to justin trudeau… i mean come on… he looks like the kind of guy u could get real nasty with right but then also raise a cute family together. also he’s a prime minister, that’s a good job

DREAM JOB: there’s tonnes of stuff i think it’d be cool to do, but probably the ultimate dream remains the same as it has since i was about 6, which is being an author

WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: deer antler necklace, black pencil skirt, burgundy tights, black leather shoes with wooden heel that make the BEST clip clop noises, burgundy shirt, work ID badge, yes i am at work right now i am a terrible employee

WHEN DID YOU CREATE THIS BLOG: ages ago. my first post was in february 2011 but i’m pretty sure i made the blog a while before that, i don’t know how to check

CURRENT AMOUNT OF FOLLOWERS: 193… about 90% of those are spam

WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT: i used to post a bunch of stuff. now it’s pretty much only hannibal (and pictures of my lunch) i am SORRY

WHO ARE YOUR MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWERS: i don’t know really, everyone seems to be chilling on the down low. i’m cool with that tho


WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR?  i have literally no idea.

DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS? i barely get asks on a yearly basis… wouldn’t say no to getting them more frequently tho, who wants to cry about hannibal with me

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL? zacharybosch is my default username for everything

now i have to pick 20 followers to tag. goddamn. ok. feel free to ignore:

@just-hugh-dancy @unbeingdead @danisnotsocial @cloverclark @a-better-m-e @mrnoumeno @worldofgourds (i LOVE your username) @virgin-who-cannot-drive @lisafarts @phoebebuffayyy @hauntedfalcon @owntoppins @commodifiedsouls @im-something-from-nothing egh this is hard i can’t think of anyone else, 14 will do

Five favourite ships - I was tagged by @stanniskingofweteros, thank you :D
1. Right now probably Valvert, it’s consumed me
2. Farder Coram/Seraphina Pekkala from Hid Dark Materials. Their story is so wonderful and sad it was probably my first otp and continues to be in the top 5 easily

3. Stavos. Of course. It’s the gospel.
4:Hamburr. Don’t judge ok those two really break my heart 
5. I’m halfway through Good Omens and I can safely say Azipharale and Crowley.
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Ten Favorite Characters - One Per Fandom/Show/Book/Etc

The lovely @camillo1978 tagged me on this a few days ago and I just saw it in my activity. It’s been a week, let’s say that.

1. F'nor - Dragonriders of Pern
2. Hermione Granger - Harry Potter
3. Serafina Pekkala - His Dark Materials
4. Oscar the Grouch - Sesame Street
5. Mycroft Holmes - Sherlock
6. Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson (look I just really like Daveed Diggs ok) - Hamilton
7. Phoebe Buffet - Friends
8. Mako Mori -  Pacific Rim
9. Merlin - Kingsman
10. Beatrice - Much Ado About Nothing