The OT4 email chain during the Brits 2017

Payno: there are loads of dirty shoes under this table it’s sooo disgustingggg I hope we win so I can get outta here

Neil: is there any food I’m starving

Payno: why would there be food did u miss the part where I’m UNDER the table

Harold: what kind of shoes are they wearing? who attends the brits with dirty shoes it’s a fashion crime

Tommo: good question babe <3 @ chaino stop complaining you’ll never become a lad like this

Neil: okay but for real do they have food? I forgot to season my chicken again

Based on this post by @lesbianslovelouis.

apologies in advance, y’all, but i think i’m gonna have to break out “people pay universities thousands of dollars for me to teach this to them, and i am kindly teaching you for free, so please give me the courtesy of reading carefully.”

I love how understanding and wonderful Steve McGarrett is to Danny when it really counts. Like when he finds out Danny is claustrophobic and then from then on out he pays close attention to any time Danny is uncomfortable in tight quarters and like??? They really really love each other in such small ways that are so so big in meaning I love them so much

I never realized how stressful it was driving so much until I didn’t have to do it. Today I tidied up the house, went grocery shopping, rode, did barn chores, cooked myself a full dinner… I can barely do ONE of those things in a day normally, let alone all of them. The sunshine helps too, of course, but it’s so nice having an extra 3 hours I don’t usually have. I finished up at the barn at 6:30 and was thinking “ok, well 8 isn’t so late to get home, I can still make a quick dinner…OH WAIT I only have a 5 minute drive ahead of me.” I could never support myself if I had to pay rent out here, especially working only one job, but damn it’s nice while it lasts. 


do u ever want to like…. strangle a customer…. 

Finally got time to redraw what might be my favorite shot in the entire show <3

it’s 6am and I’m having a breakdown because I finally put on paper some very rough sketches for the first pages of my comics and I love my story and my characters so much I’m so freaking excited to soon present them all to the world


One of the few people Poirot would trust his meticulously clean and tidy apartment with


Historical Paints Series - Combeferre + Synthetic Ultramarine

Natural ultramarine, a pigment made from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli, is notorious for being extraordinarily expensive. However, advances in chemistry allowed the pigment to be analyzed in the early 19th century, and observations were made of similar blue deposits forming in kilns. This led to the offering of a prize in 1824 for the artificial production of the color, which was successfully done a few years later. This new version of the color was a fraction of the price of natural ultramarine, and quickly surpassed the older pigment.