Taylor!! My name is Megan and this is my best friend Rachel .. I’m from Auckland, New Zealand and she lives in Brisbane Australia and we met two years ago online and we planned on going to your next tour together (with our other friends) and we planned it for two years and it finally happened December 5th at your Brisbane show! Thank you for well unknowingly creating friendships like these! You are the reason we met online and we bonded over your music and the fact that we both met you in Club RED! We love you so much and you 1989 was the most amazing concert we have seen and it was so awesome to go together .. kinda unreal! Love you Taylor and thanks for introducing me to Rachel ❤️ @taylorswift @pineapple-pegicorn-swift


Here is some of the Cleveland Swiftie Squads costumes/outfits for tomorrow! taylorswift (Not in order of the photos) swiftielove82195shininglikefireworks-13iknowplaces1991taylorswiftiswhatsup1989swiftie-13elisekochswiftlattesim-swiftie-and-i-know-itall-too-whale-13taylors-pegicornswiftiepride13twinklingcitylightstaylorssheerioalltoodibblesmakalalardnerpringles-swifttaylorfanoheartbreakis-my-nationalanthemconcertjunkienicolle13

Hey Taylor! This is a group of swifties all going to the Cleveland tour date on June 3rd and we can’t wait to meet each other and potentially a chance to meet you! taylorswift you already follow a small number of us and would love if you followed the rest. Or even just noticed us to meet us at the concert!

Here is the members that you ALREADY follow.

swiftielove82195 -Cheyenne

losingmymindwhenisawyouhere -Cara

swiftlattes -Elaine

im-swiftie-and-i-know-it -Erin

heartbreakis-my-nationalanthem -Claire

longmaytaylorreign- Lorna

Members you DONT follow

taylors-pegicorn -Grace

taylorswiftiswhatsup -Abbey

breakourfall13 -Mel

alltoodibbles -Eileen

iknowplaces1991 -Caitlyn

dream-impossible-dreams11 -Sarah

confessionsofaswiftie -Courtney

longhairslickdbackwhitetshirt -Tj

concertjunkienicolle13 -Nicolle

1989swiftie-13 -Breeyana

all-too-whale-13 -Carlie

fathersambition ambition -Christina

taylorssheerio -Sarah

taylorswiftislife-13 -Marissa

twinklingcitylights -Hanna

pringles-swift -Bree

darlingeverythingonfire -Aliviah

onmyguardfortherestoftheworld13 -Meghan

ballinforswift -Erin and Carly

just-in-your-wildestdreams -Erin

imanightmeredith -Juliet

makalalardner- Makala

like-im-paralyzed-by-time- Alyssa

plaidshirt-daysandnights- Hannah

itsbacktoseptember- Courtney

fearless-chels13- Chelsie

samanthasroses- Samantha

taylorfano- Taylor

swiftiepride13- Megan

glitznglam20x- Melissa

Members who don’t have a Tumblr but have an instagram

Tiffany- obviouswift


So from what I can tell you are most likely aware of our Queensland Swiftie Squad (you met two of our members in Tokyo, Madeline and Gace) and a while back you followed some of them from a little list I gave you. WELL we actually have about 95 people in the group now which means there are a few more lovely people in our squad that you don’t follow. I know I have done this a lot, so I am sorry if it’s annoying, but I know just how incredibly happy it would make these girls if you could follow them. I love you so so much Tay, we will all see youin Brisbane on the 5th of December!!! 






























ALSO these people aren’t qld swifties but are kind of amazing so you should also check them out (PS LOVE YOU TAY)

newromaantics tswiftyaussiefearlesswiftt spinninglikeaswiftie, plaidbeautifultragicjaureguipunk, allyouhadtodowastaylor,we-found-wonderlanddd,198mine, ts-polaroid, jxmesdeandaydream, and gymnastdancerstuff

Hey taylorswift this is the Cleveland Swiftie Squad! We so can’t wait to see you! June 3rd is so close!

Cleveland Squad Taylor follows!

swiftielove82195- Cheyenne, C109, row 19 seat 12

losingmymindwhenisawyouhere- Cara, Floor row 19

swiftlattes- Eliane, b-stage pit

im-swiftie-and-i-know-it- Erin

heartbreakis-my-nationalanthem- Claire, 224 row 14 seat 4-7

longmaytaylorreign- Lorna, 100 row 17 seat 11

Cleveland Squad Taylor doesn’t follow!

taylors-pegicorn- Grace, C107 row 21 seat 3-5

taylorswiftiswhatsup- Abbey, left pit

breakourfall13- Mel, 205 row 15 seat 1-3

alltoodibbles- Eileen, 100 row 14 seat 7-8

iknowplaces1991- Caitlyn, 203 row 11 seat 16-17

confessionsofaswiftie- Courtney, b-stage pit

longhairslickdbackwhitetshirt- Tj, C127

concertjunkienicolle13- Nicolle, C124 row 19 seat 13-14

1989swiftie-13- Breeyana, 226 row 1 seat 3-4

all-too-whale-13- Carlie, 121 row 23 seat 4-6

fathersambition- Christina, 201 row 12 seat 3-5

taylorssheerio- Sarah, 128 row 9 seat 14-16

taylorswiftislife-13- Marissa, 106

twinklingcitylights- Hanna, 126 row 4 seat 16

pringles-swift- Bree, floor 1 row 2 seat 15-18

darlingeverythingonfire- Aliviah, 107

onmyguardfortherestoftheworld13- Meghan

Tiffany- 103, row 14 seat 1-2

makalalardner- Makala, 128 row 4 seat 6-7

imanightmeredith- Juliet, 133 row 4 seat 1-2

like-im-paralyzed-by-time- Alyssa, 104 row 29 seat 4-5

plaidshirt-daysandnights - Hannah, 133 row 9 seat 3-5

itsbacktoseptember- Courtney, 111 row 26 seat 1-2

fearless-chels13- Chelsie, 100 row 10 seat 14-18

elisekoch- Elise, 109 row 3 

taylorfano- Taylor, floor 2 row s seat 11-12

samanthasroses- Samantha, 104 row 21 seat 6

swiftiepride13- Megan, 110 row 8 seat 15-16

glitznglam20x- Melissa, b-stage pit

c-sweezy- Cecilia, 104 row 30 seat 16-17