So I completely got lost with this and I quite like it to be honest. I just let the words felw out of my mind and this is how it turned out. Definetely one of my favourite twin imagines so far. I’m sorry for it being so short tho! Thanks to the lovely @mysummertimemusings for requesting it xx

It had been a few months since Y/N and Joe kept it a secret. They were long time friends but they soon realized that it wasn’t just friendship, it was actually love. Joe didn’t want his friends to know at first because in his small group of mates, there was this person that Joe was a bit unsure of ; Jack, Y/N’s twin brother. Joe knew that Y/N and him had a special bond and relationship but he also knew that Jack was not joking around when it came to her. But after a certain time, they decided that their friends should know and they started leaving small hints, figuring that they would find out by themselves and they quickly did.

And as they were all at the Maynards/Josh flat, Joe had kissed Y/N in the hallway, thinking that they wouldn’t see but they all did. The lovers exchanged a smile before their friends started to tease them about their relationship, even Conor joined in. “Cor hitting on your mate’s sister, that’s evil!” Oli said as everyone laughed at his comment as we made our way next to them on the couch. “I bloody knew they would get together!” Conor exclaimed and Y/N was surprised to see him so thrilled about it as he was her older brother but it warmed her heart. “We can’t leave these two alone in a room now.” Josh joked as they went on and on about the couple and soon enough, Y/N noticed how quiet her twin was being. She frowned as she watched him get up and walk away with her lovely boyfriend, Joe.

Joe followed Jack without saying a word until they were in the kitchen, the voices of their friends being ruffled in the background. Jack was glaring at Joe and Joe felt himself tense under the intimidating stare of his mate. “You know what I’m about to say, right?” Jack spoke, crossing his arms. “Um, I’m not exactly sure.” Joe admitted, obviously getting nervous. “You better not break her heart.” Jack started, keeping his gaze hard and threatening as he watched Joe get more and more uncomfortable. “You better not use her or whatever because I swear to god, Joe.” He stopped for a second, thinking about the biggest way to scare his friend because it was amusing him in a way. “If you do break her heart, I will nicely tear your head off and feed it to crows before throwing your body into the Thames, understood?” Jack asked as Joe swallowed loudly while starting to sweat. “Understood.” Joe repeated, wanting to disappear into the ground. And then Jack smiled, patting his mate’s shoulder and Joe was confused. “But I’m happy for you, buddy! I’d rather have you dating her then some weird pervs.” Jack stated and Joe didn’t know what to do so he chuckled slightly as Jack wrapped his arm around his shoulder, leading him back to the rest of their friends who were laughing at something that Caspar had said.

Jack let go of Joe, winking at him as he smiled and sat back on the couch. Jack’s eyes felt on Y/N and he smiled as he watched her throw her head back as she laughed and their eyes met. Jack was truly happy for them, Joe was his best mate and he couldn’t wish for anyone better to date his sister because he knew how much of a good guy Joe was, he had no doubt on that. Jack made his way to where Y/N was to sit next to her, leaning in to say something that he only wanted her to hear. “I’m glad you found someone like Joe.” Jack said, feeling himself bubble up with happiness as she smiled warmly at him, because it filled him with joy to see her so happy. “But please, be careful.” He whispered in her hear and he watched as her eyes met Joe’s from the opposite side of the couch, their glances filled with love. She looked back to her brother and this time, she was the one leaning in to say something. “I couldn’t feel safer with the three boys of my life.” She spoke, meeting Conor’s glance who winked at her and Jack laughed. “Nah, I’m the only guy in your life and that won’t change.” Jack stated and she hit his arm playfully. “Shut up!’ She exclaimed, their laughter echoing in the apartment. “What’s so funny?” Caspar questioned, all of the boys looking into their direction. Jack and Y/N exchanged a look and at the same time spoke, “Twin secrets.” and the whole group frowned as the two twins simply laughed again.