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Ukrainian IDP Numbers Rising Gradually

Brief Update from Eastern Europe: Ukrainian IDP Numbers Rising Gradually

Yesterday, UNHCR reported that the tension in Ukraine had displaced an estimated 10,000 civilians, a number that is expected to rise. The displacement started before the March referendum in Crimea.

Some of the affected population has now been displaced twice—once from Crimea and a second time from the eastern part of the country. Most IDP families are continuing westward, settling in Central and…

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Refugees Around the World: Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Meet just a few of the Syrian refugees living in Jordan.

Peacebuilding Solutions has decided to begin our peacebuilding efforts by helping those living in refugee camps. Many of these camps are built rapidly, forsaking long-term consideration and investment. Peacebuilding Solutions’ mission is to ensure that those living in refugee camps are treated with dignity, and that they are given the attention and empowerment needed to become and remain…

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