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3 Reasons To Ditch Your Mouthwash And Make Your Own Instead

Nowadays Americans young and old are all obsessed with having a perfect white smile, and with over 1.4 billion dollars spent every year on over the counter whitening products, it shows.

However, in hopes of achieving a pearly white smile we ignore the fact that almost all of these over the counter products are full of unsafe chemicals that can actually damage your teeth, and negatively effect the health of your overall health of your mouth…Readmore

Police brutality is not just a man's issue

And another thing

Always remember that police brutality is not just a man’s issue. It is a woman’s issue as well and it’s time to treat it as such. This involves all of us yet I have only heard of the men that are dead. It’s a shame that I don’t know even half of these names. Definitely going to read up on these women today. 

She also said that we aren’t going to get shit done if we continue to ignore that Black girls and women are victims of police brutality as well. It’s the honest truth and I agree 100%. 

As Black men and women this is a battle that must be fought as a whole. We are both victimized and we need to have each other’s backs.