The world isn’t filled with ‘haters’ and ‘toxic people.’ It’s filled with people who are hurting and trying, ineffectively, to give themselves some relief. So distance yourself if you must, but try to do it with empathy, not judgment. The only cure for ‘haters’ is love, so try to show them more kindness than they showed you. This is how we can slowly make the world a more loving place.
—  Lori Deschene
If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care.
—  Marvin J. Ashton
Do you just sit back and think about the little things when stuff like this happens. Do you think about the girl who begged her parents to go to the concert alone with her best friend, assuring that they’ll be safe and that they have nothing to worry about. But her parents are now in the morgue, identifying whether the barely recognizable young girl is there child, the child they didn’t want going alone in the first place. The child they wished they never let out of there sight, blaming themselves for letting her go. Or the young child that was separated from a family member who’s getting pushed around in the rushing crowds, tripping over bodies that are not whole, not old enough to know what was going on but scared beyond belief at the horrifying scene and the screaming around her which no matter how old she gets she’ll never forget. Innocent teenagers who were only worried about being able to see Arianna in their high back corner sits, but now are worrying about the fact that they can’t feel their left leg from the knee down, the blood from their faces running into their eyes blinding them from the chaos around them. The world has ruined the lives of 20,000+, teenagers, children and even adults, not one person will be the same after that, whether they were near the explosion or not, whether they left earlier on and was gone before anything happened, they will not be the same that event will haunt them for the rest of there lives. Nightmares of the could’ve’s and the what ifs, and the ones who seen the body’s laid out on the floor, the blood chilling screams,and the smells that are permanently burnt in their noise, the loud bang waking them up in the dead of night a year later. We’ve have let this happen to our world, we all let it turn to shit.
—  Anonymous

I forgot I took this picture of my summer assignment for AP ART, the left is for my best friend Hailey who I love and adore, and the right is for my inner hippie who values peace and love over power and war🌸🌎🌈🌈

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