Every wonder what Holly Blue’s Gem Room would look like? Check out this speedpaint by @roridraws :)

C'mon Pearl, show her your video

Mystery Pearl week 2. Day 4: Secrets. I know, I know. Maybe today’s prompt was something serious… But I can’t think in other thing since I readed “Secrets” haha (Ah, and sorry if it’s hard to read the dialogues, I didn’t realize before)


If you still enjoy the show, there is absolutely no harm in that.

SU critics aren’t here to tell you that you’re wrong for still enjoying the show. In fact, I envy you and wish that I could still get the enjoyment out of it that I used to.

I’ve been a critic to movies and shows my entire life, but even I have movies that are kind of my “weak points”, and I enjoy them even though from a critic’s point of view, they’re… Well, pretty horrible (Strange Magic).

This being said though, I still think it’s important to recognize quality and appreciate it. I absolutely love Strange Magic and can ignore the millions of flaws it has in order to enjoy it, but I still know that those flaws exist.

So if someone complains about the inconsistency of the character’s heights, or the less interesting backgrounds, you don’t need to defend everything SU does. You can acknowledge it’s flaws and still enjoy it.

A full look at my newest prints, I will be selling these along with a whole other host of prints at my table at DeeCon on the 8th April. Be sure to keep an eye out for me, not sure which floor I’ll be on but will keep my blog updated.