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-Scarlet begonias• Grateful Dead

-Brain Damage• Pink Floyd

-Waiting for the man• Velvet Underground

-Around the bend• Pearl Jam

-Suzanne• Leonard Cohen

-Paradise city• Guns n Roses

-Won’t get fooled again• The Who

-Given to fly• Pearl Jam

-Eight days a week• The Beatles

-In bloom• Nirvana

-Good shepherd• Jefferson Airplane

-Ashes to ashes• David Bowie

-Stairway to heaven• Led Zeppelin

-Stormbringer• Deep Purple

-Homburg• Procul Harum

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BonKai Drabble - I'm a Creep and I'm a Weirdo

TheFudge wrote some bomb ass BonKai that has me in the mood for delving more into Kai’s character. This was inspired from the scene where Kai can’t find Ms. Cuddles and throws his backpack to the ground and helli cds fell out.

BonKai Drabble 3 – I’m a Creep and I’m a Weirdo

He finished the crossword for her. He stole her towels while she showered. He spoiled any show she dared to watch because he’d seen everything that aired on May 10th at least a hundred times. Kai did all he could to squirm his way beneath Bonnie Bennett’s skin. It was a part of his plan to break her and build her back up.

Tonight was no different.

She barged into his room (he’d taken one of the many rooms in the Salvatore Boarding house) unannounced. She was wearing her signature disapproving frown and her toned arms were folded over her breasts which, might he add, were barely covered by a skimpy tank top. If he weren’t mistaken, Kai would’ve thought Bonnie was openly teasing him.

Whatever words she shouted at him fell upon deaf ears. Nirvana’s In Bloom was blaring in the foreground. Heavy guitar riffs and the haunting voice of Kurt Cobain was all Kai could pay attention to. He did this every night, Kai played his favorite albums loud enough to keep Bonnie from getting any sleep. He physically tormented her during the day and made sure her nights were sleepless to wear her down mentally.

Stomping over to the boombox, Bonnie put an end to the music.

“I can’t hear myself think with this crap on.” Beneath her green eyes were dark, heavy bags. Her voice was hoarse from lack of sleep… or from earlier that day when he choked her.

“Not a Nirvana fan are we?” Kai frowned, stretching out on his bed. He rested his hands behind his head. “Let me guess, Stone Temple Pilots?”


“Smashing Pumpkins?”


“Nine inch Nails?”

“Doesn’t ring any bells.”

“Well, I just learned something about you.” Hopping to his feet, Kai moved to the collection of CDs stacked on his dresser. They were all the albums he planned on taking with him when he crossed over. “You don’t know shit about music.”

“I don’t want to argue with you, Kai. Can you just keep it down?” Bonnie said, sounding more like a middle aged soccer mom than the energetic teen she was supposed to be. “It’s three in the morning and I can’t sleep with this crap playing.”

“It’s not crap, Bonnie, it’s art. It’s self-deprecation, politics, religion, you name it all in one. You weren’t around to witness the grunge movement so maybe that’s it. I was in Oregon at the time and living there was as close as you got to living in Seattle, and believe me, everyone wanted to live in shitty Seattle. My sister Jo and I ran away for a week just to catch a Pearl Jam concert there. Best week of my life.” Finally finding the CDs he’d been searching for, Kai turned to Bonnie. He handed them to her like how a Mom gives her daughter a family heirloom. “These two are by my favorite band.”

She inspected one of CDs, reading the artist’s name blandly. “Alice in Chains?”

“Dirt is my favorite album of all time. Hands down. It’s an autobiography of me in thirteen ingeniously written songs. I want you to especially listen to Them Bones and Would.” Kai could feel himself smiling and quickly put an end to it. He cleared his throat. “The other album I gave you is Facelift. Skip the first song and dive headfirst into Man in the Box.”

“Let me guess. You’re the man in the box?”

He nodded. “Buried in my shit.”

“Janelle Monae,” she said, and the name sounded odd. Almost like a foreign language to Kai. “The Electric Lady. That’s been my go to album for a while.”

“Well I know what’s the first thing I’m listening to when I get out of here.”

Her eyebrows raised suspiciously and the corner of her lip twitched as if she were suppressing a smile.

God fucking dammit, she was judging him. Probably laughing at him in her head. He felt stupid like a helpless puppy you kicked over and fucking over just because you could. Instincts told him to choke the life out of her for the embarrassing way she made him feel, his actions surprised him, however. He chose to be merciful.

“What kind of music do they have in the future?”

“It’s not the future and all kinds.”

Kai always wondered what the evolution of music and movies were like. What was the fashion like there? Twenty years was a long period of time he’d missed. What if things were completely different than they were in 1994?

Whatever. He was an outcast in the nineties, being an outcast in the present wouldn’t be a surprise to him.

“There must be a lot you want to know about… the future.” Bonnie continued. “Do you want me to tell you?”

Kai bottled his enthusiasm. He tortured himself over and over about what life was like outside of 1994 and Bonnie was the beacon of light that could expel some of the darkness.

“Don’t bother. I wanna experience it all first hand anyway,” he lied through his teeth. “I’m a fan of surprises.”

He hated surprises. The unknown drove him mad.

“Can we make a deal?” she asked. “Keep the music off for the rest of the night and I’ll tell you a few things.”

Deal. Fucking deal all the way.

Kai shrugged. “I mean if you want to, be my guest.”

She smiled and it wasn’t forced, but genuine - something she hadn’t done since finding out he killed his family. Sitting on his bed, folding her legs indian style, Bonnie pat the space beside her. She was inviting him to join her and even though Kai thought it was an odd gesture on her part, he wasn’t going to question it.

“Weed is legal.”

“You’re joking.” Turning off the lights, Kai hopped in bed. “They’re letting us smoke pot now? No more, ‘this is your brain on drugs’?”

“Only some states legalized it but soon all of America-”

“Have you smoked before?”

He remembered when he first tried it. Two hits and he was swore he was stuck.

“That’s not any of your business.”

“Oh you completely did, BonBon, I’m shocked. Who knew you could be so daring.”

Bonnie told him a lot of things about the future. Some things surprising, like gas being nearly 4 dollars a gallon, and some not so surprising, like having a black president. There was also a Queen called Beyonce, but Bonnie told him that that was something he had to witness for himself.

“Thank you,” he whispered to her after their conversation had grown quiet and all he heard was her light breathing. “I’ve had nothing but time to think about life and how it all turned out so you don’t know how much your answers mean to me.”

She didn’t respond and her breaths deepened. Just when he was going to think Bonnie was ignoring him, he realized that she’d fallen asleep. The little lamb must’ve been too tired to walk back to her room and tuckered out in his bed from exhaustion.

She’d be gone in the morning, he knew that, but the damage was already done. She let her guard down enough to sleep in his bed and trusted him to not kill her while she was at her most vulnerable. His plan was working, she was losing it.

Pulling the covers over her body, Kai tucked her in and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. Tonight she’d sleep like a baby.

Tomorrow she’d have her breakdown. 

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