Just got home from Peacejam!

First priority? Making up for all the cat pictures I would have been reblogging over the weekend.

I think this should make up for everything.

Seriously though, this weekend was amazing. I feel like I just swam through a big pool of love, inspiration, and encouragement the entire weekend. I can’t wait to go back next year. :)

Okay... a tad upset.

I understand the way you come to the conclusion that peacejam doesn’t count for hours if we just attend meetings, but we DO stuff for the community. I wish you wouldn’t compare that with attending a basketball game. Peacejam is involved with the community, and peacejam is making a change within our school, and eventually in the bigger picture of our nation, and then the world. I hope you understand that making change within yourself is the beginning of making a global change. We need help spreading that, and if you continue to cut down peacejam, how can it thrive? How are we supposed to grow towards positivity when we are being blocked by people on our very own level? There needs to be a greater understanding of peace and change in our community. I only hope this is not the attitude that will be spread in our generation’s future. We need to think positive to make a positive impact on the greater community. Let’s work together.

I will be meeting this incredible woman today and will be spending the weekend with her. Her name is Shirin Ebadi and she was the first female judge in Iran until Muslim religious extremist came into power and told her she could only serve as a secretary in the same court she had presided over. She did not take it very well and fought back…and she has been for years. The Iranian government and several others have threatened her life and she has been exiled from her country. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 for her commitment to women’s and children's rights and their roles as leaders. 

My weekend is going to be so amazing.