Chace Crawford on the next season of Gossip Girl:

“I think now is kinda the beginning of the end of the show where we’re all locked in, we’re all contracted for six seasons and so, the sixth is coming up, so they might do kinda like, maybe like a truncated, you know half, thirteen episodes, to really kinda tie in a nice bow and ending on it, maybe delve into who Gossip Girl actually is, but we’ve had a good run. It’s gonna be bittersweet leaving New York, but we’ve had a really good run.”

VIDEO: Interview With ‘Gossip Girl’ Dreamboat Chace Crawford

If Australia has been feeling a little handsomer than usual, that’s because dreamy Texan Chace Crawford was in Sydney this week. The Gossip Girl actor was in town, briefly, doing press for his role as a Diet Coke ambassador (see super handsome photo of him enjoying Diet Coke below). Pedestrian got to catch up with Chace to complete the second in our Gossip Girl Interview Series. Only kidding. There is no series. But we did meet Chuck Bass this one time.

During the moments we weren’t concentrating on mentally removing his shirt, we discussed the inevitable conclusion of Gossip Girl, his reticence toward social media, his perfect day in New York, a particularly creepy Gossip Girl fan, and his impression of “The Movie Trailer Guy”. Warning: Extreme handsomeness ahead…


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“Silverchair’s Daniel Johns has been in the studio hard at work with Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele on a new project that sounds like the Clash and Talking Heads inspired African music.”
My photograph chosen in's "Top 10 Picks" from the inaugural RayBan/Pedestrian Photography Competition!

My photograph, taken on my mobile/cellular phone at the Joost Greenhouse Sustainable Cafe & Restaurant in Sydney on a dreary Sunday afternoon ironically after visiting the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the MCA, which I entered into the first ever RayBan & Pedestrian TV Photography Competition has been selected by online cultural site as one of their Top 10 favourite photographs out of the whole competition! Exciting, I know! My photo features in the first position of the gallery you can view via the link but I don’t know if that has anything to do with favouritism , but I’ll take what I can get.

So please have a look at not only my photo but all of the others too as they are all great. Unfortunately voting has closed for the RayBan & photography competition but you can still view the finalists at their page via the inset link in the paragraph above.

Watch Hiatus Kaiyote Tells Us The Soundtrack To Their Lives | Pedestrian
Their album, Choose Your Weapon, is an 18-track odyssey - the band have created eighteen mini cinematic soundscapes, wrapped in delicious soul. Speaking of delicious: we decided to have a little chat with them about their songs of happiness, heartbreak and horniness and put them through 'The Soundtrack of Our Lives'.

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At the clasp of a Ksubi button.

What a colour combination, or should we say constellation? Australian indie fashion label Ksubi has re-launched its signature neon denim line in a short film appropriately titled “Kolors” (…get it?) that sees Bambi Norwood-Blythe, Cisco Gorrow and Heidi Harrington don said signature denim (and not much else), scale old-school Ford Falcons, launch off car bonnets into thin air and partake in a daring game of ‘chicken’ on a deserted road, where burn outs produce a matching neon hue of smoke and a indistinct trail of melted rubber on the asphalt. Intriguing!


The video is directed by the artfully dexterous Daniel Askill; who incidentally, has directed digital fashion features and campaigns for Acne, Dior and AnOther magazine as well as music videos for Placebo, Sia, Digitalism, Unkle and Phoenix. (just to name-drop a few!) And to wet fashion-savvy appetites, Ksubi has released a selection of enticing photographs from the video which is set to premiere internationally on May 5.


Available in white, blue, orange, green, black, purple, red, plum, aged blue, aged green, aged yellow, aged black and aged pink, the ‘Kolors’ collection is available in General Pants, David Jones and of course, Ksubi stores. And how will you choose which pair of ‘Chitch’, 'Van Winkle’, 'Super Spray On’ or 'Super Skinny’ Ksubi jeans to add to your Winter wardrobe? Well, let us hope that you are not colour-blind. 

The Kinks may have serenaded us with

“Electronic nature made by man with robots in mind.
Big city lights guide my way into the night, darkness shines
When I’m standing underneath the neon sign…”

…But Ksubi proves that all you need to do is simply stand still in your neon denim jeans for the power of electronic nature to be on your side… Maybe invest in a smoke machine and head down to Chapel St for the full effect though…

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