Wedding Planning Whirlwind

08/06/15 - The Venue
“Where are we heading this time?” Merlin asks, glancing at Roxy in the passenger seat.

“Peckforton Castle.” Roxy tells him. “Take a left up here.”

“Oh Merlin it’s gorgeous…” Roxy whispers, gazing up at the vaulted ceiling. “And we could have the reception here too.” She looks hopefully at her fiancé.

“And there’s plenty of suites available elsewhere in the castle if you have family members that need somewhere to stay before the big day.” The wedding co-ordinator adds helpfully.

“Looks like we’re getting married in a castle then, Princess.” Merlin smiles, kissing Roxy’s hair. 

 09/06//15 - The Dress
“Thank you for coming with me, Eggsy.” Roxy smiles, squeezing his hand as they walk into the bridal shop.

“No worries Rox, what’re best friends for?” He smiles. “Even though you won’t make me maid of honour.”

“Eggsy, we’ve been over this…”

Eggsy’s already on his second glass of complimentary champagne when Roxy comes out of the changing room in the first dress.

“Fuckin hell, Rox.” Eggsy wolf whistles, and Roxy smirks. She gets up on the podium and stares at her reflection in the mirror.

“…I love it.” She nods, grinning at the shop assistant. “But I’m going to try on at least three more before I decide.”

The shop assistant laughs, and Eggsy only stops complaining when his champagne glass gets refilled

10/06/15 - The Bridesmaids

“Oh god no. Red?”

“Horrendous. Blue?”

Roxy tilts her head, examining the swatch of fabric Liz holds out to her. “Blue.” She agrees.

It only takes them four hours to decide on a design for the bridesmaid dresses.

“Pickle, my darling little sister, I love you, but if you make me stare at the same pair of shoes for another hour I’m going to disown you.”

“Fine,” Roxy sighs. “We’ll take the nude ones.”

11/06/15 - The Cake
“And this is a triple chocolate sponge with coffee icing.”

Roxy hums as she tastes the cake. “I think I prefer the vanilla icing, definitely. I’m not sure about the sponge though. Merlin, love, what do you think?”

“I’m going to be honest Rox, I lost track somewhere around ‘vanilla sponge with pistachio icing’.”

“Merlin, that was the second cake we tried.”

“I know, Rox, I know.” Merlin hangs his head in shame. “I really liked that vanilla sponge though.”

“Really? I was thinking almond actually.” Roxy hums thoughtfully, holding a fork-full of almond sponge out to him.

Merlin looks thoughtful while he chews on the cake. “Both. I like both.”

“We’ll take a tier of each. And… Elderflower for the top tier.” Roxy rolls her eyes. “Now, onto my bouquet. Come on Merlin.”

Merlin tries to hold back his groan.

12/06/15 - The Groom
“Merlin, I have plenty of suits that are appropriate for attending a wedding.” Harry raises his eyebrow.

“Harry, it is my intention to have only one wedding in my life, and that wedding will be perfect. You and I will have matching suits,” He pauses for a few seconds, then grins at his best man. “Roxy’s orders.”

“I wish I’d known that all it took to get you to follow orders was a petite brunette in her early twenties. I would have made full use of that bit of information over the last thirty years.”

“Shut up and pick a bow tie, Hart.”