Those killings were in the 80s. 

He’s got to be older than Dallas by now - but he sure doesn’t look like it. He should look older than he does. He doesn’t wear gloves, but he leaves no fingerprints. His face is inexplicably obscured in photos and film. His touch wreaks havoc on electronics… but only so long as physical contact is maintained. Except for that dictaphone. That tape - the tape that survives military-grade EMP bombs - has far too many clips on it than any tape should be able to hold. And the Walkman can’t be taken from him. Within seconds of its removal from his person, the thing reappears on his belt or in his hand without his ever reaching for it.

And his namesake, the letterman JACKET, takes a beating every heist but always comes back for more looking no worse for wear. 

                                                                                           Just like him.