Because college is still mostly accessible to people who have mad cash

 The rental prices in my city are REALLY HIGH. Even though the city itself has a very low cost of living, bcs they know most students can pay out $1000/mo + utilities. Student neighbourhoods are like $800-1000 per 1BR apartment…non-student neighbourhoods (far away from the places I need to work) are like $500 a month with utilities included.U.G.H.


The Man Pulling the Strings

((…Somehow it feels like he purposely waited until‘after’ the guys did all that before intervening…))

Deciding to step in so that they didn’t end up killing his spy by accident, Mephisto has clearly come to the decision to let them in on this big mission of his that he’d been utilizing Shima on the whole time.

At this point it’s senseless to get all shocked and heated up over the fact that he’d been doing a lot of manipulation and scheming behind their backs ((…uhm…demon…?)),

and that people like Shima and Takara were actually allies acting under his orders.

Although there are still many things that are suspicious about his character, no matter how you look at it, he is still on their side and is merely doing things in a way that will likely ensure the defeat of their opponents, whilst ensuring as little loss on their end as possible.

Loos like they’ll be getting tangled up in another big mission a lot sooner than they anticipated. But on the flipside they’re all on the same side this time.

I saw how you’d look at the snow through your eyelashes
and tell me how much you loved it
but hated the cold and
you’d cry that there was something
so unfair about being beautiful
but untouchable
and that a price should be payed
for reaching out to touch something ethereal and only feeling
numbness in response
and I knew we were fucked
when you looked at the snow
exactly how you looked at me.
—  it snowed today, I thought of you
Well, I'm officially screwed.

On January 11the, I got t-boned a few blocks from my house. The guy who hit me admitted fault, and gave us his insurance card - but refused to stay at the scene until the police showed up and took off. The police stated that since he left the scene, he should automatically be at fault. I gave statements to both the police and my insurance, but the guy at fault has successfully evaded both my insurance, and his own insurance companies phone calls. I received a letter from his insurance company that pretty much said they’re not going to pay out since they can’t get his statement to back up my claim. My car is totaled and I cannot afford to get a new one. Hopeful in talks with my insurance company tomorrow I will be able to get something out of them until they can get a hold of this dude. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.

I never wanted to be one to beg for money from strangers, but in order to cover the extra cost of getting a new car sooner than later (so I can have proper transportation to get my step son to and from school, and to get myself to job interviews across the valley) I am going to beg you all for help.

Anything you could spare would greatly help out me and my family in this hard time. If you are willing, we would appreciate any gifts through PayPal at

Thank you to anyone who is willing to help us out. With me out of work at the moment, and needing time to prepare stock for our store to cover my end of bills, this has been a very trying financial time for us.

I bought a new mattress last night and it will be delivered Monday. I’m going to also pay off a medical bill from a few years ago. This month, I am also paying off my credit card. Now I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s the last of my non-student loan debt, which means that the savings account I also just opened can start accruing cash.

The plan is to save up a bunch of money so that when I start grad school, I can pay out of pocket for dumb shit they want you to pay out of pocket for. And also to start improving my credit in general, because despite the fact that I object to credit even existing, I’m not winning that battle right now.

Plans over the next year include moving into a small rental house or town house and continuing to try not to be sick. I’m making steps, it’s just slow going.

ask-discorded-princess-luna asked:

So why did she take money out? It's your money and thats stupid that she did :/

She was gonna pay for my plane ticket back, what she didn’t tell me was that she was gonna be using MY MONEY, which technically isn’t paying for it. So all the money in my checking is wiped out, which is where the loan is taking money out of. So when it comes time for me to be charged 116 bucks, it’s gonna make me bounce. She also just randomly takes money out and pays me back much later.

This whole, “pay now, tell my daughter later that I used her money” thing has to stop. I shouldn’t have to question how much is in my bank and panic every time I make a purchase. I need to make a trip to the bank and cut her access to the account since I’m no longer a minor and I don’t need it to be a custodial account anymore.

Also I feel like I should make a note here.

Since I started my new job at the beginning of February, I’ve had almost no energy and no time. The work is a lot higher in terms of mental drain and to meet the requirements it now places on me I have to work longer hours. So far it’s been paying out at work, but what it means is that I only have snatches of time to do… Anything.

So I get this amazing asks/replies in my inbox and I want so much to respond, because you’re all amazing and 100% why I do what I do in fandom, but five minutes on tumblr here and there doesn’t really help me in responding. It’s like, couple of speedy reblogs/trash posts but that’s it.

And then when I get home I’m drained and have no time because I get home late and then gym and then dinner and then by the time that’s all over it’s like 9pm and I’m falling asleep on Liv’s shoulder (until I wake with a jolt and remember SHIT GOTTA DO MY IRONING).

So what I’m saying here is that if I haven’t responded or interacted with you or Skyped with you, that’s not on you guys. On any of you. That’s on me and my crazy schedule, and the reason I haven’t responded is because I prefer to give people actual attention when I talk to them. :(

So if you feel ignored or upset by my actions, I can’t apologise enough, because that sucks and I know from experience how bad it feels. All I can do is try to make you all aware of my changed circumstances and try to manage my time better.

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Hi Owen, quick question about censorship. Last night CN UK had premieres of Expert or Liar and Gold Watch. I noticed both of them had new animation where characters were getting punched in the face, to make it look like they were being shoved instead. I've spotted dialogue and animation changes in a few other recent episodes too. Do you guys have to keep foreign markets and their rules in mind when you're writing episodes, or does CN just pay out for edits if something's flagged post-production?

Basically what you end up with is some countries that are like “This is a kid’s network, if it is a cartoon it is for children, therefore it can’t do certain things” (I’m sure we’ve all dealt with people like this but in this case it’s an entire country’s media arm). So in order to sell the cartoon to that country you have to change certain phrases or actions in order for people there to think it’s okay for kids.

Usually this censorship is related to violence. People in the US take a bit of a lackadaisical approach toward violence in the media compared to other countries. So often what ends up happening is violent content gets cut or readjusted to fit that other country’s standards of decency. Death, references to death, or in general something that will inspire a kid to ask their parents a question about death are basically not allowed.

This also isn’t some new phenomenon. It’s been happening basically ever since the US started exporting media. For example, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein had to have just about every scene involving the monster removed from the film before it could be released there. Think about that for a minute.

However, on your question about whether we think about it while we’re writing, we don’t. We also very rarely have to change anything in post production, those sorts of changes are usually done during the revisions stage or the animatic stage when S&P takes a look at it. Usually at the end of our animatics there are a couple of extra shots that are the exact length of the original shot but with a new line or a new slightly different drawing.

Basically the US version will end up being the most “indecent” version of the show and the international version will be the… decentest? Something like that.

When I get back from Bali I am going to commit completely to being healthy always, move out, pay any debt I have, get rid of any losers weighing me down, focus on me, maybe buy a salon. It’s good to have goals 😂👌

We won the battle tent!

That’s…surprising. 30,000 is a good pay out! But there was a glitch and we got…999,999….  That’s…That’s a good pay out! 

….Lets go buy stuff while we still can.

I was offered the weirdest summer job the other day…

So this very wealthy middle aged mom my family knows wants to pay someone to sit out by her pool with her for 3 days a week, just so she has somebody to talk to…

Like… Did I hear that correctly?

I would get paid to hang out and chat with this woman by the pool everyday?

I’m not going to take it, but damn… I’ve never heard of something so bizarre

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I am not from the USA, is there any way you might help explain the cost of USA hospitals?

Medical care prices in the US are ludicrous. I went to an ER last December because a sinus infection I was ignoring was giving me terrible migraines. When I got to the ER they shrugged me off and said I was dehydrated, refused to check my sinuses even though I begged them to, and just hooked me up to some fluid. I was not dehydrated, I went to my regular doctor two days later and she said I had one of the worst sinus infections she had ever seen. The ER charged me $11,000 for doing absolutely nothing. Because I was having issues with my insurance at the time, I had to pay $120 out of pocket for 10 antibiotic pills. My friend once went to the hospital for a really bad migraine as well. They gave her a few pills of tylenol (yes, the over the counter pain medication you can buy for twenty dollars a bottle) and charged her over $4,000.

Here are other graphs comparing US health checkups and procedures to other countries:

people who ship two characters from completely separate films or series are metal as fuck like they will literally never have any canonical interaction between their otp and they still believe in their true and perfect love like bless you guys you are some hardcore romantics