Jamaica with the missus. PART ONE.

Here’s a new series I’m starting is based on the missus being worried about Harry working 24/7 in England so the missus suggest he goes to somewhere different. Only Harry wants her to come with him. A lot of fluff, maybe some smut but most definitely Harry feels. Enjoy and don’t forget to get up in my asks!!

“Love,” Harry whispered. You groaned and moved to the side. “Love, I need you to wake up for meh” He whispered again. “Harry” You groaned. He pressed kisses all round your face and rubbed his hand over your tummy. “Babe, c’mon we got a flight soon” He smiled. He was so excited. “Love everything is ready, I just need you to be all dressed and ready to go” He smiled. A kiss was left on your tummy and he was no beginning to rub his hand over your legs. “I brought up a coffee?” He tried to get you up. “Three sugars?” You asked. “No more, no less” He smiles. You turn and kiss his lips. “Where’s my coffee?” You smiled. He shook his head with a little laugh. “Excited for today?” He smiled. “Yeah I can’t wait to be in Jamaica with my favourite woman writing some good old songs.” He smirked. “Favourite woman?” You asked raising your eyebrows. “Of course you’ll be there too” He said. You hit his shoulder a little muttering ‘dickhead’.

After getting changed in some comfy clothes for the long journey ahead you met Harry downstairs. You had a nine hour flight to Miami of which you’d then wait four hours for your flight to Montego Bay. You slumped down the stairs and Harry was waiting for you by the door. “C’mon my love, you look so energised.” He mocked. “Don’t start.” You smiled. He looked at you and wrapped you in a cuddle. “The cars waiting for us, you can have a sleep on the way to Heathrow if you want.” He smiled. You both climbed in the car with you to go coffee. “Mind if I put the TV on?” He asked. “Mmm, can I have a cuddle? I fancy going back to bed.” You asked. Harry hummed in agreement. You lifted your knees up to bring them close to your chest. Harry wrapped an arm around you and you snuggled into his neck. “M’love you” You mumbled. “Love you too beautiful, always,” He smiled before watching an episode of the Inbetweeners that he had most probably watched a million times.

If there was one thing Harry enjoyed about airports, it was the shopping before hand. He dragged you along Duty Free. “How does this one smell love?” Harry asked shoving a sample of the Versace Man cologne. “H, I don’t know why you’re even trying to pretend you’re going to wear it because we both know that you’re going to stick with your Tom Ford.” You smiled pressing a peck to his lips. “Mmm, true. It does smell nice,” He smiles. “I like it” You cuddled up to your tall boyfriend. “Maybe you want some new perfume? There’s a makeup stall over there, wanna have a look around?” He asked. “I don’t really mind, I’m not too bothered.” You mumbled feeling bad that he spends money on you. “Love, let me treat you, let’s go.” He smiled before taking you over to the NARS stand. You walked over and looked at a few eyeshadows. Harry came up behind you and laid his head on your shoulder peering over at what you were looking at. “S’nice colour” He mummered. “Not a bit of me I don’t think” You smiled. “These blushers are nice” You said sampling them on your hand. It wasn’t until Harry looked upon the name of the blushers he began to make crude comment. “Think yeh should get the one called Orgasm.” He smiled. You did genuinely like the colour too so you agreed.

You ended up grabbing a bite to eat, your few bits of makeup and perfumes in one back, a few sprays and undies from Victoria’s Secret and a new SuperDry skirt to wear on the beaches of Jamaica. “I feel disgusting eating this.” Harry groaned as he ate his big mac. “Harry, it’s one McDonalds, I think you’ll survive.” You smiled. “But, it’s disgusting.” He moaned. “Stop eating it then you muppet, there’s a Starbucks over there you can get one of them toasties you like.” You smiled. “Nah, I’ll just deal with it” He sighed. You laughed and checked the board. Your flight was ready to board in about five minutes, so you could start to walking towards the gate.

The flight was long but a few cuddles from Harry and a few movies were enough to tie you both over. But by the time you’d have more cuddles and read a bit of a book you wanted to. You were soon on the way to Montego Bay with the love of your life. Harry sat looking out the window with his journal on his lap. He was writing and writing and I was so happy he wasn’t stressing like before. You nuzzled into his shoulder and kissed it. “Alright love?” You asked. “Mh, can I have a bit of your water?” You nodded and gave him the bottle.

It wasn’t long until you arrived in the sunny Jamaica with your beautiful boyfriend. “To the villa?” Harry asked. To the villa….


Liam is mainly under appreciated in One Direction. He deserves more love & respect! He did the interview for the 4 boys because he knew they were devastated!

Harry is your boxing instructor (BLURB)

Harry is your boxing trainer, maybe a little something on the side.

“C’mon baby, harder! Harder! Hit it!” Harry screams at you as you hit the pads that are strapped to his hands. “I swear to fucking god, I’ll hit you in the fucking face if you don’t stop!” You say breathlessly. Harry laughs and you stop he pulls you in for a cuddle. “I’m shattered.” You whispered into his neck. Harry hummed. “Are you coming back to mine?” He asks. You nodded. “But first, we are going to go again. Ready?” He asked. You rolled your eyes at him. “Harry, I’m really not in the mood now” You groaned. “Let’s just go back to yours, have a cuddle and order some pizza.” You smiled. He shook his head. “It’s not cheat day.” He stated. “It’s not my day to work out either?” You cockily replied. “One more round and we can order pizza.” He offered. You smiled. You began to hit the pads he held. You hit and hit and hit and your arms honestly felt like jelly. “Four hard ones now gorgeous. Let’s go!” He shouted enthusiastically. You sighed. Hitting each lad four times you pushed Harry a little bit and laid on the floor. “I hate working out with you some times.” You smiled. He sat next to you. “Enjoy coming back to mine though don’t you” He winked. You only loved going to Harry’s because he had a big massive bath that you indulged your self in after every work out with a glass of wine.

It didn’t take you long to shower and meet Harry outside the changing rooms. His hair is wrapped up in a bun and yours is in a pony tail. You both have a pair of Harry’s sweats on and you both look tired. But neither of you cared. Hand in hand, of course, you made your way to Harry’s Range Rover. You cuddled up in the passenger seat as you glided along the roads towards Harry’s.

“Love, c’mon, I want a cuddle” You moaned. Harry smiled at you as you walked into his living room with a cup of tea for you both. “You promised pizza, not tea.” You groaned as he placed your teas on the coffee table and slid in under the blanket and wrapped his arm around you waist and pressed a little kiss to your lips. “Pizza is on its way.” He smiled. “You’re to good to me”