nothingburgers: then, as now

(see part one: civil rights cartoons)

in the 1970s, america experienced an unprecedented crisis as those mean ol’ democrats ganged up on poor ol’ dick nixon

and now they’re doing it again!

it was all the media cared about too but nobody else gave a shit, nosirree

it’s all just words, see!

the president is squeaky clean, he’s above all these baseless accusations

they got nothin i tell ya, its all in their imagination and in fact they’re acting very irresponsibly

they’re just wallowing in filth, they’ll never find anything!

ok they found something, but whaddabout all those even worse crimes committed by those mean ol’ dems! why isnt anybody trying to impeach them

(huge thanks to Pakled and Rebel Bob for digging up the old-time cartoons)


“Harry?” I yelled, tears flowing freely down my face.

It was odd, seeing someone who was in amazing health just fall to the floor.

Someone who worked out as much as he did, someone who ate as healthy as he did. It was odd, and I couldn’t move or try to help.

Like my feet were glued to the floor.

I wasn’t sure what was going on, why I couldn’t move to help the love of my life. Why I could yell for him and hear my own echoes in the darkness that surrounded us.

My biggest fear was losing Harry. He was my everything and if I lost him, I didn’t know what I would ever do. He kept me together. He made me feel wanted and loved, and I couldn’t lose him. Not now, not ever.

“HARRY!” I yelped as his body had seemed to come back to normal, but it wasn’t the Harry I knew.

He looked mean, violent and vicious.

There wasn’t the same glint in his eyes that made me smile like I was used to.

No softness in his voice when he spoke.

His words sent chills down my body, and I could no longer speak. No talking, moving, it didn’t even feel like I was breathing.

A cold chill came over me.

“Who’s Harry?”

I jolted awake, in total panic.

“(Y/N)! Baby! Calm down, yeah? It was just a dream!” A voice boomed in my ear.

I was sitting up next to someone with their chest pressed against my back.

I felt hot and clammy.

“Harry?” I asked, turning my head.

“Yeah, Harry. You alright? You started mumbling, then shaking and you let out a scream. Are you okay?” He asked again, rubbing his arms up and down my arms in a calming motion.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine. I’m gonna go get a glass of water. You can go back to sleep.” I spoke, my voice shaking. I knew Harry could hear it shake too, so I wasn’t surprised when my boyfriend got up and followed me out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

“Petal?” He asked when we both sat at the island in the kitchen.

We hadn’t said a word to one another since we left the bed room, since he was tired and I was shocked at my dream that occurred.

“Hm?” I asked.

I already knew what he was going to say, and I knew that I should talk about it, that it would help but I couldn’t feel a little embarrassed that the dream had upset me so badly.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He spoke softly.

His voice was laced with sleep, and I knew he was dog tired from work from that afternoon, but he still managed to stay awake and talk to me.

He reached his hand over the black and white marble island and gripped a hold of mine, squeezing it gently.

“You don’t have to ‘f yeh don’t want to pet. Just askin’” He smiled sweetly.

“I’m not sure what it was exactly. It was like, you were hurt, and I couldn’t love to help you! Then, you became alright again, but it wasn’t you? Harry, I don’t know. It was weird, but it scared the hell out of me. I can’t lose you.” By this time, I had water flowing to my eyes. I blinked back the tears when I heard Harry stand up.

I looked up and he was walking around the Island towards me.

Taking my cheeks in his hands, my hands quickly found his waist to hold onto.

“Love, I don’t care what any dream says, as long as I have as say in it, and as long as you don’t ask me to, I’ll never leave you. Yeah?” He asked, smiling after.

My heart warmed for the boy. He made me feel so calm and happy inside that there was no other way to explain it other than pure love.

“Yeah. Harry, I’m sorry by the way. For waking you up.” I spoke, looking down.

I knew he was sleepy, he had worked a lot in the studio and trying to write new lyrics earlier that day, that he practically died when he hit the pillow that night.

“You have no reason to be sorry Pet.” He spoke, shaking his head.

“If yeh’ need me, yeh’ need me. And, I’ll always be here for you.” He spoke, placing a kiss on my nose which made me smile and blush.

Even if it was small things he did like this, I still got flustered.

“Let’s go to bed.” I spoke, standing up.

His hands let go of my face.

“Yeh’ sure? I can stay up with you if yeh’ want love.” He asked, looking around.

“No, Harry it’s okay. I can go back to sleep.” I smiled.

He nodded and smiled at me before taking my hand and walking back up to the bedroom with me.

Getting under the covers, he laid his arm over my waist in an almost spoon way, and kissed under my ear once before telling me he loved me.

“I love you too H. Thank you.”

“Anything for you, my love.”