What The Box? Is a very cool multiplayer shooter in which all the players are boxes, and are identical to the thousands of ordinary cardboard boxes that randomly litter the levels – so you can literally hide in plain sight, movement is the only thing that will give you away!  

Snake’s been hogging the limelight for too long, it’s about time the cardboard box got it’s own game!

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DOOM (2016) - BFG Division

Can you spare 10 minutes of your life to listen to the quintessential union of flesh and metal?

DOOM Official Soundtrack
DOOM developed by id Software and published by Bethesda/Zenimax.
Music written, produced and mixed by: Mick Gordon [Website]


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The Room Tribute is an incredible RPG adventure tribute to one of the greatest worst movies of all time, adding superb pixel art animation, lots of great easter eggs and a wicked sense of humor to the super cheesy dialogue and bizarre story of the original.

It’s a great game in it’s own right and a must play if you’ve ever experienced the bizarre broken oddity the is The Room. Highly recommended.

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Don't Put People Down Who Watch YouTube Playthroughs Instead Of Playing It Personally

•Some people can’t afford the consoles
•Some people can’t afford the games
•They may not feel justified spending money like that
•They DO get enjoyment from watching Playthroughs
•They DO get the same feels
•Plus I dunno they may feel like the youtubers are the only people who will spend time with them
•I know that seems sad
•It’s sadder that people have to feel like a stranger on a screen is more invested in their happiness than people around them everyday
•You may not understand why we love those youtubers. And we may not understand why you dont.
•No one should put anyone down either way.


Fruits of a Feather is a beautiful, soothing, non-combative bird flying game in which you fly around a low poly island of paradise, taking in breathtaking scenery and eating fruit.

It’s such a relaxing and uplifting experience, that Doctors should start prescribing it to relieve stress – 1 dose to be taken twice day and watch your worries fly away!

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