Paul’s 21st birthday party in Liverpool, 18 June 1963
(Photos: Mike McCartney)

“The party was at Auntie Gin’s house in Huyton. By now, Paul could afford a marquee in the garden.This is inside the house, where my comedy group, Scaffold, are performing for the guests. John Gorman and Roger McGough are onstage, and I’m photographing reactions to the act. The jokes are going well with Paul, his girlfriend Jane Asher, and an old school chum, Ivan Vaughn, but John Lennon was so pissed he kept shouting, ‘That’s not funny’ (until Paul told him to ‘Shhh!,’ which he did)…” - Mike McCartney


The Beatles and their girlfriends/wives/sister-in-law en route to their holiday destinations, 1966 ( from British Pop Invasion by Alan Whiticker)

“The Beatles released the masterful Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967, the same year this photo was taken. The cigarette-smoking McCartney is shown holding hands with Julian Lennon, John’s first son. Nearby is Macca’s former fianceé Jane Asher, with John trailing just behind the pack.”


George Harrison, George V hotel, Paris, 20 June 1965

Photos: Jean-Marie Périer

“Quite suddenly George began to speak about plans for his own wedding to Pattie Boyd - or the absence of them!
‘When I get married I will do it like Ringo did - fix it all in a couple of weeks and very quietly so there will be no fuss. I think a wedding should be private - not just like another TV show or concert with hundreds of photographers and police guards.
I can’t really see myself getting married this year but, like I said, it could be any time. Even I don’t know until a couple of weeks beforehand because I shan’t have decided!’
I asked him if he thought his marriage would harm the Beatles’ popularity: ‘Not much because I don’t think there are many of the girl fans who cling to the idea that one of us might be hers. I mean they know John and Ringo are married and that Paul and I have girl friends, don’t they?’” - “Magnifique! Les Beatles in Paree!” by Chris Hutchins, NME, 25 June 1965 [x]
Details of The Relaunched Amazing Spider-Man Revealed

If my spelling goes awry it’s only because I’m typing one handed whilst my other hand is face palming through my skull.

Jesus Christ…where to start.

First off lets go with the two big points.

a)      If Peter Parker’s status quo is going to be shook up THIS much in ways which realistically should mean he couldn’t go back to what he used to be I hope and I pray this isn’t a sign of an incurring continuity reboot. I hate to say it but I’d rather take a psychic mindwipe than that

b)      So much for Mary Jane returning or the marriage coming back or like anything of that nature in the wake of Renew Your Vows because this doesn’t sound like that at all, especially regarding the ‘romantic complications’ thing plus the cover

Moving on…you know I said once that Slott basically has been ripping off Batman in his Spider-Man work. The Spider Signal in Superior being the Bat signal. Otto upgrading his tech as the series progressed whilst everyone was oblivious to him not being the real deal like Jean Paul Valley in Knightfall. Parker Industries being Wayne Industries. Hell a scene in Superior more or less cribbed the idea of the sonar technology from ‘The Dark Knight’. It becomes even more painful when you remember Slott wrote Batman Adventures back in the day with Ty Templeton, his collaborator on his first major Spider-Man project, the Spider-Man/Human Torch mini-series.

And now with this…am I the only one getting a Batman Inc. vibe from this?

And if Slott, Marvel or whomever else feels like denying that this is further trying to make Peter Parker like Bruce Wayne (right down to seemingly being a rich and famous playboy) then accept their word…and just point out they are instead ripping off Iron Man because Slott more or less admits to that!

Question: why does Peter Parker have to be like Batman OR Iron Man. I get he has the Marvel equivalent of Batman’s villains and some of DeMatteis’ stories evoke Batman or were based upon/originally meant to be Batman stories. And I get JMS was trying really goddam hard to push the idea of Iron Man being a father figure to Peter.

But Christ…why can’t Peter Parker just be you know…a mostly normal guy?

Why can’t he have new jobs and life experiences (*coughrenewyourvowscough*) without having a super science job that could never exist or be relatable in the real world? Or without being a famous company owner and international icon? Or without being a ghost watching whilst a super villain controls his life?

Why can’t he just be…a guy?

Remember when Spider-Man was just a teacher? Or a student? Or a photographer making ends meet?

I’m not saying he has to remain in those places forever but there is moving a character onto the next organic step and then there is doing the equivalent of changing their life because he won the lottery.

This does one of the big, big, big things Civil War achieved in unmasking Spider-Man because it makes Peter Parker a celebrity. And not just “hey he’s the guy who took pictures of Spider-Man’ kind of minor celebrity. This makes him Steve Jobs! How is he supposed to remain as a normal down to Earth guy with down to Earth problems in this status quo or go back to what he used to be?

Even if he lost all his money and inventions realistically he’s never going to be forgotten (at least not for a long ass time) and will still be hounded by the press. You’d see shit like: “How the mighty have fallen: Former Playboy Peter Parker wears sweatpants to take out trash!”

You know what though? If they did take away his cash and stuff and he did just go back to normal and the realistic ramifications weren’t ever dealt with…I’d accept it.

The same way I accept the Marvel Universe going back to normal after Civil War and Siege and all that bullshit.

It’s not that I approve of them sweeping it under the rug. I’d WANT a logical explanation for how we went from A to B to back to A again. But because A is where we should be and B stood for bullshit I’d begrudgingly live with the cracks in the crockery they needlessly broke. Doesn’t mean its okay for them to break it in the first place.

The new costume is whatever. It isn’t that different.

The Spider-Mobile…your mileage may vary (no pun intended) but I’ve always thought of it as a any 1970s concept we can look back and laugh on…but it needs to stay dead and gone, like aunt may and doc Ock’s marriage. It was dumb. It’s so bad it’s good. Now leave it the Hell alone.

And on a final note, Slott, Brevoort, Quesada, Marvel, Mister Mets, and to whomever else it may concern. If you are okay and supportive of this idea for Peter Parker’s character you officially need to STFU about how unrelatable and unrealistic and generally bad it ever was for Peter Parker to be dating a supermodel like Mary Jane. Is she too famous for his life to be ‘normal’? Okay…well she isn’t too famous now because apparently Peter Parker will be playboying it up with lots of celebrity supermodels and actresses. So why can’t he date Mary Jane now?

Also Mary Jane was a supermodel for five minutes and starred in a few B-movies and billboards. It is entirely believable that the public attention she’d get would die down over time when she was no longer in vogue as far as the gossip magazines were concerned. So actually she wouldn’t necessarily be hounded by the press or bring unwanted attention to Peter. With this Peter Parker is an international icon who’s inventions might literally be the greatest things since sliced bread. If Peter is going to be this big then MJ definitely isn’t ‘too famous and glamorous’ to be married to him. And if Peter is somehow (please God sans a continuity reboot) going to go back to basics by ignoring the herd of elephants in the room then Mary Jane is ALSO allowed the same treatment.

P.S. I don’t think anyone despite Slott’s claims really wanted Peter Parker to evolve into this. I think most of us wanted him to evolve into either the RYV Spider-Man or the MC2 Spider-Man. We never needed him to be famous, successful, rich, an inventor or a super scientist. We just needed him to be a guy.

P.P.S. I’d still take this shite over a continuity reboot

P.P.P.S. This 8 month time skip hopefully won’t have anything to do with a continuity reboot although if somehow everything from the incursion onwards gets wiped away sort like with House of M I think that’s acceptable