Front and back covers for two issues of Pegbar magazine. Published in the 1980s by the Vancouver Society of Independent Animators the editorial content vacillated from critically astute to self-congratulatory but the covers—drawn and designed by independent animators and silk-screened by hand—were all winners. Top: Paul Driessen. Bottom: Danny Antonucci.


The Killing of an Egg by Paul Driessen


The Killing Of An Egg  - Paul Driessen

Is this a nostalgia bomb for anyone else? I feel like they used to show it on Nick a lot.


Another Liquid Television favourite: Paul Driessen - The Killing of an Egg.

Ahh the cycle of life…

Ecological Double Standards
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Local control should be a two-way street that allows for balancing of economic and ecological concerns By Paul Driessen ~ Donald Trump recently said he supports giving local communities control over hydraulic fracturing. “If some areas don’t want” fracking, the decision should be “up to them,” he commented. Trump supports this proven and safe technology to develop America’s enormous oil and…

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