Peabody's Improbable History

I was looking around eBay to see if they had the complete Rocky and Bullwinkle DVD set for cheap (it’s out of print) and I came across new listings of vintage Bullwinkle merchandise. This Hockey board game happens to be one of them. Look at Peabody being a pure doggo – his ice skates!

Link to listing:

I’d never thought that I would ever want to see Peabody wearing ice skates on all fours but this changes everything! Thank you so much for the share :D


Wow, thanks!!! I had a great birthday! Mr. Peabody surprised me with a slice of cake he’d saved from the French Revolution! It was a few centuries old, but it still tasted great!

PS - Mr. Peabody told me that he doesn’t actually know when I was born, ‘cause I was adopted. April 15th might not be my real birthday…but it’s good enough for me!

I made a gif because why not?

I have a creative block-buster exercise I do called “Weird and Unnecessary”. Usually it’s drawing something silly for no reason so I can have fun drawing again (when I’ve been stressed over a hard assignment). Sometimes it’s pulling a clip from a fave episode of a fave old cartoon show and then spending an absurd amount of time cropping, editing the sequence and retouching/restoring each frame. Enjoy!