Why ENTP For Paul - The Alien

Dominant Ne:
You can see this when Paul debates with Ruth on whether god exists or not. He finds that her arguments are just to hide the bullshit, the real truth. That god doesn’t exist. Paul also quickly tries to come up with ways to hide himself, easily just using the dumbest idea as it’s something the agents that are chasing him wouldn’t go for. Paul also uses Ne with the help of Fe to notice people’s anger or disgust. He does this with Clive and even attacks Clive privately, but then responds with Fe, trying to understand how Clive feels and respects his thoughts.

Auxiliary Ti:
Paul usually answers things very quickly and doesn’t rabble up a bunch of nonsense. He keeps it short and sweet. Again, with the help of Ne, Paul comes up with the ways to hide himself quickly or a way to avoid the agents. And again, that Paul doesn’t find Ruth’s arguments logical in anyway possible. He also had to improvise a way when he was going to escape the prison they had him locked up in as Plan A failed. He used Ne and Ti too see what could be a possible way to get out of the imprisonment. (Leading up to Clive and Graeme meeting Paul.)

Tertiary Fe:
Paul easily makes friends and has a way with people. Even when they might get mad with him, he easily corresponds and understands their point of view. He acknowledges their anger. A great scene is when Clive and Paul discuss why Clive’s so mad at him. Paul easily responds and gets Clive on his side and they become friends. Another scene that shows this is when Ruth, after the vision Paul gave her, starts getting along with Paul. He helps her understand him and in return he easily understands and gets along with her.

Inferior Si:
Paul easily forgets small things. He forgets for example his pants when he goes invisible. He’s hastily using Ne and Ti to hide but eventually thanks to Si, forgets his pants and tries to find them. Another thing he forgets is his friend Zoil. While Zoil is trying to help and find Paul, Paul simply forgets that he’s actually on a lookout for him. Paul attacks Zoil in Tara’s house and immediately remembers Zoil.

Paul (2011)
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