Taisho uchikake. Taisho period (1912-1926), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery.  A vivid and remarkable silk wedding kimono featuring a masterful depiction of a phoenix, paulownia and peony flowers. The patterning technique is yuzen on a smooth, plain-spun high quality silk. The phoenix and the paulownia are intimately associated in Japanese legend – the phoenix will only alight on the branches of this tree. A composite of several animals, the phoenix is a symbol of peace and the rising sun, a bird whose song is particularly musical and auspicious. Because the phoenix is the female counterpart of the male dragon and its varied colored feathers represent the traditional virtues of truthfulness, propriety, righteousness, benevolence and sincerity – it is an auspicious bridal motif. The peony is an auspicious flower, known as the flower of riches and honor and is an emblem of wealth and distinction. It symbolizes prosperity, happiness, and peace. An emblem of love and affection, the peony is often a symbol of feminine beauty.

Man’s vest, 19th century, Japan. .Man’s dark blue silk Kabuki theater vest (jimbaori) with a rolled, turned down collar extending to the lower front edge and silk tie cords with tassels at the sides and front. The overall design is of undulating vertical lines (tatewaku) and scrollwork (karakusa) surrounding roundels containing pine, paulownia, dragons, phoenix, clouds, Chinese lions, peony, chrysanthemum, bamboo, plum and water. Also scattered are good-luck symbols and treasures including paired scrolls, jewels, horn cups, axes, keys and mallets embroidered in brown, green, white, yellow, blue, orange, pink, purple and gilt paper-covered thread. This vest is for the role of a general at court.

MFA. (William Sturgis Bigelow Collection)


Geiko Kokaji and Friend 1940s by Blue Ruin 1
Via Flickr:
Geiko (geisha) Kokaji, on the left, together with a maiko (apprentice geisha), in the 1940s or early 1950s. Kokaji appears in the 1939 Miyako Odori (Cherry Dance) programme, as a maiko.


I really like watching how things are made, so I’ll probably be posting more dollmaking videos here from now on.

Here’s a fascinating video showing a Japanese dollmaker crafting Ichimatsu doll heads out of paulownia wood sawdust, glue, and gofun.

Shibori (tie-dye) kimono.  Taisho (period 1912-1926), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A remarkable rinzu silk kimono featuring all shibori motifs of paulownia and a waterfall. There are embroidery highlights in some of the upper areas in front and back, as well as broad gold-metallic wide threads inserted in outline areas of some of the paulownia motifs. The single mon (family crest in the upper backside is completely embroidered. This mon is a rare one for kimonos, as it represents the wheel of the ox-drawn carriage, and is based on the Heian-period classic, The Tale of Genji. The Japanese have traditionally had a love of waterfalls, and also of the paulownia tree and leaves. According to legend, the mythical phoenix, bird of immortality, alights only in the branches of the paulownia tree when it comes to earth. The paulownia is referred to as the “Princess Tree”. An old tradition of Japanese families is to plant a Paulownia when a baby girl is born into the family. As the girl grows up and gets married the family cuts down the tree and creates a dresser for her wedding present. This would have been a very expensive kimono to create, especially the shibori tie-dye, which would have taken a several months of work by expert designers and craftspeople.


The first type of woodburned box available at The Twitchy Witchy Shop is the Moon Phases Altar/Tarot Box. It features all the phases the moon goes through as well as the left and rights sides of the box being covered in an array of stars and constellations found in our galaxy. The dimensions are 7.25" x 7.25". It was made from Paulownia wood and comes with gold hinges and clasp.

This is currently the only box available that allows for a customization feature that will allow you to put your name or what the box will contain.

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What’s That Thing? Part 3

A good question deserves a good answer!

@mcl-kittenina2 asked:

Hi MissMyloko! kyoto_gion_kasai on Instagram posted a photo set of Mikako in a gorgeous purple hikizuri a few days ago. Could you tell us about the motifs on that piece?

I sure can! During the erikae celebrations a geiko wears kuromontsuki for three days, followed by an iromontsuki. This stunning purple piece is Mikako’s iromontsuki and, for those who are wondering, it looks like this:

The Front

The Back

Hem Detail

All images are courtesy of Kyoto_Gion_Kasai on Instagram.

I included the hem detail as that’s where we can really see the motifs on the kimono. The primary motifs are kichō (几帳), himo (紐), and clouds (雲).

Kichō (几帳) are partitions that were used by nobility, most classically during the Heian Period, that were both displays of wealth and ways for the sexes to be allowed to communicate properly as a man and a woman talking face to face was a bit taboo. You may have noticed them in some images from old odori programs:

Image courtesy of Caitlin Downey on Flickr.

The ones on Mikako’s kimono feature many auspicious motifs including Paulownia (桐), Chrysanthemums (菊), Plum Blossoms (梅), Hanabishi (花菱), Shippo (七宝), Cherry Blossoms (桜), Pine (松), Waves (青海波), and Haze (霞). These motifs tell us that this is an all season kimono.

Himo (紐) is the simple name for any type of cord. The ones on the kimono are attached to the kichō, which shows that they are used to tie it back. Himo on kimono and obi represent ties, both physical and emotional.

Clouds/Kumo (雲) are pretty self explanatory and something that I’ve discussed before. They are both symbols of change as they are constantly moving and symbols of dreams.

anonymous asked:

hello! a new persona blog to keep on my notifs! as first of many asks, how would the persona protags react to their future s/o confessing their feelingd to them? how would it go? where would it take place?

ahhh thank you for the ask!! I’ll do my best to keep your notifs updating!!


  • Minato’s S/O will ask to speak to him privately
  • not wanting to go too far, both agree to meeting after school on the roof
  • when the time comes, S/O is waiting outside Minato’s class and both embark for the roof
  • S/O is a bit more jittery going up the stairs but Minato ignores this
  • they sit down and get comfy before Minato asks what they wanted to talk about
  • like ripping off a bandage, S/O is quick to confess they like Minato and that they would like date him
  • Minato is taking his sweet time processing what they said because oh they really did ask me right? I didn’t mishear that??
  • poor S/O has to endure through awkward silence but they’re standing their ground
  • eventually Minato nod and gives the quietest “okay.” that S/O has to strain to hear it
  • both are heaving silent sighs of relief as they exchange contact info
  • they go their separate ways after a bit more chatting
  • on the whole route back to the dorm Minato is making plans with S/O for their first date with a slight smile on his face


  • Hamuko finds an anonymous love letter asking to meet at Paulownia Mall in her shoe locker
  • she’s really excited, she’s never received a love letter before!! she will show it to anyone who asks her what she’s been staring at all day
  • as soon as classes are dismissed Hamuko races pass everyone and makes her way towards Paulownia
  • she waits there for decent amount of time but no one is showing up
  • Hamuko is just about to leave pouting about being stood up, but someone is hold her hand all of a sudden so she turns to face them
  • it’s S/O and they’re panting out an apology while explaining that Edoka held them up after class
  • Hamuko’s face is getting really red as they properly confess and along with it comes the brightest, most genuine smile she’s ever given it’s S/O! S/O likes me!!
  • very immediately reciprocates those feelings and even suggests that they have their first date right now
  • “huh?! really right now?” “yes right now! the mall is right there”
  • they spend all evening at the mall until S/O walks her back to the dorm, hands tightly held together
  • S/O bids her goodnight and promises to come to the dorm early tomorrow so they can walk to school together, Hamuko is over the moon


  • Yu is already making plans himself to confess to S/O
  • Yosuke suggests taking them out to the city for a change of scenery from the country but Yu doesn’t feel like that’s personal enough
  • while he’s contemplating this he gets a call from S/O telling him they have something important to say and asking if he could meet them at the hill they first met each other
  • it goes over his head how nervous they sound and how relieved they are when he agrees because he’s concentrating so hard on solving his dilemma
  • Yu runs into them on the way up and asks them what they wanted to tell him but they insists on getting to the top first
  • when they’re there a silence befalls them as they stare down at the entire town of Inaba
  • finally S/O gathers their courage and they stumble to recite this whole confession speech they made the night before
  • Yu is blatantly staring at them and he’s ready to get down on one knee for them this. this is the perfect spot. how did I not think of this?
  • he’s pulled back into the moment when S/O is nervously asking for his answer
  • grasping both of their hands in his, Yu gives them a gentle smile and confesses his own feelings too
  • the happy couple spend the day on the hill, talking from topic to topic in comfort


  • Akira has known for a while that S/O likes him from the subtle change in their behavior whenever they’re alone
  • he doesn’t say anything though because he wants to hear it from S/O themselves
  • when they ask if he’s available to go out to Inokashira Park tomorrow, he gets a gut feeling he knows what this is about and agrees
  • they meet and he’s silently cheering them on
  • and he may or may not be teasing them with blatantly romantic gestures in hopes that they get the hint that he likes them too
  • unfortunately whenever they seemingly get the courage to confess they’re either interrupted or ditches at the last second
  • the day is coming to an end and Akira is slightly disappointed that nothing happened
  • they make it to Leblanc and Akira offers to make a cup of coffee before S/O leaves
  • while he’s busy with said coffee the words come out of S/O in a dreamlike fashion, unaware they had said that out loud
  • they’re both snapping their heads so fast to meet the other’s gaze when they realize
  • well…. I never saw that coming they both think (ba dum tsssss)
  • Akira is the first to regain his composure and a smug smirk lays on his face as he asks them to repeat that for him
  • S/O is too embarrassed and buries their face into their hands
  • they look up again when Akira sets down their coffee and there’s a heart made from foam
  • Akira relents, saying that he likes them too and that today was a wonderful first date